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A ‘Maniac Cop’ Prequel! Nicolas Winding Refn Involved, Hopefully Directing?

For the fans of shlock and crappy horror movies all around, there is no bigger name in the biz than Bruce Campbell. To them the man is a veritable living god, but even hardcore Bruce Campbell fans would have a hard time placing Maniac Cop as one of his better films in his oeuvre. But in it’s own right, Maniac Cop, and it’s two sequels, are all very successful at what they set out to be. All of them are fun, sometimes gory, always entertaining films about a cop, who is also a maniac. Or a zombie. Or half-dead braindead guy who was revived and somehow gained super strength from that. I have a hard time remembering, because I’ve never watched the film sober.

With a tagline like that, could YOU watch it sober? Didn’t think so.

Anyhow, the movie is one of those films that is undeniably cheesy, yet so memorable and enduring, that it manages to retain an audience years after its release. Which leads us to the headline news itself. While initially I thought Nicolas Winding Refn was remaking it, it turns out to be he’s producing a tentative prequel. Which I find a puzzling choice, since we had the identity and origin of the Maniac Cop explained in the original. Now nothing is definitely confirmed, nor is his actual status as director locked in yet,  but the likelihood of him deciding to helm it as director is not out of line. Truth be told, I’m hoping he comes around to the idea of just remaking it, since it’s one of the few films I can name off the top of my head, that would  really suit to being remade.  (The other is Logans Run. Holy crap that would be awesome.)

Nicolas Winding Refn is certainly a very talented director, who since his Pusher trilogy, seems to be finding a niche by very successfully imitating other famous director’s stylistic storytelling, cinematography, and aesthetic design. Valhalla Rising was a modern Ingmar Bergman film to its core, Bronson was a Kubrickian attempt at a bio-pic, and last year’s Drive was a breakout Michael Mann-esque, 80’s action movie through an urban noir filter. If there was anybody who could take a source material as cheesy and borderline laughable as Maniac Cop, and make it GOLD, it’d be Refn. He’s one of the few people to make Los Angeles look new again as he did in Drive, and I’d be very interested to see his take on giving new life to the streets of New York. Factor in the fact that he could pull off the whole mystery subplot of the original Maniac Cop much more competently, and in Drive and Valhalla Rising he effectively pulled off visceral scenes of gore, he’d be pretty much the perfect guy to remake it, and have it actually be really good.

Even if it does turn out to still be a prequel, it’ll at least be interesting to tackle the same ideas the original came from, and have it expand the depth of the franchise, even if it’ll be wildly different in quality from the other three. In a good way, I mean.

‘Logan’s Run’ Joining the Remake Train

Nicolas Winding Refn – the Danish director responsible for the Pusher Trilogy, Bronson, Valhalla Rising and the recent crime thriller Drive – is set to remake the 1976 SF film Logan’s Run. It will star Ryan Gosling – who was also the star of Drive – as the titular Logan.

 For those of you who haven’t seen the orignal film: it is set in a future city where everyone lives a life of pleasure, untill they reach the age of 30 when they are terminated. Logan is a member of the enforcers of this law, but ends up rebelling against the system.

The original film won an Oscar for its visual effects – they look quite dated now though. Winding Refn is hoping to use less CGI and rely more on sets and designs.

The film is to be scored by (the ridiculously monikered) Johnny Jewel. He was a collaborator on the Drive soundtrack. He, apparently, didn’t take much persuading, he was already a fan of the orignal – at his 30th birthday party he had a replica blinking gem in his hand, like in the film.

Grizzly Review: Drive

[pullquote_left]“My hands are a little dirty.”
“So are mine.” [/pullquote_left] That’s all it took for me. When the trailer came out and I heard that exchange between Albert Brooks and Baby Goose, I knew I needed to see this movie. And now, having seen it, I can tell you that the sheer magnitude of said exchange proves to set up the entire movie from there out, with neither participant fully grasping the effect they will have on one and other.

Brooks plays an L.A. gangster that agrees to invest in a race car, and subsequently a driver. This connection is facilitated by Shannon (Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston) who knows Brook’s character from way back, and who employs Baby Goose at his garage. They plan to make a mint letting Baby Goose race.

