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Star Trek Into Darkness: 15 Actors You Might’ve Missed…

So with the huge principal cast of Star Trek Into Darkness, it’s easy to overlook some of the smaller roles, but there is some interesting casting here. We thought it was worth noting some of them, see how many you picked out…

The Trek Royalty

Star Trek Into Darkness

Christopher Doohan – Transport Officer

Christopher Doohan is the son of James Doohan, who was the original Montgomery Scott. Christopher appeared in both 1979’s Star Trek: The Motion Picture and the 2009’s Star Trek. It’s no surprise to see him pop up here.

The Scream Queen

Star Trek Into Darkness

Heather Langenkamp – Moto

Near 30 years ago Heather was the innocent face of the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, now she is one of the unrecognizable alien faces of Star Trek. as seen in the magazine cover above. It’s actually a touching story about a tribute to a friend. In addition to battling Freddy Kruger, she also starred in ABC’s TGIF staple Just the Ten of Us.

Waiting in the Wings…

Star Trek Into Darkness

Aisha Hinds – Navigation Officer Darwin

I always find it amusing that whenever Kirk or Sulu has to give up their seat, there seems to be someone waiting to sit down, as if they are just lined up against the far wall for waiting for a chance to sit down. In this case we get Aisha Hinds sitting in when Checkov is sent to fill in for Scotty. If she looked familiar to you, it might be due to the fact that she has been in The Shield, Invasion, Lost, Dollhouse, True Blood, Detroit 1-8-7, Weeds, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

The Femme Fatale

Star Trek Into Darkness
L to R: Melissa Paulo, Catherine Annette, Madison Dylan

Melissa Paulo – Bar Girl

Melissa plays a nameless ‘bar girl’ who catches Kirk’s eye. Before that happened however, she appeared in one of our favorite shows, Femme Fatales. She debuted in Girls Gone Dead, which is the same episode as friends of the site Madison Dylan and Catherine Annette did.

The Desperate Parents…

Star Trek Into Darkness

Noel Clarke – Thomas Harewood 

The man played played into Cumberbatch’s hands in Star Trek played Mickey Smith on Doctor Who. This is interesting as Who is produced by Steven Moffat, who happens to be the guy behind Sherlock and Cumberbatch’s rise to stardom…

Nazneen Contractor – Rima Harewood 

The beautiful Contractor played Kayla Hassan on during the last (and we thought final) season of 24.

Spartacus – Both Friend and Foe

Star Trek Into Darkness

Cynthia Addai-Robinson – San Francisco Woman 

Naevia 2!!! For 18 episodes Cynthia portrayed the love of Crixus’ life, replacing Lesley-Ann Brandt in the show’s 2nd season. Here she is just a quick, though centralized face among the crowd.

Nick Tarabay – Klingon

Best known for playing the traitorous Ashur in 27 episodes of Spartacus, Tarabay appears here as a deadly Klingon. Seems fitting. Nick also appeared on The Sopranos and Detroit 1-8-7.

Admiral Marcus’ Crew

Star Trek Into Darkness

Rob Moran – U.S.S. Vengeance Ensign

A staple of the Farrelly Brothers movies in their prime, Moran appeared in Dumb & Dumber, Kingpin, Shallow Hal, Me Myself and Irene, and There’s Something About Mary.

Lee Reherman – Uniformed Security

This was one of the guys who probably looked familiar to most everyone, but was hard to place…perhaps it’s cause he wasn’t wearing spandex. Reherman is best known to TV watchers as “Hawk” from the classic American Gladiators, on which he appeared from 1991-1996. He was in Last Action Hero, and has also shown up in shows such as Prison Break, The Shield, The X-Files, Chuck, Workaholics, Angel, Columbo, and Terriers.

Nolan North – U.S.S. Vengeance Bridge Officer 

A regular workaholic in the voice talent industry, North makes a living bringing to life characters like Superboy (Young Justice), The Kraang (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Cyclops (Wolverine and the X-Men), and Smokescreen (Transformers Prime). He is also currently recording the voice of the Penguin for Arkham Origins. Perhaps most notably though, he is Nathan Drake in the Uncharted video game series…

Voice Work for TV Fans

Star Trek Into Darkness

Bill Hader – The Speaker Behind Jupiter

Perhaps of the best known of anyone on this list, the 8-year veteran of Saturday Night Live just left the show and is now looking to move on with his career, and apparently into the future. You’ll recognize his voice outside the station where the U.S.S. Vengeance is being stored as Scotty arrives to investigate.

