Is Guillermo del Toro on for “Heaven Sent”?

Don’t you hate it when someone says something about you and then another person says that you didn’t really say that and then you have to tell people that you did say the first thing and don’t know why anyone is saying you didn’t? Welcome to Guillermo del Toro’s weekend.

On Thursday, November 1st, the Latino Review posted that del Toro was talking with Warner Brothers about a project involving characters from the DC Universe. By Friday, November 2nd, various other outlets had picked up the story. Of course, people start seeing this and getting excited, but who wouldn’t be excited? Marvel has certainly found big success with their ensemble The Avengers, so DC fans are starting to feel it’s their turn.

But wait, it’s now November 3rd and with a new day comes new news. It seems that Pietro Filipponi over at The Daily Blam has talked to Mr. del Toro and says that there is “no truth” to the rumor that del Toro is interested in directing the superhero movie.

Talk about letting the air out of your sails. Before you can even fully feel the disappointment of this news, it’s 15 hours later and Guillermo del Toro himself is responding to the story in the forums of his own site saying that he never said that, and he would love to do the project!

So what is this project everyone has been talking about? An ensemble cast of DC superheroes? Could it be?  Maybe?

No. It’s not those characters. Even though Warner Brothers is saying that they are a go for The Justice League to start filming in 2013, it won’t be with Mr. del Toro at the helm. No, the DC characters that del Toro is interested in are more of the lesser known variety.

Referred to as “Heaven Sent”, the project would be centered around the “magical” characters in the DC Universe; Swamp Thing, The Spectre, ZatannaZatara, Phantom Stranger, John Constantine, Deadman, and more!

As awesome as Justice League will be (it will be awesome, it has to be, please angels in heaven above let it be awesome) this idea has potential to be amazing. Seriously, when was the last time The Spectre made news? When did you last actively think about Zatara? Not to mention, just imagine the casting discussions to be had! I’m kicking off the official campaign for Timothy Dalton as The Phantom Stranger.

Sound off in the comments below! Are you excited by this possible project? Who would you cast? Mr. del Toro is the man of 10,000 irons in the fire but we can always hope that this one will pan out.

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