Breaking Bad Season 4 Trailer!

As promised on the 9th, we’re gonna try to keep you up to date. In the last post, we had the first trailer for the upcoming 4th season of Breaking Bad, but it was just old footage re-cut. Well now we’ve got something real…

In this new trailer it would appear that Walt is done getting kicked around, and he’s ready to lay down some ass-whoppings.

Total Awesome Sauce. The new season premieres on July 17th.

One thought on “Breaking Bad Season 4 Trailer!”

  1. I can’t wait to see the aggressive Mr. White unleashed…ugh just a few more days but the wait is driving me crazy. Like everyone else, I have been frustrated by how long they took to come out with Season 4, but if it means they spent extra time making it the best BB season ever, then I’m sure by July 18 I will have no complaints

    The extended trailer sure is enough promise to make me hopeful that it will indeed continue to build on everything…and again, the idea of Walter White going on the offensive is enticing.

    Oh also, gotta love the fact that they used Middle Distance Runner’s “Brother John” in the extended trailer, really added such a cool eery vibe to it. Here’s to a great season, and more to come after!


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