Audrey Wasilewski – Additional Voices

Audrey, who is credited as “Additional Voices” is recognizable to cable TV fans from a few different things. She played ‘Pam Martin’ in 21 episodes of HBO’s Big Love, and is Peggy Olson’s sister on Mad Men. She also appeared in multiple episodes of shows like Family Guy, Monk, and Southland.

Fred Tatasciore – Additional Voices

Tatasciore was a stand-up comedian before becoming a voice actor and is now the animated voice of everyone favorite green rage monster – the Hulk. He has voiced the Marvel superstar in 10 different cartoons and 6 video games since 2005. He has also been the voice of Bane 5 times since 2008, including all of Batman’s Arkham games.

and finally…

The Abrams Connection

Star Trek Into Darkness

Tony Guma – Nibiran

Tony has become a staple of JJ Abrams projects – since 2000 he has shown up in Felicity, Alias, Mission: Impossible III, Star Trek, Undercovers, and Super 8. So his name on this list was pretty much a given.

Femme Fatales: Season 1 – Now Available on DVD!

Yesterday marked the release of one of our favorite shows on DVD – Femme Fatales. The 3-disc set includes all 13 of the season 1 episodes, as well as plenty of behind the scenes and bonus material. You can order the set here:


Amazon.com WidgetsNow it’s been a while since the first season aired, so if you need a refresher, here is what it included…

1.01 – Behind Locked Doors

Lacey Rivers learns her celebrity won’t make life behind bars as easy as she thought.

1.02 – Bad Medicine

Nurse Violet MacReady is dating the wrong doctor – and working the wrong shift as a gang war moves into the hospital.

Femme Fatales

1.03 – Something Like Murder

Classic noir storytelling as a bored housewife conspires to murder her rich husband and take his money.

1.04 – Speed Date

The most comedy driven episode, we see the ills of lying about yourself on dating sites.

Femme Fatales

1.05 – The White Flower

A bank robbery gone wrong and a death foretold decades earlier. We are also introduced Mr. Ryan as one of the shows more prominent villains.

1.06 – Girls Gone Dead

Oh sorority girls. This one shows us the perils of exploiting drunk college chicks…who happen to be geniuses. Also the first appearance of recurring characters Alexis and Tiffany.

Femme Fatales

1.07 – Haunted

The supernatural episode, this was one of my favorite ones. Haunted Houses and charlatans abound.

1.08 – Angel & Demons

A serial killer known as the ‘Grim Reaper’  is loose in Cuesta Verde and Mr. Ryan wants him caught before anyone else is hurt.

Femme Fatales

1.09 – Help Me, Rhonda

Another tie-in to an earlier episode, this is when things really start to come together as we’re taken back to the events leading up to Behind Locked Doors.

1.10 – The Clinic

For horror fans, the best casting of the season had to be Angus Scrimm (Phantasm) appearing in The Clinic, creepy as ever.

1.11 – Till Death Do Us Part

Bachelorette parties are awesome…unless you’re a tea bag robot. Chicks are crazy.

Femme Fatales

1.12 – Visions: Part 1

The first half of the season finale shows us the Amazing Mysterium and how poorly he treats his assistant. His crowd also features several cameos from earlier in the season.

1.13 – Visions: Part 2

In the finale the girls get together to show our befuddled Magician why you shouldn’t mess with the fatales. Now let’s hear some tunage!

Femme Fatales
“You got any tunage? I like everything but country and showtunes.” A girl after my own heart.

So that’s season 1. Check it out on Amazon.

Cinemax’s Femme Fatales – 212 “Libra”

A sexy superhero, an undercover cop, a mafia boss fighting for control, and good ol’ Cuesta Verde – it looks like Femme Fatales is going out with a bang (I apologize for using the same joke from a previous review but I can’t resist). The final episode of season 2 has aired and it’s called Libra. It is one of the more ambitious episodes of the series so they decided to make it a special hour long episode to close on a high note. They brought in some old and new friends to cap off the season and have succeeded in making it a successful send off and make us want more of Libra.