On the home front Carey Mulligan plays the girl next door, who quite obviously becomes the catalyst that triggers all the trouble for our beloved driver. Brooks’ partner is played by Ron Perlman (Sons of Anarchy) and the cast is rounded out by Christina Hendricks (This week’s Grizzly Girl) and Oscar Isaac. So the cast as a whole is great, but they are merely more than players in the much bigger story. It’s almost as if the story is moving on its own and the characters are just along for a ride. That’s how well this movie flowed.

Vince Mancini over at Film Drunk said: Drive is Dialog-Free True Romance“. I can see where he would get that, as both Drive and True Romance are unconventional love stories with a crime element, and it even kind of felt like a Tarantino movie, just shot more beautifully and with almost none of the dialogue that QT thrives on. But for me, I think I’d say that’s only half right, and its more like a mix between True Romance and Punch Drunk Love. Never thought I’d say that…

Gosling pulls off the role perfectly, and the pacing, music, and cinematography all lend to an aesthetic that delivers a unique movie going experience. Not at all like the action movie some of the trailers made it out to look like, Drive is so much more than that.

In the end we are met with more ambiguity then I’d like, but overall I loved this movie. It’s one of those where you walk out of the theater with music that you’ve never even heard prior still resonating in your head. It’s a movie that can stick with you, unlike so many new films which are forgotten by the time you reach your car, this is one that will ensure conversation on the drive home.

4.5 / 5.0 Bears 

‘Hey girl!’

Hero Express – More ‘Man Of Steel’ Costume Pics, Marisa Miller gets R.I.P.D., and the Skrulls in ‘The Avengers’?

Welcome to Hero Express, your one-stop shop through the news filled world of superhero’s in Film, TV, Video Games and whatever else floats your boat.

This is the Hero Express for September 8, 2011:

New Shots of Cavill in Costume – (Fandango)

We saw our first look at the costume from Zack Snyder‘s upcoming Man of Steel not too long ago, but here are a few more shots showing a pretty detailed look at the changes to the suit. The biggest change is obviously the removal of the outer undies, a move I’m sure many will be thankful for. You decide:

Juno Temple’s TDKR Character – (GammaSquad)

All we have previously heard about Juno Temple‘s role in The Dark Knight Rises  has been that she is a street-wise Gotham girl. Rumors spread about her role, even going so far to say she might be a female version of Robin. The most popular rumor was she would be playing Holly Robinson, and this one seems to be somewhat confirmed.

The Dark Knight Rises, where Temple plays “street smart Gotham gal” Holly Robinson. Speculation has it that her Holly is the young prostitute first seen in Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One, and that she may be the sidekick to Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman.

Temple, for her part, says:

I can’t talk about that. But I think it’s going to be [frick]ing unbelievable. [Nolan] is awesome! There’s something really gentlemanly about him. He’s got an insane, incredible vision going on. Just getting the opportunity to work with him is awesome.

So barely confirmed, but it seems like the best possible option for Temple, which would make the most sense in the terms of the movie. You can check out the article for a bit more on the character of Holly Robinson. For more on Catwoman…

Selina Kyle Fight Scene – (WorstPreviews)

We’ve seen a few tastes of Catwoman here and there, but not so much on Selina Kyle. Here we get a description of a brief fight scene as well as some pictures.

Today we have shots of Hathaway as Selina on the Los Angeles set. Witnesses described the scene in the following way: Thugs chase a kid up some stairs. The finally stop him and steal his apple. Selina comes from behind, takes out the thugs and gets the apple back. After she saves the kid, she says something to him, takes a bite of his apple, and tosses it behind her, causing the kid to run off. Selina then ties up the thugs and then runs into Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale). They speak for a few minutes.

Doesn’t give us a whole lot, but it’s good to know she kicks ass no matter what she’s wearing. More pics at the link.

Refn’s Wonder Woman Depends On Logan’s Run – (GammaSquad)

We’ve already talked about Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn‘s desire to direct a Wonder Woman movie, as well as getting Christina Hendricks to star in said movie. But it looks like the fate of his WW hinges on how well his remake of Logan’s Run fares in theaters:

Refn’s has been told by studio executives that his dream adaptation of “Wonder Woman” depends on the success of his first blockbuster, “Logan’s Run”

[Refn] “I would love to make ‘Wonder Woman.’ And I also think that Christina Hendricks would be the perfect Wonder Woman, but Warner Bros haven’t called yet. But I’m getting closer with ‘Logan’s Run.’ I think someone said to me in a meeting that if I get ‘Logan’s Run’ right, then I’ll get ‘Wonder Woman.’”

