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Countdown to Halloween: Homemade Horror Special

All Hallow’s Eve is quickly approaching and I love it! I love a good scare almost as much as I love my collectibles. So it seemed like the perfect time to combine the two and so a new entry into Homemade Horror is born. As always I look at more underground artists and creators and showcase some of the amazing finds I have found online that have sent a shiver of joy down my spine.  Interested in what I found? Then read on.

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Jason To Return In New Friday The 13th Film; Powers To Be Revealed?

Jason Voorhees has been on hiatus from murderous rampages since 2009. In that time the next film in the fan favorite slasher series Friday The 13th has been in and out of development. We’ve been promised plenty of windows for the films release in 2015 (first March, then November), but nothing was confirmed…until now (allegedly). It was recently announced that the final date has been slated for the next Friday The 13th – May (Friday the) 13, 2016.


Fans of Jason’s bloody big screen escapades have had to wait for his return due to the surprising popularity of another horror film franchise – Paranormal Activity. During an interview with Esquire, film producer Brad Fuller revealed that the success of the low-budget, shaky camera films have changed the viewpoint of some movie studios. Paranormal Activity led movie execs to look towards horror films with cheaper development and production costs as opposed to films such as Friday The 13th.

Fuller has worked alongside Paranormal Activity producer Jason Blum on the first two films in The Purge series. With the experience netted from working on both films, each with a budget less than $20 million, Fuller is now more prepared to get to work on Jason’s next slasher adventure. The film’s starting production is set to begin this summer with director David Bruckner (V/H/S ).

Fuller also dropped a few comments regarding an aspect of the legend that this new film may explore – Jason’s perceived immortality:

There’s always been this supernatural aspect to these movies. It defies logic that, you see Jason get killed in every movie, including ours, the 2009 one. And then he comes back and no one’s ever really investigated what that is. So that’s something that I think about a little bit. Like it is supernatural, but what is he? Those are the things that we’re toying with. Nothing has been decided. But those type of things: How does he always come back?

For us, we’d much rather they leave that aspect alone. It’s like John Carpenter has long said about Halloween;

Michael Myers was an absence of character. And yet all the sequels are trying to explain that. That’s silliness – it just misses the whole point of the first movie, to me. He’s part person, part supernatural force.

So aside from the new Jason movie, and what themes it may choose to tackle, Jason X writer Todd Farmer recently released the original script treatment for the space epic, and spoke about the events that led to its creation:

If memory serves, the day before, we talked dozens of ideas. One of my favorites was Jimmy’s suggestion we set Crystal Lake in winter covered in snow. But there was concern that doing anything modern at Crystal Lake would screw up whatever the FVSJ team was planning over at New Line. I don’t recall which of the many teams that worked on FVSJ was working the script at the time. Cy and Ethan had left. I think it was the King of the Hill guys. Maybe. This was after SCREAM which had derailed FVSJ making everyone demand self-aware characters. If I recall, the King of the Hill guys had the ol’ “It was all a dream” 3rd act which led to the next team.

Anyhoo. We tossed out ideas for Jason takes Los Angeles. Jason takes the Middle-East. And I eventually pitched Jason Bladerunner, where Jason was found cryogenically frozen 500 years in the future. Though everyone involved loved the 500 years later part, the idea of creating “Future World” caused budget fears, so I pitched the space truckers from Alien finding Jason rather than an Alien. Other horror icons “in space” were mentioned but I kept saying, “Right but Alien/Aliens”. The space truckers quickly became a class trip into space to make the cast younger. And I went home and started writing.


Is that enough of a Voorhees-fix for you? We’ll have more once additional news comes out. For now, thanks for reading.

Images: New Line Cinema, Warner Bros, Paramount Pictures, Deviant Art

Halloween Songs to Chill You to the Bone!

