Aquaman + Geoff Johns = Winning

It’s a well known fact that Geoff Johns is the ‘King Midas’ of the DC universe.

He has the ability to turn a certain title that may have a casual readership, into something worthwhile for fans both old and new. There aren’t many characters in the DCU that Johns hasn’t written. He literally resurrected Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern title in Green Lantern: Rebirth, and has done the same with The Flash in Flash: Rebirth.

The guy is comic book gold!

After writing characters such as Superman, Flash and Green Lantern in some of the finest stories I’ve had the opportunity to read, Geoff Johns is now set to write another superhero back into prominence; Aquaman. According to an article over at IGN, Johns will begin writing Aquaman’s story after Brightest Day is finished.

There has been no artist announced thus far so let the speculation begin. I’d like to see a Geoff Johns and Jim Lee team up myself!

I think this will be a great thing to revitalize Aquaman, though the buzz currently going around is that the dweller of the depths has been pretty badass as of late in Brightest Day. As always, we will keep you posted on all developments with Geoff Johns and Aquaman.

Sound off below on what you think of the news!

3 thoughts on “Aquaman + Geoff Johns = Winning”

  1. I know this is pretty old, so what do think of the Aquaman series now that we are 10 issues in? I think he’s nailing it! ps: I’ve got a Comic Review blog that loves Geoff Johns. lol! Check it out if you get the chance.


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