The episode opens with Detective McAllister (the always awesome Jeff Fahey) talking to a tied up Max (Adam Huss) trying to get to the bottom of the story. You see, Max is surrounded by a bunch of dead crime bosses, and McAllister is trying to figure out what the hell happened. Max tells him it’s the work of a masked vigilante. Obviously McAllister is a bit skeptical so it looks like it’s educational time starting with the cause of the mess on the floor.

Say hello to Anya, aka ‘Libra’ (Betsy Rue) – she’s the superhero we’re referring to. She’s sexy, wants revenge, and has a giant stick that loves to electrocute you in case you get snippy. She’s also got a bit of baggage, but what hero doesn’t? Everyone needs a purpose and she’s got one helluva reason to be pissed off in her fight for justice. But we’ll get back to her in a second. Let’s get to the story. Max is a cop in deep cover with one of the local crime bosses, Olesky, and he finally has been exposed. He wants to bring them down but now needs a bit of help. Good thing that someone has been watching him closely. She’s not only got beef with Olesky, but a storied past with him as well.

The first half of the episode concentrates on the exploits of Olesky (Surprise! As a crime boss, he’s a bit of a dick), Max’s quest against him, and the introduction of ‘Libra’ into the universe. The second half of the episode concentrates on Libra’s rise from her lowest point until she dons the spandex to rid the city of evil and corruption, and also to have the right to a superhero catchphrase – “The Streets are Mine!” – which is usually followed by someone getting their ass electrocuted.

We get to see some familiar faces such as Angel from 16 Minutes of Fame (Scheana Marie, which I love her cameo because she comes off as the best bit of crazy) and even Nurse Violet of Bad Medicine (Christine Donlon) popping in to make sure we get how truly dangerous this city is when it comes to pretty women. Again, as I’ve gushed about before in previous reviews, I love the mythology of the city. Any sort of call back makes the audience invested into the episodes a bit more, and keeps us  looking for easter eggs such as these.

Anyways, we find out Libra was born out of a comic book (design by Bob Layton, who’s previous works include Iron Man) and provides the inspiration for young Anya in her quest of revenge against Olesky. She has help from a comic book given to her by Andy (Colin Tary) and it provides her the template and the roadmap to get back at those that hurt her. As usual, I can’t say too much about the plot without ruining any spoilers, but note that she’s in a mental hospital. The only thing that felt weird about Libra, which is a character that needs to be brought back, was that she really came off as crazy when she claimed she wasn’t. I’m not sure if that was the intention from the get go, but it felt distracting to the story and almost akin to the Crazy Mary episode. Of course, it could just be it reminded me of Crazy Mary because they basically turned Mary’s hospital into their own ‘Arkham Asylum’, complete with their very own Dr. Arkham – Dr. Daniel Duryea (Steve Railsback).

Oh hey, Angel is back and…OH MY GOD, WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR FACE

Now, Jeff Fahey is awesome. The dude owns the screen every time he shows up and I’ll gladly watch him read the nutrition facts of cereal boxes. Also, the character Libra is a great addition to the universe of Cuesta Verde because I think it shows off a creative side that seems out of the box for what past episodes have brought us. In following the Grindhouse episode of Hell Hath No Furies and go with the superhero route, this series has definitely stepped in the right direction towards The Twilight Zone or Tales from the Crypt that we haven’t seen in the last decade or so, just more cohesive. Director Robert Meyer Burnett had the right idea in shooting the episode just like a comic book with the blocking and the set ups. I look at the first fight scene with the colorful graffiti backdrop and the overhead shot, I feel like I’m flipping the pages of the comic going from frame to frame. Seeing the motion comic too had me smiling in geek glee because it set the mood for the rest of the extended episode.

The actors did a good job too, and while a few of the action sequences felt hokey and unnatural (the Asian chick that pops out of nowhere with nunchucks made me laugh because it looks like she just heard street fight from the bus stop and decided to she needed to get electrocuted after showing off her three moves…slowly…) it never really distracted me from the coolness of the story. It was a good episode to check out and end the season with. If anything, it should create excitement to see what comes out next from these guys because they are hitting their stride. This season felt more consistent than the first and I think had better stories to back it up, and more creativity in how it was shot, the locations, and I think the characters definitely brought the heat. With that, we say goodbye to Cuesta Verde for now, and hope to hear from you ladies soon.