Happy Halloween to all you Grizzly Bomb readers out there. No doubt a lot of you will be getting geared up for your own Halloween antics and slapping on your costumes for a night filled with mischief and scares. For anyone that is having a party, some terribly terrific tunes will be needed to add just the right atmosphere. Grizzly Bomb is more than happy to oblige. Here is a short play list of this reviewers personal favorites; hopefully they will manage to give you all a bit of a chill.

Rocky Horror Picture Show – Over at the Frankenstein Place

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a film that is perfect for any occasion, but Halloween is where it truly can shine. The soundtrack has so many fantastic tracks on it that it is tricky to pick one, but this one is just perfect for when you need to slow the mood down and have a sing along with your friends at the same time.

Alice Cooper –Man behind the Mask

What is better than Friday the 13th on Halloween? Alice Cooper singing about Jason Voorhees perhaps? A rocking track from the great man himself which, if you are of a certain generation, will get you rocking around the kitchen with a tie around your head in no time.

Bobby Pickett and the Crypt Kickers – Monster Mash

Now this is a classic song for the Halloween season. You will be hard pressed to find anyone that has not heard this song at least once and it is perfect for all you monster mashers out there.

Sheb Wooley – The Purple People Eater

While more of an obscure selection, this but song has some great visuals attached to it. With such a catchy tune it’s difficult not to want to sing along to the chorus when it kicks in.

Warren Zevon – Werewolves of London

This song probably has another meaning and is not to be taken literally. But it does conjure up some awesome visuals and with such great lyrics involving werewolves that eat Chinese food and attack old ladies it is a perfect Halloween themed tune.

Oingo Boingo – Dead Man’s Party

Oingo Boingo are better known for their work on 80’s classics like Weird Science. But it is also a band that had a certain Danny Elfman in it (the man behind pretty much every Tim Burton film score to date). With his band Oingo Boingo he made some incredible musical hits including this little tune.

Ramones – Pet Cemetery

The Ramones are rock legends and have dabbled in film scores before (Rock and Roll High School is one of the most notable entries), but this tune manages to capture the feeling of Stephen King’s work perfectly.

Ozzy Osborne – Bark at the Moon

Ozzy has knocked out some incredible horrific tunes but this song (for the video alone) needs to be included in any Halloween bash. The great guitar riffs certainly don’t hurt this piece of metal history.

Rob Zombie – Living Dead Girl

It is difficult to pick a White Zombie track that does not exhibit Rob Zombie’s unique love of horror movies. But with Living Dead Girl he manages to give us an incredible song which also harks back to the German horror films of the silent era of cinema. This tune is not as frantic as his other hits (like say Dragula), but it is still a hauntingly effective tune that is great to listen to with the lights out.

Michael Jackson – Thriller

The grand daddy of music videos and the ultimate Halloween song, there is little else to say about this John Landis directed masterpiece. It is with this video that we will leave our trip through the weird world of music and let you readers enjoy your Halloween antics. There are plenty more Halloween songs out there, but hopefully this list will keep you entertained until the trick or treating commences.

Now how could I end an article on spooky tunes without including this classic!

13 Friday the 13th Merchandising Items You (Probably) Have Never Heard Of

So for you horror hounds, the day has finally come again. The day when we can all get our hockey masks out and chase around the neighbors with our machetes (to be honest I would not recommend this unless you like spending time in jail). Yes, it’s Jason Voorhees day or as it is officially known Friday the 13th. Jason has amazed viewers throughout the years and we at Grizzly Bomb love him to bits (check here for some of Jason funnier moments and here for a look at the man himself) and we are not the only ones. He is loved worldwide because people love to be scared and Jason to give us thrills and so much more. It is not a surprise that artists and crafts people have made their own versions of this supernatural serial killer. Jason Edmiston (who has appeared in numerous Grizzly Bomb articles which you can read here and here) is one of many artists to create Friday the 13th inspired art and this great piece of art shows Jason as an All-American killer.

friday the 13th merchandise gi jason

There are numerous T-Shirt companies that have produced some amazing clothing based on the big man, such as this quite touching shirt below from TTOFS which showcases the fact that all Jason really wants is his mother back and her support.

friday the 13th merchandise jason t shirt

Of course, we can’t forget the tons and tons of amazing toys, collectables, clothes and so much more that has been made in support of Jason. But what this article wants to do is show you some of the merchandise you may not have seen before, some of the more cheeky or even downright odd pieces of Friday the 13th history. So gaze your eyes below on these 13 great pieces of Jason merch.