New Avengers Concept Photos – (CBM)

We’re shown a great look at not only Tom Hiddleston‘s appearance as Loki in The Avengers, but another group shot of the whole team in action.

Very cool.

On Set Pics & Video of Captain America – (GammaSquad)

Chris Evans was spotted on set in Cleveland wearing his new Cap costume and throwing gang signs. Or nifty sexual finger positions…

Anyways, here are some more of the pics and video of the scene, and I have to say, it looks like there’s a bit more to the story than we originally thought. We’ll talk about that in a bit. Here are the pics:

This scene seems to point to something in the story that might have nothing to do with Loki. Something a bit more… alien-y. Like the futuristic weapon the motion capture actor is holding? Here’s a better look at it:

That doesn’t look like something a Norse god would equip his army with. And then, of course, there’s this:

Yea, that’s a spaceship. So all of this seems to point out alien, right? And one race of Marvel aliens has been mentioned a lot when it comes to this movie.

To Skrull or Not To Skrull – (IGN Movies)

IGN has a great article up that takes a look at this persistent rumor in all it’s varied forms. I’ll try to summarize a bit of it here for you. Basically it supports the theory that the Skrulls will feature in The Avengers in some capacity. Here are some of the reasons leading to that:

Bleeding Cool is pointing out that IMDb’s listing for the movie has Cobie Smulders playing S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Maria Hill as well as “Anelle,” and that Anelle is in fact a Skrull in the comics.

leaked artwork and footage that’s purportedly from a would-be game tie-in that has since been cancelled. The footage has already been taken offline, but Bleeding Cool says it showed Thor fighting an “oversized Skrull” as well as glimpses of a female Skrull.

spy photos of stuntmen in mo-cap suits fighting the Avengers — they’re obviously playing non-humans of some kind.

ScreenRant was able to grab some of the footage from the supposedly cancelled movie tie-in game that features the Skrulls. You can see more at the link, but here’s a couple to make you wonder:

So this could mean something or nothing. Movie game tie-ins generally add more characters and side stories then the movie. That’s kind of the point. But it certainly does nothing to stop the rumor of the Skrulls.

Sources tell IGN that the Skrulls are not in the film. That could mean several different things, however: First, the Skrulls could quite simply not be in the film at all. Two, our sources could just be bluffing (which is a lame thing to do if you’re a source!). Or three, and I think this most likely, the Skrulls as we typically know them aren’t in the film.

Smart money is on Loki’s allies being the Chitauri, the Ultimate Universe’s version of the Skrulls (or one version, anyway). This isn’t a new theory. Less cheesy than the scaly-faced green guys from mainstream Marvel, the Chitauri are nonetheless an advanced inter-dimensional race of shape-shifters who also happen to be pretty scary. They even first showed up fighting Cap during World War II as the secret power foundation behind the Nazis! And they are known by many names across the galaxy, including “Skrull.”

That sounds pretty likely, but there’s still too much imagination and not enough proof to really tell. So let’s stick with what we do know…

Cap, Black Widow & Hawkeye in Action – (GammaSquad)

Shooting moved from Cleveland to Central Park in New York, and the whole cast was there. So we get some good pics of Cap, as well as new pics of Hawkeye and Black Widow in full costume.

He’s looking at what you would be looking at….

There’s some more pics with some hilarious captions at the link.

Stan Lee’s Cameo In The Avengers – (WorstPreviews)

What’s a Marvel movie without a Stan Lee cameo? Well, about 15 seconds shorter, but that’s not the point. It’s definitely now tradition, and so we expect no less from The Avengers. We get a quick photo and description of his cameo:

The scene features Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) sitting at a coffeeshop with Lee sitting at a nearby table. Rogers is then joined by an older man, who some believe is a fellow-soldier from WWII.

Marisa Miller Joins The Cast Of R.I.P.D. – (GammaSquad)

Joining Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges will be none other than Victoria Secret model Marisa Miller. James Hong and Mike O’ Malley also join the cast but, well, who cares. Look at this:


So, what was I talking about? Oh right, Hot Ladies…

Danger Girl Underway & Already Cast? – (GammaSquad)

In the 90’s we were treated to Danger Girl, which was a series that told great stories about… well… okay, honestly I mainly remember a trifecta of hot women kicking ass and getting their clothes ripped a lot. This was the 90’s, that was how things happened. So I wasn’t surprised to hear that this movie was being made. I was a little surprised to hear that the cast has been signed already.

