Bored to Death – Season 3, Episode 2: “Gumball!” Review

Ok, so this is a little later than promised, but hey – I’m a busy (Arkham City) guy. Anyhow, when we last left our hero, he was hanging from the face of a clock and his bearded best friend was rushing to his rescue…well not straight away.

After a solid hour on the clock face Jonathan’s savior – Ray – finally shows up in a post bedroom state. Under the guise of a safety inspector, Ray fanagles his way into the apartment under the clock and is able to save our detective from certain doom.

It’s Ray’s earlier (perceived) successes with as a dad the give him to confidence to save Jonathan. And he that isn’t my interpretation, Ray actually screams “I’m a father now!” to convince Jonathan to drop down. And it works.

After this they flee to George’s apartment to hide out. And sleep.

In the morning the coppers show up at George’s place, which means Ray and Jonathan must escape out the dumb-waiter. From here they find themselves on the street and accused of murder.

From here they go straight to their spy tech guy Howard (Patton Oswalt). This leads to one of my all time favorite exchanges between Howard and Ray. As you might expect putting Oswalt and Galifianakis in a scene together is gold…


Anyhow, from here they set out to reunite with George who is high and paranoid and convinced that everyone around him is a cop…

Anyhow they all meet up at the Merry-Go-Round and the find the man who shook Jonathan’s hand in the premiere.

“You got ‘3 Dollar Bill’ written all over you.”

Anyhow, I don’t want to completely ruin the end of the mystery, so I’ll leave the rest for you to see, but overall – I loved it. This show remains great. 4/5 Bears.

2 thoughts on “Bored to Death – Season 3, Episode 2: “Gumball!” Review”

  1. Really wish they would’ve just combined the first episode and this into an hour-long instead of making it just “part 2” uh I watched it HBO 2 Go anyway at the same time but my connection isn’t great so it was all pixelated and sort of ruined it for me…that said, the episode itself fully lived up to my expecations!

    Loved the opening scene of “Gumball” as Jonathan and Ray are sneaking away from the cops (watch at ). Zach G’s and Jason S. are both masters at physical humor and facial expressions, and those were so key to this whole scene. Also it was awesome that they used “Howl” by Junip as the song, such a great tune.


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