13.) Jason Candle Holder

friday the 13th merchandise jason candle holder

Jason does like to strike at night so what better way to scare him off than having your own candlelit Jason.

12.) Jason Candy Holder

friday the 13th merchandise jason candy holder

After having your room illuminated by Jason’s mighty hand, why not have a midnight snack with him to by using this awesome candy holder.

11.) Baby Jason

friday the 13th merchandise baby jason

Looks like Camp Crystal Lake has a new killer to worry about and boy is he cute! This little Jason is part of the Living Dead Dolls line in case you fancy giving him a hug, although I would not recommend it!

10.) Cute Jason

friday the 13th merchandise cute jason

Just when you thought you has seen Jason at his cutest, Weenicons come into the picture with this extremely cute model of Jason. Not sure why so many people like seeing a cute version of a super natural killer but it is hard not to love this little guy.

9.) Jason Pillow Cover

friday the 13th horror balls

Not a natural fit by any means, but boy have Horror Decor and Freddy in Space made up a great collectable piece. Not only has Jason got his own spot on the pillow but he has brought along a load of his friends including Pinhead, Chucky and Freddy in a design style that looks very much like the Madballs toys from the 90s.

8.) Jason Water Shooter

friday the 13th merchandise jason spit balls

friday the 13th squirt balls

Moving on from one weird shaped Jason to another, here we have Jason spitballs that even come with their own victim. These came out in the late 80s and essentially were very poor water shooters. You will have to check eBay to get hold of them though but they do look great. There was even a Nightmare on Elm Street set for those in the mood for Freddy.

7.) Jason USB

friday the 13th merchandise jason usb

This inventive way to save your data first came to my attention through Etsy but alas, it is sold out now and you can see why. Who would not want to save their data using Jason zombified body?

6.) Jason My Little Pony

friday the 13th merchandise jason my little pony

Made by Marika Surinen, this is the My Little Pony that they kept out of the TV show. Again from Etsy, this is a stunningly original piece which manages to make any hardened horror fan smile.

5.) Jason Cartoon Model

friday the 13th merchandise animated jason

Okay, so it is not an actual animated version of Jason, but it is probably the closest we are ever going to get to seeing him animated (aside from his appearances in popular animated shows). If they ever did a cartoon series in this style, the horror world would be better for it.

4.) Jason Inflatable

friday the 13th merchandise inflatable jason

What better way to spruce up your outdoor area than having this inflatable waggling his machete at people in front of your lawn. At 80 dollars, it may be out of some peoples price range but if you save up now you may be the proud owner of this come next Friday the 13th.

3.) Jason Model Car

friday the 13th merchandise jason car

From the minds of Matchstick Monster Series, comes Jason fighting on top of a blooming camper van. This is a really cool tie-in having the actual van used in the movie and Jason up to his old killing tricks.

2.) Jason Lollypop

friday the 13th merchandise jason lollypop

These are not out yet but man I hope they arrive soon. Designed by Russian ad firm Stoyn, they have numerous designs including Chucky and Freddy. So if you ever wanted to lick Jason face you may be that closer to your goal!