Production company Benderspink (not to be confused with our former production company, Benderspank, which produced Futurama fetish porn parodies) has acquired the rights to Danger Girl, a comic by J. Scott Campbell on the Wildstorm imprint. They’ve just signed Kate Beckinsale, Milla Jovavich, and Sofia Vergara to star as the titular [giggity] Danger Girls.

Danger Girl is described as “Kill Bill” meets “Raiders of the Lost Ark” with the team element of “Mission Impossible.” […] The Logline is: A beautiful adventuress joins forces with an all-female spy agency as they race around the world to recover a trio of powerful relics. [LatinoReview]

And that’s it for this edition of the Hero Express!

For past editions you can click here.

Comic-Con International ’11 – Costumes, Dayman, Toys, Comics, Movies… Do You Need Any More?

Comic-Con International may be over, but our coverage of it is not. There was just so much  that came out of this year, but I have to say it wasn’t quite as heavy hitting as last year’s Con. There’s a cool link about the Winners and Losers of Comic-Con to further illustrate my point.

Let’s get to the news! We’re going rapid-fire again so try to keep up!

Morgan Spurlock Premieres Trailer For New Comic-Con Movie – (/Film)

Last year Morgan Spurlock (The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, Super-Size Me) directed a documentary about Comic Con, and today he briefly took to the stage at Hall H in the San Diego Convention Center to premiere the trailer for the film. We don’t yet have an embed, but the trailer features Eli RothSeth RogenKevin SmithJoss Whedon.Seth Green, and Guillermo del Toro, throwing out some cute and cheeky anecdotes about their experiences at Comic Con.

Torchwood: Miracle Day Interview Roundup – (Collider)

When Captain Jack Harkness enters a room at San Diego Comic Con, everyone salutes.  Especially when he (John Barrowman), comes along with Eve Myles, Alexa Havins, Mekhi Phifer, Bill Pullman and writer Jane Espenson.  During this year’s Comic-Con, I was able to speak with the stars of Torchwood: Miracle Day after their panel.  They talked about if it’s a good idea for Harkness and Gwen to hook up?  How will Harkness deal with mortality?  What brought the new talent to theTorchwood: Miracle Day?  Hit the [link] to find out.

Always Sunny Brings Dayman to the Con – (WarmingGlow)

Glenn Howerton, Rob McElhenney, Kaitlin Olson, Charlie Day and Danny DeVito appeared at a Sunday panel for their rude FX comedy wearing their outlandish ensembles from “The Nightman Cometh,” their infamous musical-within-the-show they toured with in 2009. The crowd at the pop-culture convention roared when the gang stepped onto the stage.  – (Huffington Post)

Nicolas Winding Refn Talks Drive, Logan’s Run, Only God Forgives – (Collider)

One of the best films I’ve seen this year is director Nicolas Winding Refn’s (BronsonDrive.  The film premiered at this year’s Cannes Film Festival where Refn won Best Director.  Since then, wherever the film plays, it’s been enchanting audiences and critics.  Trust me, Drive is a masterpiece, and you should be circling September 16 (it’s release date) on your calendars.  For more on the film, here’s the red band trailerMatt’s review, and our recap of the Comic-Con panel.  Drive stars Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan, Ron Perlman, Albert Brooks, Christina Hendricks and Bryan Cranston.

Marvel Cosplay Photo Parade – (CBR)

Marvel Comics hosted its annual Cosplay Photo Op at Comic-Con International in San Diego. Fans spent the afternoon strutting their stuff alongside models showing off official Marvel costumes for the assembled fans and Marvel execs, including CCO Joe Quesada, at the Marvel booth, which is made up to resemble the Avengers’ S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters. Amidst the joyous chaos, one couple celebrated their new engagement, dressing as Captain America and a USO performer, while the rest of the Marvel Universe was represented by fans dressed as Deadpool, Thor, a breakdancing Spider-Man and more.

Lots more at the link above.