Of course, I want to send you guys off in the most proper way possible. And by proper, I mean gratuitous.

Some of the Femme Fatale girls, off set obviously…

Cinemax’s Femme Fatales – 211 “Bad Christmas/Hell Hath No Furies”

It’s Christmas in Cuesta Verde, so that means we got some gifts for you today! In the latest installment of Femme Fatales, it looks like we are getting a bit old school up in this joint. From the get go, you’ll notice the look and feel to be a bit different. That’s right boys and girls, we are seeing Femme Fatales in a new manner: Grindhouse style. And guess what people, it works like a charm and makes you wonder why didn’t they get to this sooner?

The story goes like this: Lydia (Diana Torres) is a mistress of El Jefe (Asher Deva), and she has got some information that could put him away for good. Unfortunately, she approaches the authorities on Christmas Eve and they decide to lock her up until further notice. There’s a reason this episode is called ‘Bad Christmas’ because you know some crap is about to go down. It’s other name is ‘Hell Hath No Furies’, which is reference to the three-woman assassin squad being sent into the jail to take care of Lydia.

Yeah, you don’t want to mess with these girls: Isabelle (Sierra Love), Candela (Crystle Lightning, who apparently was in 3 Ninjas Knuckle Up, so I now want to rewatch that), and Beverly (Kristen Deluca). They are easily my favorite part of the episode because you feel that they are destined to be great recurring characters in case you need a bombshell hit squad. Anyways, these ladies there for Lydia after she meets with the the Judge Aldrich (Raymond Forchion), and US Attorney Chris Wade (Brady Matthews) with evidence to take El Jefe down. She is now in lockdown at the jail awaiting her fate, and claiming ‘it’s not safe there’. Throw in a creepy prison guard (Christian Levantino) and some shotguns and looks like we got ourselves a fun overnighter at the Cuesta Verde station.

Dr. Kronner’s go-to move at the bar

The reason this episode is so enjoyable is the concept of Femme Fatales, which is centered around the women and how they handle their business in an independent, if not deadly, manner and the joy they derive from controlling the situation to where they reap the benefits. There has to be a translatable joy to the audience and this episode delivers because it seems that in this Grindhouse format, everyone is having fun. I’ve already mentioned the Furies, and they just enjoy inflicting pain and death upon others in what would be a ridiculous fashion but again, that’s the whole joy of it. They get to be over the top and just go with the flow and it doesn’t seem forced at all. The episode is amazingly shot to reflect nostalgia of the old cinema, and is homage heavy in how the music and camerawork is reflected. As I said before, this genre fits perfectly in this universe because despite all the other episodes with the betrayals and seriousness, this one just embraces the absurdity and just enjoys the ride. Darin Scott, who both wrote and directed, did a fantastic job of incorporating all the elements of a good Grindhouse flick.

We need more episodes like this because it involves guns, girls, humor and just pure unadulterated fun. You can tell the filmmakers enjoyed doing this episode because it felt injected with good energy, and the actors seemed to enjoy their roles without having to worry too much about the details. Even the end credit sequence is awesome as it digs into good TV show nostalgia. The corny Christmas song at the end just worked because of the whole concept. Hell, even the James Bond end was an awesome touch. If you can’t tell, nostalgia is the way to my heart and definitely, this was a great episode to watch. Bring the Furies back!

Oh yeah, I knew I forgot something…

Cinemax’s Femme Fatales: 210 – “One Man’s Death”

Man, it sucks to be an assistant district attorney in Cuesta Verde. That’s the impression I got when I viewed One Man’s Death. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it means you will have unrealistic sexual relations with the female population of the city, all of who were apparently models in their past life, but it will probably mean you are a corrupt son of a bitch and will face certain death, hence the title of the episode. So, someone’s love dies and it’s up to the lady friend to get to the bottom of what seems to be foul play. But how do you punch up that classic story a little? You involve two lady friends, duh.

