DC Comic Review: War of the Green Lanterns – Part 3; Emerald Warriors #8

The War of the Green Lanterns rages on this week in Emerald Warriors #8, featuring the ‘love him or hate him’ Green Lantern Guy Gardner. I personally used to hate him, and nothing was better than the time Batman decked him in the face.

Now I see Guy Gardner as the one who balances out the personalities of his fellow Earth Green Lanterns. He is the one who will get down and dirty if things need to get done when the stoic John Stewart, good-hearted Kyle Rayner and noble Hal Jordan can’t.

In the beginning of Part 3 Gardner, Kilowog and Arisia are returning to Oa after their recent brush with the telepathic snake lover Zardor, when suddenly Arisia is affected by the yellow Parallax impurity. As mentioned in the last review, Kilowog and Gardener are not affected by Parallax due to their run in with him in Green Lantern: Rebirth. Arisia takes off in a rush towards Oa and Guy and Kilowog look back to see a whole plethora of Green Lanterns flying through space in her wake. The rogue lanterns attempt to subdue them, but Kilowog lets himself be captured while helping Gardner get free to rendezvous with anyone who is left.

There may be some of this going down...

Gardner makes his way to the rendezvous where the only one to answer his call is Hal Jordan. Nothing much is solved in this issue but it is worth spending your money to see the arguments between Guy and Hal and the subsequent fight after. I always love seeing the things that the lanterns create while they fight and this one was pretty fun. Jordan makes a submarine to take Gardner out and Gardner in return makes a hockey stick with tons of hockey pucks to fire at Jordan. It even comes down to an old fashioned fist fight to end it. The best part is you get to see the underlying animosity between the two characters, and why one doesn’t trust the other. In the end it turns out that the impurity created by Parallax is bringing their distrust of one another to the surface and they decide to take their rings off so that can’t happen again. The only question after they stand in their street clothes is: How in the hell do they save the Corps now? Double Crap.

Bonus Review: The Larfleeze Christmas Special

I know this was released in December, but I’m a huge Green Lantern fan at this point, and when I saw this still sitting on the shelf at my local comic store I had to buy it based on the cover alone. The story is simple, yet hilarious.

For those who don’t know Larfleeze, he is the one and only Orange Lantern, with his Corps being made up of constructs of the beings he has consumed. Orange is the color on the emotional spectrum for avarice, or greed. So you can imagine how this guy will act during Christmas.

Larfleeze, living in a log cabin house in Front Branch Minnesota wakes up Christmas morning to quite a shocker: He has no Christmas presents! Unable to figure out why Santa never came, Larfleeze sees him in a parade on TV and creates his own sleigh to fly there and confront him. After believing the parade Santa to be a decoy, Larfleeze travels to the North Pole to root out the elusive fat man. At the North Pole Hal Jordan has to break the truth to Larfleeze that Santa, in fact does not exist. He then explains to Larfleeze what Christmas spirit is and tries to convince him that he doesn’t need everything.

The comic includes Larfleeze’s Christmas cookie recipe, a maze to get him to the North Pole and a Christmas ornament to hang on your tree. Overall a great comic to pick up if you still can find it.

A great Larfleeze quote in the comic: “Which of you is the real Santa Claus? Tell me before I spill your innards!”

Notable Items on Larfleeze’s Christmas List

– Roast Beast
– Tomato Soup
– Brake Job
– ATV & Gas
– Peanut Butter & Sardines
– Lots of Lottery Tickets
– Toothpaste & Brush.

-Stay tuned for the review of Part 4 of the War of The Green Lanterns in Green Lantern #65 in April!

A preview for Part 4 - You know things are bad when all these A-Holes are looking at you

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