Adrienne Curry Kicked Out of Comic-Con, Then Let Back In – (Uproxx)

I have to say, I’ve seen photos of some of the costumes worn by sexxxy ladies at Comic Con, and it appears as though you’ve got to try really hard to cross the line into “indecency.” After all, there was a lady who walked around topless with only a toy dragon covering her Lady Macbeth. With that said, reality TV person and self-proclaimed Mistress of the Dorks Adrianne Curry apparently somehow managed to do just that over the weekend with the Aeon Flux get-up pictured [below].

MUCH more at the link, if your a fan of Adrienne Curry.

Over 150 Pictures of Comic-Con Toys/ Collectibles – (Collider)

If you’re a toy collector, Comic-Con is heaven.  That’s because not only do all the toys companies sell cool exclusives, they also show off tons of upcoming products.  With my schedule packed doing interviews, Collider’s Ryan Brookhart spent the past few days taking tons of pictures of the latest collectibles on the Convention floor.  Included in his image recap are VoltronStar TrekG.I. Joe,BatmanMasters of the UniverseTron: Legacy, tons of upcoming Hot Toys products (Iron Man,Captain AmericaAvatarIndiana Jones), tons of upcoming Sideshow Collectibles products, and a lot more.

So much more awesome-ness at the link above.

Marvel’s Next Point One Details – (CBR)

Marvel announced a pair of surprise projects during today’s Cup O’ Joe panel. The first is a new, 64-page Point One one, slated to hit stores in November. While the new installment of the initiative remains to be extra-accessible to new readers, it it will also serve as a “rosetta stone” for the publisher’s 2012 stories.

The next announcement was a follow-up to a teaser Marvel released several weeks ago: Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness will be teaming on “Cable Reborn,” a new project designed to return the longtime X-Men fan-favorite character to the Marvel Universe after his apparent death in the “Second Coming” storyline.

DCNu Relaunch Art – (CBR)

For fans unable to make it to the big show, DC’s released a slew of art from today’s panels, featuring pages from “Batwoman,” “Justice League International,” “Nightwing,” “Catwoman” and many more of the publisher’s anxiously awaited 52 relaunched titles.

As usual, much more at the link.

DC Comics Releases More Interior Art – (CBR)

As on ThursdayDC Comics once again released images from its Comic-Con International in San Diego panels on The Source, including new interior art from “Aquaman,” “Mister Terrific” and “Savage Hawkman” from the Justice League panel and “Supergirl,” “Superboy” and “Action Comics” from the Superman Panel. In addition to the art below, CBR News has full coverages from both panels here and here.

DC Releases Even More Interior Pages – (CBR)

With its Saturday panels in the past, DC Comics has once again released a ton of new art from the anticipated September relaunch titles. Today saw the release of interior pages from “Animal Man,” “I, Vampire,” “Voodoo,” “Blackhawks” and more representing the Edge and Dark areas of the relaunched DCU, while DC’s teen titles received their time in the spotlight with pages from “Teen Titans,” “Blue Beetle” and others being unveiled.

More. Link. Clicky.

Year of the X-Men Art and Panel – (Newsarama)

Friday afternoon at Comic-Con International: San Diego, Marvel held its “YEAR OF THE X-MEN” panel, focusing on the mutant corners of the Marvel Universe. Click here for the panel.

And Finally…

Costumed Woman of Comic-Con 2011 – (Entertainment Weekly)

A great selection of sexy ladies in sexy costumes at sexy Comic-Con… well, a regular Comic-Con as opposed to a sexy one, but you get the idea. Click the link to see the photos.

And that’s it! Comic-Con is over! There might be a few more article here and there over the next week but this wraps up our look at the news from Comic-Con! Hope you enjoyed it, and we’ll probably be doing it all again next year.

Comic-Con International ’11 – More of Everything! Spider-Man, True Blood, & Doctor Who!

Still a lot of news from Comic-Con to cover, so I’m going to be moving pretty quickly through all of it. This will be more Grizzly Links than an in-depth look at everything as I am going to see Captain America: The First Avenger in a couple of hours so speed is of the essence.

I’ll be kind of throwing things in randomly, so keep up. Let’s get to it!

The Venture Bros. Panel – (MTV Geek)

The Venture Brothers creators are joined by Doc Venture voice actor James Urbaniak to talk all things Hank and Dean, plus screen footage of the animated mockumentary, From the Ladle to the Grave: The Story of Shallow Gravy. 