The episode opens with people bumping uglies and before I go any further, I want to add that all I could think about during this was the damn headboard that kept on smacking up against the wall. I mean seriously, move the bed further away, put a pillow in-between but c’mon people, if this were real life, the girl would have complained by now and forced the guy to fix the problem, then an argument would ensue and then he would probably be watching Cinemax on the couch as she cuddles up to her Fifty Shades of Grey book. Anyways, we come to find out that these two lovebirds are having an affair, because someone’s wife just called looking for him. Todd (Daniel Capellaro) is the Assistant D.A. and he has not been faithful to his wife. He has to attend to her and leaves his mistress Janelle (Sadie Alexandru) with the promise that things will end with his wife, that they “had a good run”. Obviously we are all yelling at the screen “bullshit” but whatever, it’s only minute four in the episode so this obviously will not bite anyone in the ass or leave things hanging at all. Apparently there have been some things happening at work and he seems a skittish and says change will be coming for them and everyone else. We like to refer to this as foreshadowing because lo and behold, a chain smoker is waiting outside to warn him about the dangers of cancer. Or drive him off a cliff.

With that, we get Lilith for her obligatory appearance explaining that it is probably not wise to keep secrets in Cuesta Verde. Especially if you keep them from both your wife and your mistress. Rookie mistake. We pick things up back with the wife Susan (Jes Macallan) as she is interrupted in the shower to receive a death notice from the police, namely Det. Janet Wright (Angels and Demons).

She is obviously distraught, but probably is going to be real pissed because some random woman has crashed the wake at the house. Come to find out, both woman have a few things in common other than wearing inappropriate dresses to a wake. Turns out that Janelle needs help to find the murderer and the best hope would be his wife. Of course the wife is just super pissed she showed up because she knew exactly who she was, and Janelle just loves to drop truth bombs such as ‘I’ve been with him for 2 years’ and ‘I was with him the night he died’ so she gets slapped, and rightly so I might add. But she is convinced that their man was taken out because he was too close to figuring out something. So they decide to join forces find out who is responsible for the murder.

Seriously, who answers the door in a silk robe?

Turns out during their brainstorming session, they arrive at a name: Joe Hallenback. (Obviously someone loves The Last Boy Scout, because that was Bruce Willis’ character.) This time, it’s Casper Van Dien playing a private investigator with some information about Todd’s work. While snapping a few photos, he gets his bell rung due to Janelle interrupting a booty call (seriously, Janelle, your timing suuuuckkkks). Susan and Janelle interrogate him into giving up the information he has on Todd. Remember that D.A. that came up on Susan earlier in the wake offering seemingly fake condolences? Looks like he is getting paid off and might have something to do with Todd’s disappearance. So after (mildly) threatening Joe to get information, the girls devise a plan to break into the D.A. Robert Burke’s (Drew Waters) house to get revenge. Also, this Joe Hallenback is not as tough as Bruce Willis. The way he reacts to a getting a gun pointed at him you would think he just pissed himself ala ‘Bill Paxton in True Lies’. But it’s a nice quick appearance for Van Dien because I love Starship Troopers so I will root for him because he never got to Zegema Beach. He just seems to have fun with it and I like these actors appearing what seem to be cameo roles because they just look like they are having fun.

Anyways, so this plan involves Susan having to strut her stuff for the D.A. because:

1.) he made a pass at her before
2.) she has yet to have a sex scene in the episode so she’s due.

Janelle gets her Archer black turtleneck on (seriously), and decides she is going to use that distraction to sneak in and get into the safe. Of course, she gets caught (only Archer can pull off a black turtleneck anyways) and let us face it, she deserves to be caught because she walked into a room with plastic all over the floor. Does she not watch Dexter? That’s a red flag lady.

Again, seriously? You didn’t notice this? #facepalm

Of course I want to stop there because there’s a few twists at the end and I want to get to the review portion of this article. This is an okay episode. I hesitate to call it mediocre because I see elements of good acting (I dug the reactions of Jes Macallan upon hearing more about the affair on the first encounter with Janelle, just felt like realistic responses despite the unrealistic conclusion of becoming Thelma & Louise), music, the set ups and how it is shot…but it just does not connect. Maybe it is because I think Janelle is thrown into each situation and I don’t believe she uses her head at all, or that she often has zero purpose there. I think the pacing of the episode was extremely fast, which worked against the episode because Janelle ends up in a room then the story unfolds. Her character just walks into the room and just Forrest Gump’s her way through. Basically, it is almost like she is not a part of the story at all, that she just happens to be there and the other characters are forced to set the stage and give her a way to arrive from point A to point B. She has no real impact on the audience or the storytelling at all. We are forced to rely on someone monolouging in the end because the story needs to unfold quickly, and that shouldn’t be the case.