1.) Jason Video Games

friday the 13th merchandise jason nes game

Now some readers will be aware of the NES game of Friday the 13th, where a huge Jason would end up taking you out if you were not careful. Well, I bet you are glad that the people from Neca remembered because they have put out this stunning recreation of the video game Jason in toy form. Aside from looking amazing, this figure actually glows in the dark as well!

friday the 13th merchandise jason nes game figure

But there was also a game before this that came out for the ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 systems in the 80s. This game was pretty interesting.

friday the 13th merchandise jason spectrum game 1

Your job was to walk around Crystal Lake, picking up weapons and trying to find people before Jason killed them. Now because of graphic limitations it was difficult to see Jason as he looked basically like you, save for the fact he carried a huge axe and would kill you pretty much instantly if he caught you.

friday the 13th merchandise jason spectrum game 3

Still it was kind of fun and inspired this final image a great Friday the 13th cover from Crash magazine.

friday the 13th merchandise jason spectrum game 2

There are so many items out there celebrating the Friday the 13th series as well as Jason and his mother and it is a great testament of the enduring quality these films have on us. It’s amazing to see people put so much effort into creating such amazing pieces for us to collect. No doubt there will be items missed off this list but hey there is always next year. Have a great Friday the 13th everyone!

Mondo: The Top 15 Posters from 2013 So Far

Collectors of poster art are well aware of the reputation Mondo has. This is a company that sells out off its stock within minutes of it becoming available to the public. The prices can be on the high side, but you definitely get your moneys worth. The quality of poster they produce is top notch and they are sought after collector’s pieces on Ebay. Though their limited editions sell out so quickly that people who have slow broadband can miss out in an instant, it has not stopped people coming back for more. Now Mondo has far too expansive a back catalogue to do a definitive list of my favorites as their work dates back to 1998. But I thought it may be fun to see what type of posters have come out in 2013. So here we have the top 15 Mondo film posters of the year (some may be considered NSFW, fair warning).

15) Gremlins by Drew Millward

mondo poster 2013 gremlins

This poster just sums up the Japanese culture for me and it is appropriate for the style to be like this, because Gizmo was owned by an old Asian shop keeper before coming to suburbia. The extreme melting of Spikes face and the rays of sunshine gleaming down on him meld perfectly with the design frame of the picture which looks like Japanese manuscript (or a calendar if you are more aware of that).

14) The Deadly Spawn by PhantomCity Creative

mondo poster 2013 deadly spawn

What do most people remember from this cult ’80s horror classic? The big alien monster with loads of teeth, that’s what. The entire film is encapsulated in this simplistic yet knock out design. The battered look of the poster only adds to the ensemble and makes it look exactly like an old poster you would see in your local video rental store (when they were still around, that is).

13) Maniac by Jeff Proctor

 mondo poster 2013 maniac

Now Maniac (remake) has never promoted itself as a family friendly film, and this poster for the movie is very explicit in its intent. The hiding of the face makes this killing seem more disturbing because of the loss of identity and it also ties nicely into the fact that we only ever see Elijah Wood’s face when he looks in the mirror. The undone jeans adds an extra uncomfortable element of sexuality to the piece. Not something you could hang in your front room but something to be admired never the less.

 12) Man of Steel by Martin Ansin

 mondo poster 2013 man of steel

The artwork reminded me a lot of Alex Ross’ work, which certainly makes an impact. The motion lines around Superman which show key characters in the movie are superb and you get the feeling of heroism, which is what Man of Steel was supposed to be all about.

11) The Thing by Randy Ortiz

 mondo poster 2013 the thing

Now the remake/prequel was a huge disappointment to most, but this poster reminds us just how great the original really was (and still is). The mist of the coffee turning into the alien spider legs looks incredible and the body morphing that amazed us in the film is exploited to the maximum here to great effect.

10) Boogie Nights by Rockin’ Jelly Bean

 mondo poster 2013 boogie nights

This slightly cheeky poster gives this movie based on the rise of Dirk Diggler a very ’70s flavour. Though it is not an exact match for Heather Graham, the woman taking center stage certainly arouses your attention, in more ways than one. The ’70s color scheme is stunning. Who would have thought so many yellows, browns and oranges could make such an amazing visual?

