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AMC’s Med Men – Episode 507 “At the Codfish Ball”

Something happened last night. As I was watching Mad Men a wave of familiarity washed over me. The whole episode felt like it was compiled from deleted scenes out of The Godfather – the tone, the ascetic, the way it was shot – all seemed reminiscent of the Coppola classic to me. An underlying darkness and the anticipation of something terrible about to happen all resulted in showing just how unhappy everyone really is. Anyhow, enough about the feel of the episode, and on to the substance. Remember that letter Don wrote after Lucky Strike left? The one that Roger said would kill business? Well Don is receiving an award for writing it, and we’re all invited to the Codfish Ball…

This great honor has prompted Megan’s parents to visit from Montreal, and we quickly discover that Megan’s father, the scholar, is a communist. So he obviously has no affection towards Don’s profession and is concerned that his daughter will be ruined by the lavish lifestyle that they are living. This opinion is only amplified by his own failures and feelings of inadequacies. Something he takes out on those around him, namely the wife he believes doesn’t respect him – cause she doesn’t. She displays this in her competitiveness with her daughter, and her flirting with Don. Megan’s mother seems irresponsible and argumentative, and it’s clear that Megan is more fond of the father who hates her husband then of the mother who likes him.

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‘Sons of Anarchy’ – Season 4 Ends with a Whimper.

Well, there it is. Sons of Anarchy‘s 4th season came to an end last night, and it wasn’t as thrilling as advertised.

After a season 2 that was among the best in TV history, show creator Kurt Sutter gave us a somewhat lackluster 3rd season. But what both of those arcs had in common was, the premieres and finales were excellent. So SoA’s 4th season airs and it’s awesome all the way though, rivaling season 2. It’s so epic in fact that, in an unprecedented move, FX actually adds a 14th episode mid-season. And so months of treachery and lies and backstabbing was all set to come to a head last night. This was built up to be the almost inevitable end of SAMCRO. It was one of those things where you debating how they could even have a 5th season as it seemed like they were set to kill off everyone…


Ok, so here is what we seemed to know going in to last night:

  • Clay is going to die for what he did to John Teller and Piney, and for what he tried to do to Tara. And ultimately for what he did to Gemma’s face.
  • Once the deal with the Irish is done, so is Jax. He and Tara will leave Charming never to return. Until next season anyhow.
  • The deal with the Irish will be busted up by the feds and the rest of the SoA will join Bobby, Otto, and Juice in prison.
  • Once Jax is in jail, and Clay is no longer backing Gemma, Wendy is gonna make a play to get Abel back.

So what we go instead was:

  • Clay will live because without him there is no IRA connection. So he will be stripped of his president patch and continue to sit at the table.
  • Jax is going nowhere as he will now (predictably) run SAMCRO. The big question is will Opie be his right hand or can he not sit with Clay…
  • The big Cartel & IRA deal? Squashed by the CIA in one of the biggest cop-outs since the “It was all just a dream” excuse was invented.
  • Juice is now free and clear, and with Otto on Death Row, Bobby Elvis will simply serve as their new “Man on the inside” that they so often utilize.
  • No mention of Wendy what-so-ever.
  • The Charming Heights storyline was tied up sorta.

What this all means, is that while we’ve set the pieces up nicely for next season, we were delivered a bill of goods with no payoff last night. Instead of righteous violence, we got ‘The Godfather’ ending…

Only it didn’t follow-up all the family business being taken care of, it simply shoe-horned in there. And instead of Jax seeming like the biggest badass ever, ala Michael Corleone, he seems like little more than a puppet that is being pulled back and forth by his mother and his girlfriend…

So Tara is attempting to replace Gemma as the new ‘Lady McBeth’ and she hasn’t yet convinced me. A couple of episodes ago she told both Jax and Clay – “Tell me you love me.” in the creepiest Terminator-like voice I’ve seen since Summer Glau‘s last job. Overall, it was still a great 4th season, and up until the last episode (along with Breaking Bad) had been making a case for shows getting stronger as they go, as opposed to stuff like The Sopranos and Nip/Tuck which totally fell apart starting in their 4th years.

So as weak as the finale was, it does appear to be setting up a pretty solid season 5…

More Posters: Hunger Games, The Hobbit, MIB 3, The Amazing Spider-Man, and Lots, Lots More!!

The other day I showed you three two posters, one of which came out of Las Vegas’s 2011 Licensing International Expo. Basically a huge event where you can get people to spend money on your product, and in a lot of cases, that means a look at a whole bunch of movies. You know how Transformers had a lot of Mountain Dew references, or Thor and Iron Man featured some Dr. Pepper products? This is where that happens.

Keep in mind these are mainly marketing posters, so don’t expect more than a logo or a teaser. But even then, it’s a cool look at some of these upcoming movies. This first batch is from Collider.

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‘The Wolfman’ Remake – Too Soon?

The Wolfman, starring Benicio del Toro and Sir Anthony Hopkins came out last year to poor reviews and a low box office. This was shattering to the studio that had planned for a money making trilogy to cash in on the recent drive for all things werewolves and vampires.

“I said he flip ya. Flip ya for real.” – The Usual Suspects? Nobody gets me…

So you’d think that with The Wolfman ‘failing’ at the theaters that would be it for the movie. But no, that just is never the case these days. So instead of just going ahead with their planned sequel, they have reportedly opted instead to simply remake the movie… again. After only one year.

Universal is saying that it’s a remake of the classic version and not the one from a year ago. But the one from a year ago was a remake of the classic version as well, so really who knows anymore. Also they may call it Werewolf, further throwing originality out the window.

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