Overall, the episode felt rushed in a way that maybe, with more time or editing or whatever, the character Janelle would be someone to root for or get behind in her quest for justice. Instead, I feel that we are treated to an episode that may not be necessarily bad, but just run of the mill without any attempt to make us remember it.

Cinemax’s Femme Fatales: 209 – “Crazy Mary”

It is always a bit alarming when the Femme Fatales beginning pops up only to be followed by a close up of an engagement ring and sunny music accompanying a proposal. It was a little off putting because I did not expect it. Until she asked after the proposal what could make the moment more perfect. Then he talked about multiple orgasms. Yep. Came to the right place. (Seriously no pun intended.)

This week’s episode is called “Crazy Mary” and after that first sex scene, we get treated to the reality of the situation. She was just watching TV and was imagining herself and her finance on television living happily ever after. Nooooooppppeeee. Her name is Mary (Kate Luyben) and she’s in jail because as the title suggests, that chick cray. Crazy enough to kill someone apparently, or at least look like she did. But of course, there has to be someone in prison giving her shit and that’s Gloria (Janelle Guimarra). Mary is just trying to watch her shows, but of course has to get told she’s a bitch. Mary is not going to stand for that so she stands up to Gloria, and probably unintentionally the greatest moment in Femme Fatales history happens: The Punch.

It’s hard to describe “The Punch” without seeing and hearing it for yourself. Do you remember during recess and you were playing heroes vs. villains with a group of friends and you did fake punches and made ridiculous sounds as you connected, much like the old Batman TV series with Adam West only instead you screamed the word “POW!” or “SMACK!” This is the more ridiculous version of that. The most unrealistic hit and sound effect occurs at this moment and unfortunately for the episode, it is the only thing I can talk about right now. I laughed hysterically. So much that I have rewound it several times to continue laughing. Okay, I’m done. But seriously, that was as epic as The Hitcher kick to the back of the officer’s head.

Okay back to the episode, after the punch, Gloria makes it seem like she was the one that got hit and Mary tries to get a witness to say Gloria started the fight, but apparently Gloria owns the joint and gave that stern, “I am going to kidney punch you silly” look and Mary gets blamed for everything. That shit cray. Cue Lilith giving the rundown of Mary’s plight. Also cue the obligatory Tanit Phoenix pic.

Out of your system? Cool. Mary is trying to explain to the psych evaluator that she never killed her husband. We get a replay of what happened in her mind and what the police really found (or didn’t find in this case). Looks like she is a lost cause fighting for her story. The solution? Shock therapy of course. But looks like she might not be off base because on her way, she meets up with The Madman (Nick Principe), who looks insanely tall and…uhh…insane. Props for director Darin Scott for playing up the creepiness of this episode with the overall look and off kilter shots to keep us a bit unhinged and off balance watching this episode. The idea of hospitals are creepy enough and he makes it even more so with the look and direction of the episode, again continuing the good streak of setting the mood of the last couple of episodes.

The Madman is done great just like an old 70s or 80s horror villain. You do not need to flesh out the character, you just need to make him a mute man on a mission. Everyone else serves their purpose, but the episode is so quick, you end up not caring about the other characters at all. Then again, this is Mary’s story so other than giving her creepy people who will probably get theirs, it really is not important because if you stop and flesh out a character, chances are you will be absolutely destroyed by a nightstick wielded by the Madman.

It’s a very quick episode and it leaves it open for more so hopefully they mark a return for the characters. It does start off as silly and pretty fluff, but if you stick with it, it will entertain you if anything for the suspense and the stalking. Not spectacular, but it was worth a look see. And damn, at least watch ‘The Punch”. That shit cray.

Cinemax’s Femme Fatales: 208 – “Jailbreak”

I like continuity in my serialized shows. I feel it harkens back to the comic books where everything is set in the same universe, and that you need to invest into the characters and the environment because you never know where they might pop up again. Obviously, in the Femme Fatales universe, everything is beginning to really take shape in how they tie together. We are starting to get callbacks from previous episodes or seasons and I dig it. The current episode of Jailbreak reflects that.

