Grizzly Ear Bombs: Our Music Picks for 10/22/2012

I don’t know about you but I’m digging the new site design. It’s slicker, cleaner, more exciting, and looking a lot more formal. As Kronner would say: “it’s our first step towards legitimacy. Now, all we need are better writers.”

A typical Grizzly Bomb writer

All self-deprecation humor aside, we have nothing much going on in sports this week, other than the huge San Francisco Giants comeback to win the series against Cincinnati Reds and now going for another comeback against the St. Louis Cardinals. I’m no baseball fan, but I do live in the Bay Area (and hence my huge fandom over the 49ers). I bear a responsibility to root for teams in San Francisco, unless you’re talking about basketball, simply because I was born a Phoenix Suns fan.

Anyways, I’ll be trying out a new format for Ear Bombs this time round. Let me know in the comments section below if you would rather we revert back to the previous format. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Jason, Associate Editor of Grizzly Ear Bombs

Artist: The Blues Brothers
Title: Guilty
Album: Made In America
Year: 1980

I love John Belushi ( Animal House has got to be one of the greatest comedies of my generation) and I love Dan Aykroyd (he is a Ghostbuster for goodness sake!). So it is not that much of a surprise when I say I love the band they formed together, The Blues Brothers. My dad is a huge fan and always had their tracks playing in the house, so I grew up with their soul, rhythm and blues tunes around in my head. Getting older, I realised that these two were great singers and performers, bringing energy to their shows that some artists of today can never produce. With an iconic look and an even more iconic group of musicians behind them, they rocked out constantly. But they also knew how to bring it down a notch or to and hit you emotionally. So here we have Guilty. Originally a Randy Newman track, John performs this on his lonesome. It is a song about pain, grief and loss. About someone who is lost and uses drugs, drink and women to ease the pain and make him think he is someone else. John sings this song with such power and feeling that it is hard not to be touched by it. He is an emotional bowling ball and his music knocks us off our feet like pins. It seems sad, with the reasons behind his death been a drug overdose, that he sings so heart felt about drugs helping the pain. Maybe this is why he sung his heart out on this song, maybe he felt he related in some way. Who knows. What I do know is that it touches me every time I hear it.

-Adam “Bruce Walken” Edmonston
Artist: The Misfits
Title: Skulls
Album: Walk Among Us
Year: 1982

Sometimes you can only listen to so much 80’s new wave before you need to put on some f–king punk rock, and f–king tear shit up hardcore for a bit. The Misfits are my favorite punk band of all time, not only because they’re f–king badass, but because most of their songs, (Glen Danzig era songs) are about spooky weird horror movie shit, rather than any anti-authoritarian, f–k-the-system political subject matter. I’d rather listen to songs about ghouls, demons and brain eating than how much “The Man” sucks. This song in particular appeals to me, because it’s about as close to a punk rock love song as you could get. WOMAN I NEED YOUR SKULL, TO MOUNT IT ON MY WALL. So romantic.

Adam “Cheesebadger” Popovich

Artists: AC/DC
Title: Thunderstruck
Album: The Razors Edge
Year: 1990

Since Marvel Comics started using this bands’ entire back catalogue for their movies, AC/DC have been in the public eye a wee bit. Rightfully so, they are an amazing rock band. With lead singer Brian Johnson high pitched growl ripping throughout the song, to the almost tribal beat of the drums at the start, this song has it all. To sum it up, Thunderstruck is an incredible song. If you ever need to get yourself psyched up, this is the song that will do it. But aside from the awesomeness of this song, the reason I remember it so fondly is because of one person, Blinky 500. He is an adept; I would go so far as to say blooming awesome internet film director, who directed one of the greatest series of fan films out there. Punisher 79-82. Basically a series of short films set as a diary entry in Punishers War Journal, it follows Frank Castle (played to perfection by Shawn Parr) kicking ass. The last part sees Castle turn up unannounced at a villain’s party gathering and proceeds to kill all of them. Pretty much the entire rogue’s gallery turns up to get blown away by Castle. Guess which song is playing while he is killing them all? Yes sir, this one! AC/DC are been used quite heavily for all things Iron Man at the moment, but they suit The Punisher so much better. This song rips through the air, just likes Castles bullets do. When the song ends with Bullseye’s death and Castle stealing his whiskey, it also ends a perfect combination of image and sound.

-Adam “Bruce Walken” Edmonston

Artist: Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds
Title: Stagger Lee
Album: Murder Ballads
Year: 1996

In a perfect world, Nick Cave would be as popular as Tom Waits. Not to hate on Tom Waits, but people generally know more about him than they do Nick Cave. The difference between the two is that they both have a thousands albums that are ALL good, but only one is in shitty movies. Nick Cave just makes amazingly perfect soundtracks for amazingly perfect films. When he’s not doing that though, he makes badass songs like this. I guess this is an old folk song that’s been around since the 20’s, but it’s worth listening to just to hear Nick Cave swear so beautifully. It also helps that in the video he’s got moves that are funky as hell. This isn’t the best Nick Cave song in the world, but it’s definitely one of my favorites, and he’ll be a name that’ll pop up again here soon. Now go and listen to the song already.

-Adam “Cheesebadger” Popovich

Artist: Rob Zombie
Title: Dragula
Album: Hellbilly Deluxe
Year: 1998

Let me start off by saying that to me, Rob Zombie is appropriate music for any month, but especially October. Perhaps it’s because, like many people, I associate October with Horror movies and since Mr. Zombie has done a few of those, I tend scroll down to his name on my Ipod a little bit more around this time of the year. I had the privilege of seeing his show last week and was absolutely blown away by everything about it. His stage presence is phenomenal and the sound clarity of his live performance is unmatched by most musicians I’ve seen. This Rob Zombie classic was stuck in my head after the show, and I have yet to stop listening to it since that night.

-Garrett “Godzark” Odzark

Artist: The Swellers
Title: Runaways
Album: Good For Me
Year: 2011

The Swellers are a pop-punk band out of Flint, Michigan who have quickly worked their way into relevance within the modern day music scene of their genre. Bands such as MXPX, New Found Glory, The Descendents, and The Bouncing Souls have paved the way for bands such as The Swellers to come in and make a name for themselves in a genre that to many, has been dead for years. With a unique vocal sound, and high energy live performances, The Swellers continue to be asked to tour with major bands who have noticed their potential. This song has been a constant part of their setlist in almost every show since the cd was first released, and has been a part of many of my playlists since then as well.

-Garrett “Godzark” Odzark


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