Serena Williams ‘Topspin 4’ Ad – Too sexy for TV?

Yesterday I was perusing a colleague’s blog and noticed a video she had posted that was simply titled “Top Spin 4“. It had a screen shot of an attractive woman’s behind with the play button overlaying it. Me being a typical guy instantly clicked the video to watch. (What guy wouldn’t?)

It took me a minute to realize the woman starring in it was Serena Williams, because I’ve never thought she was very attractive to begin with; or maybe that was her sister Venus. Either way Serena was looking good in this now controversial video, so take a minute to check it out. Seriously though, the video is one minute long:

Here is Yahoo Sport’s take on it:

The 60-second spot for “Top Spin 4” features a scantily-clad Serena playing the new video game against an actress wearing even less clothing. The matchup is billed as “the world’s sexiest tennis player” against “the world’s sexiest tennis gamer.” There are shots of nearly bare bottoms, unseemly facial expressions and lots of cleavage, accompanied by a thumping techno beat and suggestive moaning. At the end of the ad, Williams asks breathily, “You realize this is a fantasy, right?”

Was the video super sexy? Yes. Was I offended by anything in it? No. Was their outrage over this commercial? Apparently there was, but that depends on your point of view. I’m not sure who out there was complaining about it, or who deemed it too sexy, but I would assume a lot of women see it as objectifying them. There were probably groups with no stake in it complaining like the NAACP or the NRA. Maybe PETA was offended by the leather booty shorts she was wearing, or that her fishnet stockings were offensive to fish.

I did enjoy the irony of the ‘E for Everyone’ rating that showed up before the sex charged commercial.

2k sports has come out to say:

“As part of the process for creating marketing campaigns to support our titles, we pursue a variety of creative avenues, this video is not part of the title’s final marketing campaign and its distribution was unauthorized.”

But one has to wonder if that’s the truth. A lot of time and money obviously went into making the commercial, and it looked pretty final to me. Even amidst the flurry of “outrage” Serena Williams has twittered how she is proud of the video, and how it turned out. I say more power to her.

I can’t figure out why people in this great country of ours get so offended by things like this. If it was Derek Jeter swinging a bat in his underwear and grunting suggestively, would there be an uproar? (Hoepfully that never happens.) What was 2k sports going for with this ad? Was it intended to be leaked like some sort of celebrity sex tape to garner a viral buzz about their new tennis game? Maybe, and if it was then mission accomplished. What the hell, I might even watch a little tennis this summer.

And by the way, Serena Williams is not the sexiest tennis player in the world. This is:

Caroline Wozniacki

Sincere apologies if this offended or outraged anyone. I apologize you have a stick up your ass.

3 thoughts on “Serena Williams ‘Topspin 4’ Ad – Too sexy for TV?”

  1. Haters need to stop hatin’. Don’t they realize that without well promoted sex appeal and the objectification of female flesh, no one would watch women’s sports (that may be an oxymoron).

    Did anyone actually think the acting in Baywatch was tolerable? NO, but that show lasted a dozen years or so! Title IX was not created for the equality of women in sports, it was created so that men could see women in bathing suits, track shorts and gymnast outfits from the comfort of their own home.

    A wise man once said, ” Chivalry is dead because feminists killed it”.


  2. she’s an attractive,athletic,well built athlete/star,why do people have to point fingers?Jealous.Just leave her alone.She didn’t display any of her female organs!She is not leud,nor is she rude.Let her be who she is!


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