 9) Evil Dead 2 by Jason Edmiston

 mondo poster 2013 evil dead 2

I covered Jason’s work before in an article about ’80s inspired art work, and here we get to see how he takes on Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead 2. This guy’s artwork is mind blowing, adding elements of tension to a story we know all so well. Ash has never looked creepier and his battle with the raping trees in the forest is something that would have been amazing to see in the movie itself. Not since House has a door opening looked so menacing.

8) Robocop by Jay Shaw

 mondo poster 2013 robocop

Grizzly Bomb did an article about posters from abroad and how there styles differed greatly from the US or the UK. In that article there were plenty of examples of Polish art which is stunning but also mind blowing in its bizarreness. Artist Jay Shaw has gone for this polish style in his Robocop poster, and it shows all the pathos and pain Alex Murphy suffers from as he becomes Detroit City’s ultimate law enforcer. The single blood stained tears speaks volumes and the clever use of OCP as his eye (they built him, own him and also constantly watch him) goes great with the black and white coloring which brings the whole image to life.

7) Scarface by Mike Mitchell

 mondo poster 2013 scarface

This one image manages to completely sum up Tony Montana’s character. Cocky, arrogant, controlling, dangerous and powerful, it all comes out in this piece. The palm trees in the back further show the life style Tony dreams of from the start and manages to grab through force. For some reason it manages to sum up the 80s for me. Must be too much Miami Vice as a kid, I guess!

6) Argo by Kilian Eng

 mondo poster 2013 argo

The main reason I love this poster art is because it focuses on the false movie and not the events that occurred. The movie is an incredibly tense and fascinating film, but all the way through viewing it my thoughts wandered slightly. “What would this film really be like if they had made it?” Well, this poster helps put those thoughts to rest. If it was to become anything like Kilian has drawn it, it would have been a master piece. Filled with 70’s psychedelic it looks like a cross between Logans Run and 2001.

5) Iron Man 3 by PhantomCity Creative

 mondo poster 2013 iron man 3

It’s a simple diagnostic poster but it’s this simplistic style which drew me to it. With Tony Stark as its focal point it gives us a massive display of the suits he used in Iron Man 3. One of the many fun things about this film was trying to spot what suit was in the film and its role for Tony. Here all that information is laid out for you so anyone who missed a suit can stare at all of them now in the comfort of their own home.

4) Battle Royale by Bryan Lee O’Malley

 mondo poster 2013 battle royale

Bryan is better known for being the creative genius behind the super popular Scott Pilgrim, and his style perfectly suits this film. Much like the movie where cute Japanese students are forced to do horrible things, Bryan’s mix of Manga inspired cute art works superbly with the juxtaposition of graphical violent acts we are seeing the characters perform. The graphic novel of Battle Royale is even more disturbing to read and has the same power Bryan’s poster has here.

3) Friday the 13th  by Francesco Francavilla

 mondo poster 2013 friday the 13th

The face seen in the imagery on view motif (the best name I could come up with for this type of art) is seen a lot in horror movies, so its great to see this getting used for one of the greatest Slasher movies of the ’80s. If the menacing skull was not enough to give you a chill then look for the references to other movies within this poster. The pitch fork pops up a few times in the series but the cabin in the back is first found in Friday the 13th Part II. Now whether it has Mrs. Voorhees head in it I don’t know, but this attention to detail with the franchise impressed me, as did the tiny skull hidden in the ground far right of the pitchfork.

2) The Lost Boys by PhantomCity Creative

 mondo poster 2013 the lost boys

Never have vampires felt so much like a dark creature from Peter Pan than in The Lost Boys, a movie about immortal youths that can fly away and take your children while they sleep. The reason this poster piqued my interest is because it covered the scenes in the movie that always amazed me, the flying scenes. Very rarely before this had I ever seen vampires fly in non-bat form, so at the start when they swoop onto the unlucky couple in the car and when they drop off the bridge it amazed me, and that’s what this visual happily brought back.