Guillermo del Toro and Ron Perlman talk Hellboy 3 – (CBR)

If you have Guillermo del Toro and Ron Perlman in the same room with some reporters, inevitably someone will ask about “Hellboy 3.”

The pair was reunited at Comic-Con International in San Diego to promote two different movies coming from FilmDistrict.

Del Toro is producing the remake of “Don’t be Afraid of the Dark,” while Perlman appears in director Nicolas Winding Refn’s “Drive.”

Image Comics Resurrects MacGyver – (CBR)

Comic fans have become used to the idea of their favorite characters getting a modern-day reboot to keep them up to date.

The same thing happens every now and then with television icons as well, and as was revealed at Comic-Con International in San Diego Friday, worlds will collide in the form of a brand-new MacGyver miniseries from Image Comics.  

(Cue an opening-credits explosion.)

Avengers Assemble Comic-Con Poster – (Splashpage)

The Avengers” skipped out on having a Hall H presence at San Diego Comic-Con this year, but that doesn’t mean that Earth’s Mightiest Heroes were totally absent from the big show.

I’ll show you more of these posters in the next Hero Express.

Supernatural Goes To Space In Season 7 – (MTV Geek)

A packed press room deep within the recesses of San Diego Comic-Con 2011 welcomed the cast and crew of The CW’s Supernatural Sunday, including stars Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, and Mark Sheppard (who would not confirm he’d be back for Season 7, but come on, I mean, you guys, he was right there… You guys).

Anyway, the big news is, if producer/writer Ben Edlund has his way, he’s sending the Winchester Boys to space. “I always start big and crazy,” said Edlund. “The one I’m convinced we should do is get them on a spaceship. I got Jason on a spaceship, how can I get the Boys on a spaceship?”

The Children’s Hospital Panel – (MTV Geek)

The show’s stars and creative team hit the stage at San Diego Comic-Con 2011 to talk about the popular — and kind of dirty — medical spoof that’s much funnier than Grey’s Anatomy.

The panel was attended by star/creator Rob Corddry, Malin Ackerman, Lake Bell, Erinn Hayes, Rob Huebel, Megan Mullally, and Ken Marino. They were also joined by NTSF andParty Down actor Martin Starr for reasons I won’t spoil here.

The Doctor Who Panel – (MTV Geek)

This was the big one, for Who fans, as Hall H – the biggest room in San Diego Comic-Con 2011 – welcomed a “sold out” crowd of over 6,000 people, excited to see the Doctor (Matt Smith), and his companion Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) in their first ever Comic-Con appearance. Also on tap for the panel were writer Toby Whithouse (who, fun fact, also created Being Human), Piers Wenger (Executive Producer), Beth Willis (Producer), and moderator Adam Rogers.

The True Blood Panel – (Spinoff Online)

Any discussion about HBO’s True Blood panel at Comic-Con International should begin with the insane line that some fans endured for more than eight hours on Friday just to get a peek at what moderator Tim Stack proclaimed as “the most attractive cast on television.”

Attack the Block Interview – (Spinoff Online)

At Comic-Con International in San Diego, writer and first-time director Joe Cornish and star John Boyega spoke with the press about their darkly funny alien-invasion flick Attack the Block.

Andrew Garfield Speaks Out – (GammaSquad)

Andrew Garfield surprised fans at the Spider-Man panel at San Diego Comic-Con yesterday, cleverly hiding his identity by dressing up as Spider-Man in a cheap costume.  Garfield grabbed the Q&A mic before the event started and professed his love of the web-slinger.

Robert Rodriguez Speaks Out – (FilmDrunk)

Last night at Comic Con, where Vince was last seen challenging the cast of Glee to a jazz-hands-off, Robert Rodriguez and his new Castro hat dropped a major news bomb on his fans. Not only is he already hard at work on a Machete sequel (Machete Kills), but after that’s done and released, he’ll be giving us Machete Kills Again, which he referred to as a “space opera” or “Machete kills in space.” Funny, I remember watching the original and thinking, “Gee, this was a letdown this should be in outer space.”

Okay, that’s enough for this post. I’ll have more tomorrow on the comic side of things, and pretty much anything else I can find from the Con.

Oh wait. one more thing. Pretty much the most important thing.

COED’s Super-Sized Comic-Con Sideboob Collection – (COEDMagazine)

This one speaks for itself. Go on. Click it. There’s no judgement here, bro.

See you tomorrow!