First Look at The CW’s ‘Arrow’

Are you part of the crowd that just doesn’t know what to do with themselves now that Smallville is over? I’m talking to you Darth Saeris! Anyway, don’t fret, because CW has green-lit a pilot for a series based on Green Arrow cleverly titled Arrow! Only, it’s not the Green Arrow you are used to. Justin Hartley played Oliver Queen for pretty much the last half of Smallville, and I think he did a pretty good job. But that doesn’t matter, because this series has nothing to do with that Oliver Queen.

Now before I get into the show I just want to say; I love Green Arrow. Such a great character that is wholly unique in his perspective on the world. Not afraid to speak his mind and fight for what’s right, this hard nosed left-winger with a desire to fight for the underprivileged of society stood out in comics and has continued to do so for decades.

Now, let’s get back to Arrow.

Not long after the pilot was announced a casting list was released, highlighting a group of characters that offers a little insight as to what kind of show we will be seeing. SuperHeroHype reports:

Dinah Lance

Oliver Queen
A 27 year old reformed bad boy, who after having spent five years shipwrecked on a tiny, brutally dangerous island in the South China Sea returns to town a different man. Or to be more specific, a tortured, thoughtful master of the bow with a ferocious determination to make a difference.

Dinah “Laurel” Lance
28 years old, smart sexy, Laurel is a legal aid attorney determined to use her life as a one-woman war against the 1% following the death of her younger sister Sara. A sister, who as luck would have it, just so happened to have died aboard Oliver’s yacht.

Moira Queen
48 years old, a beautiful woman, Oliver’s mother Moira is a very wealthy woman who is not used to being shaken. Having remarried during the five years that former husband Robert and Oliver were both presumed dead, Moira has had free rein over the Queen billions. Not surprisingly, she’s deeply interested in learning whether or not Robert will also return unexpectedly, to ruin her present marriage and go over the books with a fine-tooth comb.


Tommy Merlyn
28 years old and devil-smooth, Tommy is a trustafarian like Oliver, a spectacularly rich young man whose life revolves around parties, clubs, liquor and lots of anonymous sex. Unlike Oliver, he can’t seem to understand his former best friend’s sudden change of lifestyle and direction.

John Diggle
35 years old, African-American, Diggle is really, really big, a former military man who served with the Army Rangers in Afghanistan, and has been a bodyguard for hire for the last four years. Hired by Moira to be Oliver’s chauffeur and protector, Diggle soon finds he is trapped in a battle of wits, as Oliver repeatedly eludes his protection. But in fact, Diggle’s primary conflict is one of loyalty — he has to show that he’s working for Oliver, not Moira, before Oliver will give him a smidgen of trust.

Thea Queen
17 years old (suggest 17-22 years), Oliver’s Lolita-esque sister, Thea was a 12 year old girl when he went on his infamous yachting voyage — but now she’s a celebutante who’s testing the boundaries of acceptable behavior. Thea loved her big brother with all her heart, and is delighted to have him back in her life — but she’s spreading her wings, and is unprepared for Oliver to become the Bad Cop in the family, restricting her access to boys and drugs.

So when I first read this I had the thought that it was going to be 80% Gossip Girl and 20% Green Arrow, another spoiled rich kid series. The inclusion of Merlyn to the cast is a nice touch though. In the comics, Merlyn is an expert assassin and the only person who can come close to Ollie with a bow. My worry about the direction of the show didn’t decrease when they announced who would be playing Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance (Black Canary). GammaSquad reports:

CW has cast Stephen Amell (Vampire Diaries, 90210, Hung, Private Practice) in the titular role. The role of Dinah “Laurel” Lance (AKA the Black Canary) has just been won by Katie Cassidy of Gossip Girl, Melrose Place, and Supernatural.

To tell you the truth, I think both could really do these great character’s justice if they are prepared to move past whatever cloned teen crap the CW usually spews out and bring us a story with the heart and action that Green Arrow usually entails. Not another whiny rich kid show about rich kid problems. Now a rich kid show about one man changed by harsh experiences and determined to make up for his past ignorance while trying to make the world a better place by shooting arrows into people? That could be something I would watch.

Especially after the first official look at Stephen Amell as the Emerald Archer was released, which is pretty sweet. Kind of shadowed, mysterious and not revealing a lot but pretty sweet nonetheless. Check it out below:

I would absolutely love to see a really good Green Arrow series, I think that’s clear to everyone by now. I hope that this pilot is done well and picked up by the CW for the right reasons; because its awesome, not because it might sell to the market. But superhero pilots aren’t known for having the best luck. Aquaman and Wonder Woman are 2 of the more well known pilots that failed, but there are countless others. Will Arrow be another casualty? Or is this a suitable replacement for the void left by Smallville? We’ll just have to wait and see.

What do you think? Excited to see more of Green Arrow? Upset that they didn’t just give Justin Hartley the role he played for 5 years? Have no idea whatsoever about what I’m talking about or who the hell Green Arrow is?

Well then sound off in the comments section below!

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