1) Jaws by Laurent Durieux

 mondo poster 2013 jaws

What is not shown is the most important element of this poster. It seems exactly like the type of promotional poster that would have been used to promote the beaches. As the films plot does cover the lengths people went to making sure the tourists did not know there was a shark in the sea it works perfectly well. The design is a spot on copy of those holiday resort style promotional posters, but the hidden sense of dread is definitely there in this seemingly calm beach. With all the crazy shark movies coming out at the moment it is nice to take a break from them all for just a few minutes and look at where it all began, Jaws.

Mondo are constantly making incredible pieces like those on this list, and they are only a small segment of what they have to offer. Check out their web site here to see more of what they have to offer.

10 Bizarre Foreign Posters for American Movies…

Film posters are amazing. Not only do they help advertise to people quickly and easily the content of any film, they also are truly stunning pieces of art in themselves looking great displayed on our walls. However, this is not always the case. Some posters confuse us, so a bad film is made out to be good, while some don’t really tell us anything about the movie and others lose the plot entirely showing us random images or awful art and leave us thinking about what mental state the artist could have been when they devised this monster of a poster. For some reason some of the best examples of these types of poster come from abroad in non-English speaking countries and this is what I want to focus on here, those posters that with out the internet’s help would be lost in a trash can for all time. This week we focus on the Horror genre.

 10) Mel Brook’s Frankenstein (1974 – Poland)

horrific horrors
Frankenstein poster from PolishPoster.com

“Half man and half skeleton, but all Frankenstein” would have been a good tag line for this poster. I can see what they were trying to do here with this cover art only it did not go as they planned. The skeleton is meant to show death as Doctor Frankenstein deals with dead corpses and the mugging skinless looking other half I am guessing is meant to be Marty Feldman. The black hood could be a reference to the grim reaper while the robotic enhanced arm could be………okay I have no idea what that arm is meant to be. The worse thing about this poster is at no point do I know it is a comedy. In fact, quite the opposite is true.

9) The Fly (1986 – Poland)

horrific horros
The Fly poster from Chicquero.com

This is such a random image to focus on. Sure there was acid vomit / spit used in the movie in graphic display of limb melting, but it is a movie about a man who turns into a human fly. What we have here is an odd stubbly man wearing lipstick and throwing up onto some red carpet. This kind of image can be seen in any pub after midnight, it does not inspire me to go see the movie. He does look a bit like a fly I suppose just because of his lack of hands and slight back hair, but it is so awfuly rendered on computer you can hardly tell either way what this was supposed to be.

 8) Gremlins (1984 – Poland)

horrific horrors
Gremlins poster from PolishPoster.com

This one is amazing for all the wrong reasons. In just a few images it pretty much tells you every thing about the movie. The director’s name is proudly displayed on that cardboard box while the weird Gremlin head popping out suggests an element of mischief and fun. His stern look and the fact he is stealing a Christmas hat tells you there is to be some harsh times about to occur over this holiday season. All of this does happen in the movie but one question keeps popping up in my head. Who is the guy with the Santa mask on and no body shape? No idea. Other than that it is probably the most uneventful marketing of one of the greatest films of the 80s. They have actually managed to make the movie seem less exciting than it actually is.

7) Evil Dead 2 (1987 – Ghana and Thailand)

horrific horrors
Evil Dead 2 poster from TheFilmSmith.com

Okay I cheated a bit here and have included two, but they are both from the same movie and so incredible they needed to be shown. The first one has an Ash who looks more like Sylvester Stallone than Bruce Campbell, and a vampire woman next to him who is definitely not a deadite. The creature floating crudely above Ash’s head I can only assume is the flying deadite that he kills at the end of the movie. Your guess is as good as mine.

horrific horrors
Evil Dead 2 poster from TheFilmSmith.com

The next poster at least is well drawn but it just goes overboard in its portrayal of the film. Ash has no head for goodness sake. I know he chops off heads in the movie but he never lost his own. The sinister graveyard in the back looks awesome but never appears in the movie as far as I can remember and we have the same problem we have with a lot of posters now days, the big floating head in the background!

