The Dark Tower Falls – Movie/TV Project on Hold

I’m sure many of you, like myself saw this coming just as soon as the production of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower project was pushed back a number of months. Yes, unfortunately Universal has chosen to bail out of the huge undertaking of three Dark Tower movies and two seasons of a TV show to bridge the gap between movies. Universal reps have not stated as of yet why but I have a safe assumption: money. Because we all know how much capital it would take to nurture a project that surpasses the gamble was The Lord of the Rings.

This is a huge bummer, because I was interested to see how a big project like this would pan out and also to see just how the Dark Tower series would look on the big screen. I know it’s not dead yet, but like Akira, you know there will be budget cuts and the TV portion may have to get dropped completely for any studio to pick it up. I’ll give an early congratulations to the studio who does choose to move this ambitious project forward, because they will have shown that they have balls. Big balls. Bigger balls than Universal.


Let us hear you below skeptics, hopefuls and heartbroken. Will The Dark Tower ever rise again?

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