Review of E4′s ‘Misfits’: Episode 4.02

After the very strangely structured episode one, I was interested to see how episode two would fair. So here is the plot with SPOILERS a plenty.

We continue straight after the end of episode one, with Finn talking to his tied up lady who is actually his girlfriend Sadie. When Finn returns to the community service crew, they become very suspicious of the fact he seems so obsessed about his “dog”. While all this is going on the incredible aggressive probation worker Greg volunteers the group to be life models for a group of blind people. Both Curtis and Rudy take a shine to a particularly attractive lady called Ally, but Curtis wins out. misfits series 4 episode 2

While this is going on the group confront Finn about the weird goings on, after Rudy stayed at his house and heard some weird noises. Turns out Sadie has a power of her own, to turn Finn into her perfect boyfriend by making him do whatever she wants. Rudy lets her out and Finn agrees to try again with Sadie to make it work. However the group soon see she is very quickly overriding his personality and he is becoming her slave.

The next day Ally ditches Curtis because she is a racist and goes with Rudy instead. When they start getting hot and heavy, Rudy soon finds he does not have the protection he needs for bedroom activity. He makes a horrible substitute which somehow Ally discovers after Rudy decides he can’t have sex with a racist. The reason Ally knew Curtis was black and Rudy did… what Rudy did… is because she has a telepathic dog! The episode ends with Jess (who is already having a bad time after trying to chat up new barman Alex and failing) and Seth taking Sadie’s powers and the couple’s relationship coming to a close.

Slowly the series is re-establishing the old magic it had before, very slowly. The episode still feels like it has lost its way a bit. It does not quite feel like the series I know and love. A lot of this is because in some ways they are starting from scratch, with most of the cast gone and the new recruits feeling their feet. The story this time around was to be honest quite dull, a bog standard affair involving mind control which just did not feel original or exciting to warrant watching. The main problem is Finn as a character. While Jess is at least showing some promise of becoming an interesting character, Finn is kind of lost. Sometimes they try to add a cocky element to his character, other times a nerd. But in this episode he just comes off as a bit of a dweeb who has no backbone. I am really hoping that soon he will become an interesting character, because at the moment we have only one person who is keeping this show together, and that is Rudy.

The sub plot with him and Curtis fighting over the same woman is hilarious, with Rudy using Stevie Wonder song lyrics when ever he can to try to turn Ally from her racist ways. The scene when he believes Finn has a talking dog, which then links into Ally actually having a talking dog (telepathic is the same thing as talking just in your head, so there!) is a great piece of writing, especially when she stops him using his make shift condom of cling film and rubber bands! Rudy is the only reason at the moment to actually watch the show and he is so over powering as a character that maybe the other people are having trouble coming out of their shell.

Unlike the last episode, this one actually did make you laugh, and belly laugh at that. In fact this entire episode would have been a bit of a let down if it was not for the sub plot. Nice that Curtis got a bit more to do here. For me he has never been that interesting a character compared to everyone else, but his interaction with Rudy was priceless.

Misfits Series Four Episode Two Rudy Finn Jess

We had the introduction of parole worker trainee Lola, who seems like a bit of a vixen who knows more than she lets on. It is hard to tell what her character will be like, but hopefully it will add some much-needed flavor to the series. Alex the new bartender really gets nothing to do other than look incredibly uncomfortable, but to be fair he only has a few minutes screen time. Watch this space with him I think. Greg the probation worker is fun, but he seems to be trying too hard. He is aggressive all the time and unless they are working it into an angle of some kind (his power is to be a grumpy bugger) then it seems a bit extreme. No one has any right to be that angry! We also say goodbye to Seth (well, possibly, I thought he was leaving last episode but he hung about for a bit) who leaves with a fizzle rather than a bang. He has not had much to do in this series anyway, but it is a shame he could not have had a grander sending off. An average episode really saved by a great sub plot and Rudy’s comedy antics. The next episode looks incredible and has Rudy’s evil other brother return. I can’t wait!

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