 6) Friday the 13th movies (1980/Present – Ghana)

horrific horrors
Jason goes to Hell poster from Fridaythe13thFranchise.com

Again I am cheating but both of these posters come from the same place so that’s okay. Ghana’s style of artwork is so easily identified. Using very simplistic and very graphic artwork they manage to make hugely entertaining scenes. The above poster for Jason Goes to Hell has Jason using a shovel, his machete was becoming a bit tiresome obviously. He also has pink colored dread locks because that is not how his skin looks in the films. Not sure who the random woman trying to stab Jason is or the weird floating legs behind him but nether of them are having fun. The knife that has been plunged into his chest by persons unknown has to be one of the most dramatic stabbings I have ever seen put to page. I love the maggot Jason too.

horrific horrors
New Blood poster from TooSquid.com

The New Blood poster looks like it has been drawn by someone who was giving a brief run down of how Friday the 13th movies work and allowed to go crazy. The movies would never have been allowed to do anything this explicit. Naked half cut open women, barbed wire choked women and Jason brandishing what looks to be something like a hedge trimmer from the Dead Rising games. I know Jason is meant to be deformed but what I did not know until this poster was that the deformity applied to his arms and legs to.

5) The Shining (1980 – Polish)

horrific horrors
The Shining poster from Tuesday.com

If Stanley Kubrick made an HP Lovecraft movie then this is what I would expect to see. Not quite sure if Wendy Torrance is meant to look like the classic piece of art The Scream or one of Cthulhu fish men but either way it is terrifying for all the wrong reasons. She does scream in the movie (quite a lot) but nothing that ever comes close to making her look like an alien.

4) Demon Knight (1995 – Ghana)

horrific horros
Demon Knight poster from I-Mockery.com

Well the artist at least attempted to copy the style of the film poster but slipped up somewhere along the way. The brief case man looks nothing like Billy Zane and I am not sure why the deformed brother from Basket Case has appeared at the top right of the poster either. The most shocking thing here is the Crypt Keeper himself with his deformed body and his head. What is wrong with his head? He is a corpse so naturally he is not the best looking chap but this horrifically drawn mix of horse skull and flesh makes him look completely different from normal. And his hands are a different colour than his head.

3) The Howling (1981 – Belgium)

horrific horrors
The Howling poster from horror.about.com

What I really like about this poster is that it has created a completely different creature for its poster than the werewolf of the original movie. Not quite sure what it is – some kind of dog man maybe or a very sinister vampire. It looks incredible but is nothing like anything you will see in the movie. Also not sure why the woman running is wearing a silver jump suit but that is the least of this poster’s worries.

2) Alien (1979 – Polish)

horrific horros
Alien poster from disasteryear20xx.blogspot.com

This is actually quite an ingenious poster showing the alien within, the creature lurking in the rib cage just waiting to burst out of your chest. It looks incredible but if I had not told you this was the film Alien there is no way you would ever know. It looks a lot like the art from Alone in the Dark. I can safely say the director of that film did not see this particular poster before making his own.

1) Cujo (1983 – Africa)

horrific horrors
Cujo the Killer Dog poster from missmoss.co.za

A Chinese woman instead of an American, a young boy with a turtle neck and a dog that is completely the wrong breed for this film are not the things that interest me about this. The thing that gets me every time about this is the fact that the dog is bleeding tears of blood while casually lying down and staring at the viewer. Nothing like the frenzied dog attacks you actually see in the movie but in some ways even more scary. Or weird, take your pick really.

This is a very small selection of some of the more interesting and just outright bonkers posters that are available to view on the internet. Some of the Polish posters especially are unique and confusing all at the same time. They all share a sense of wonderment and originality that you very rarely find in the English counterparts. Is it the lack of money for promotion that drives the poster artists abroad to be so unique or is it the distribution of movies over there. If a film is sent to foreign countries later than in say the States and the UK you know if it is a success or not and can play around with it a tad. Who knows and to be frank who cares? These are great looking posters and I for one, cannot wait to see more of them hit the internet very soon.