Now, when I see someone pull up with a gun and a giant bag of cash, I start to get a bit uneasy. I don’t care if you’re the authorities or a sweaty, AXE body-spray covered fanboy from Comic-Con, that combination of bad news screams more red flags than a Tom Cruise audition for a ’24-35 year old actress’. It is revealed that we see a dead body, and the person that discovers him – Holy Crap – that’s Rafe Daniels (Will Poston)! Dude, you got to stop getting into trouble…

Lilith stops by to give us an update on poor old Rafe, and the messes he tends to get caught up in with beautiful girls. I will say it is interesting to get two episodes in a row with a recaps. Forced me to go back and both read about the review of the first episode Behind Locked Doors from Dr. Kronner, and rewatch the episode (thank you MaxGo because streaming is the way of the future).

Now that you are caught up with that, you get treated to the conjugal visit sex scene where Rafe gets to uncomfortably stand watch outside as people get to bump uglies and get reacquainted biblically. Of course, we find out why this girl is here and what her back story is. So three weeks ago, Jess (Jo Newman) was folding some prison laundry (presumably after stamping license plates or whatever prisoners do in jail, I have not had that lovely experience),  but is taken to the boiler room for a little introduction to Big Aggie (Heidi James).

Yeeeepppp, she’s back and she wants a piece. And hey, there’s Lacey Rivers (Kit Willesee) too and man, those times of being Big Aggie’s cellmate have not treated her well. They share a moment but then we realize why Jess is scared to stay in jail with a fun twist. I am also going to add that having Lacey come back was brilliant in two ways. I won’t reveal the second way, but her presence and her crazy laughing haunted me and made me double take on how unhinged she truly became over the last however long she has been rotting in prison. Okay, back on track.

Jess and her lovebird Ace (Charlie Weber) got a plan to get Jess out to smell that sweet stench of freedom and they got the whole idea setup perfectly. Time, motel, freedom, money, boom, it is happening. However, as with any plot to escape jail there is a complication: Looks like curiosity just got another inmate involved. Seems Kendra (Anne Lee Greene, champion of one syllable names) is now involved in the plan because she decided to spy on the couple during their play time.

She wants in and is taking no for an answer. Unfortunately, the plan calls for Rafe to just get completely taken advantage of. I mean, you would think that his luck would change because he just gets screwed (seriously, that’s my favorite joke in this review), and has nothing to show for it. So he gets roped in with a lil’ sumpin’ sumpin’ delight only to get ambushed by the girls and looks like he is coming along for the ride (seriously, second favorite joke.)

As I said, Rafe is getting tugged along (okay, that’s excessive, I’ll stop) to the meet up point and now we got issues with Ace and Jess. There’s two people too many. The girl stays because, let’s face it, she needs a sex scene and she has not gotten up to bat yet and Rafe? Sorry bro, we have to give you the shiner we showed in the beginning of the episode for continuity sakes. They pull up to the house we see in the beginning and the live version of the body they showed. At this point, I want to stop because there are some twists and turns and gasps and moans of ecstasy which makes me feel awkward in having to tell you about without ruining the episode.

I will say that I dug the episode and the idea of bringing people back from the past. Again, for me, the whole mythology and same universe stuff excites me. It provides ideas of collaborating characters and ideas together, and seeing what type of exposition can come from it. The stories of episodes can keep everything contained as a stand alone, but this show is really a love letter to pop culture throughout several generations. Whether it be sci-fi, gangster, film noir, horror, or heist films, Femme Fatales is an homage to that and the determined and sometimes twisted things people will do to advance the plot of their goal or mission.

The episode works in regards to showing the actors willing to play with the environment and script given. I do think the sex scenes, always the one thing that shows the most ability to distract from the actual episode if obnoxious, worked in the confines of the episode and the situation. Kudos to rookie director Steven Kriozere on that. Also it ends satisfactory and keeps the pace up without any lulls that past episodes have had. As long as the pace flows and everything makes sense on the screen, you keep the audience into the episode and mission accomplished, this will do the job. Sometimes the pace does make for random situations in dialogue and acting to where the actors seem to stand and let the action around them dictate what is happening instead of having fun with the scene, but overall, I have no issues. Props to Will Poston for constantly showing how much it sucks to get crapped on and still make the character believable in his determination to power through. You want him to succeed because well – he deserves it.

Rafe just wanted some love, not to get the shaft. Last one, I promise.