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Paul Thomas Anderson Unveils Best Movie Trailer Ever – THE MASTER

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Screw Superman, you guys. This is the real deal. Paul Thomas Anderson just released the best movie trailer ever for his upcoming film (i.e., his next masterpiece) The Master.

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HBO’s True Blood 5.07 – “In the Beginning”

It just wouldn’t be True Blood if we didn’t open with someone’s blood everywhere.  This time it’s Roman’s; and his absence creates quite an upheaval at the Authority headquarters.  It’s fascinating how much humanity remains in these vampires.

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As soon as one strong figure-head is removed from the picture, how quickly we can all jump on board with another, even if their principles and ideals could not be more different.  Most people want someone at the helm leading them through life more than they want to stand up for what they believe is right.

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Three “Avatar” Sequels in the Works

“No one ever dies in science fiction.”

James Cameron—blockbuster film director, deep-sea diver, and old lady diamond necklace fetishist—said this in the fall of 2011 when it was confirmed that Sigourney Weaver would return in the sequel to the 2009 mega-smash Avatar, despite the fact that her character died in the first movie.

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HBO’s True Blood 5.06 – “Hopeless” Review

What an episode!  Action, drama, humor, and minimal Tara… what more could you ask for?

The main vein of the episode centers around the Authority and their struggle with Russell, who is shaping up to be quite as pesky as before.  It turns out (surprise) that the Authority was testing Bill and Eric to see where their loyalties lay when it came to mainstreaming.  Once they deemed them non-Sanguinista, they jumped from the rafters with trackers beams to capture Russell and transport him to the Authority headquarters.  Bill and Eric are instructed to glamor Sookie and Alcide; and Bill gives this fake-glamor, long-winded “goodbye forever” speech.  It seemed a little stale to me.  First of all, Bill’s been an asshole since he became King of Louisiana; and is anyone really still invested in his relationship with Sookie?  Eric then glamors Alcide to think Sookie is repulsive, which I find hilariously immature and so typically Eric.

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The Amazing Spider Man – 2 AM Text Review

My buddy Aaron is a bartender for a certain movie theater here in Michigan, and on occasion, the theater will have advanced employee screenings for movies a couple nights prior to the film’s release. These are his thoughts on The Amazing Spider Man

Aaron: Watching spiderman was like watching the drunkest guy at the bar hit on the hottest waitress at the bar at the end of the night. – 3:08 AM

Aaron: It’s actually pretty entertaining, there’s a lot of misguided effort, but some how, you find yourself rooting for the guy because he’s trying so  – 3:10 AM

Aaron: hard. – 3:10 AM

Aaron: And more than likely, he’ll try again next week. So, yeah, Im definitely lookin forward to the sequal.  – 3:12 AM

 Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter – 2 AM Text Review

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True Blood 5.04 – “We’ll Meet Again”

Well, folks, our worst fears have been realized.  The faeries are back.  Not only are they back, but they’ve opened a Moulin Rouge where vampires can never go.  Jason and Andy get sucked into an evening with stripper faeries; and before they get thrown out for pissing everyone off, Jason learns from his cousin that his parents may not have died in a flood, but because of vampires after their faerie blood.  Those poor Stackhouses can’t catch a break.

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