Mortal Kombat: Legacy – Episode 5

I hope everyone had a chance to check out the first 4 episodes and if you didn’t you can check them out here. Episode 5 has been released, and it features a continuation of the Kitana and Mileena story:

Mortal Kombat: Legacy 05 – Kitana & Mileena (Part 2)

Not bad, but I have to agree with Taylor and D-Rock, who commented on the last post that this could easily have been trimmed down to one episode. An unnecessary two parter that kind of detracted from the series so far, in my opinion. I actually enjoyed the animation parts, but they really didn’t flow very well with the live action.

I still have high hopes for the rest of the series, and I hope the next episode will show a return to the gritty realism we saw in the first 3 episodes. That’s what made this series different from what we’ve seen before, and I think that’s where it’s strength really lies. I get that the mysticism and otherworldly scenes are kind of a key element in the MK franchise, but we’ve already seen all of that handled poorly, I don’t really need to see it again.

I have a feeling that the Scorpion/Sub Zero episodes might crank this dial back to awesome, and keep giving people what they want to see, not just what should be included in the story. At least the fight scenes in this episode were decent, but again, should have just been included in a longer episode 4.

What did you think of Episode 5? Are you turned off by the latest 2 parter? Do you still want to see how the rest turns out? What other characters do you think will be featured in upcoming episodes?

Sound off in the comments section below!

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