BBC’s ‘Sherlock’ Season 2 – Irene Adler, Reichenbach Falls, and the Hounds.

Last year the BBC released an updated, modern take on the Sherlock Holmes stories. And it was excellent. The entire season consisted of only 3 episodes, and though they were 90 minutes a piece, they definitely left the audience wanting more. Here is a quick look at season 1 for those who missed it.

This first season is now available streaming on Netflix, and I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys a good mystery. The 3 episode arc contained, for the first time ever, Sherlock’s origin and his first meeting with Dr. Watson. Who, for those not in the know, is actually our principal character in the show. We see Sherlock more through Watson’s eyes than the reverse. And now, we’ll get to see them dealing with some of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s most famous books.

Back in January, Steven Moffat (Doctor Who) spoke with The Gaurdian about the impending 2nd season for the intrepid Detective. He wouldn’t give too many hints, but he did say this:

“You can have three words to work from,” he laughs. “Adler, Hound, Reichenbach. Those are your clues.” 

For those familiar with the original works, those should carry weight. ‘Hound’ of course references the most famous of the stories – The Hounds of Baskervilles. ‘Alder’ is the Irene Adler, the only woman to ever best Sherlock, she was played by Rachel McAdams in the recent movie adaptation. And ‘Reichenbach’ refers to The Final Problem, which contains the infamous Holmes vs. Moriarty duel at the Reichenbach Falls.

 That’s all we have right now on season 2, which will be returning to the BBC some time this fall in the UK, and who knows when here in the states. In the meantime however, our stars  will be working together on another project you may be familiar with – The Hobbit. Martin Freeman (Dr. Watson) will be playing Bilbo Baggins, the movie’s lead. While Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock) will be voicing the ‘Smaug’, one of the last Dragons left in Middle Earth.

5 thoughts on “BBC’s ‘Sherlock’ Season 2 – Irene Adler, Reichenbach Falls, and the Hounds.”

  1. Oh I can’t wait to see this second season! If it’s as good as the first!
    Sherlock location on the South bank :


  2. I’m just hoping they don’t turn Irene Adler into some kind of love interest. I liked her character as it was and it’ll be disappointing if they have her get together with the until-now-asexual Sherlock. Not to mention awkward.


  3. I agree with S.B. I enjoy the relationship Sherlock and Adler have, and I’d really rather she not be alove interest. However, knowing Moffat from his work on Doctor Who, it is quite possible he is leading us on, and we’ll not be seeing any of those three things. Doubtful, but still a possibility.


  4. I loved humanizing Dr. Watson. Him sitting on his bed in the first episode was a powerful moment. Being a Vietnam veteran, it really hit home. A small moment, but again, a powerful one.


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