Review of E4′s ‘Misfits’: Episode 4.03

This week we open on a familiar face, but a new character. Turns out that there are more than 2 Rudys, and this new one is getting out of prison today. This is about to put the other Rudys are in a spot of bother.

Rudy 3 has just returned is convinced that his own family set him up for a fall. Also, he is a raving psycho. He quickly absorbs Rudy 1 and 2 and then infiltrates the rest of the group pretending to be Rudy 1. Pretty creepy.

misfits seies 4 episode 3 evil rudy

Rudy 3 eventually takes an unhealthy interest with Jess, who he mentally harasses, while also supporting her and gets her to open up. Curtis has started a very flirty affair with new trainee probation worker Lola, which evidently leads to them sleeping together. And because there can never be enough sex on this show, Finn is also having sexual relations, but with his step mother (well, her and his father never married, but close enough) and accidentally causes her to have an obsession with him. This all leads to her telling Finn’s dad about the affair, and then Finn’s dad coming out with the revelation that he is not Finn’s father.

Jess tries yet again to get close to Bartender Alex, but again he backs down, leaving us to question what they Hell his issue is. He claims he’s not gay, so why would he reject Jess, my guess is something to do with the storm.

Greg stomps around and is, as usual, just general a nasty piece of work to everyone. Rudy 3 becomes more serious in his attempts to woo Jess, and he makes her tell him she almost killed herself because of her so-called friend used and abused her. This is why she is so closed off with everyone. Rudy 3 has a goal in mind; he wanted to have an emotional attachment with her, because he thinks she will make his ideal victim. When a slow dance turns into strangulation, Jess is left with no choice but to stab Rudy 3 to death, but not before he has released the other Rudy’s.

Jess Sees Rudy 3

This episode is stunning in every way! Everything about this works well. All the cast get a chance to shine, with each member having a vital role to play as well as setting up possible future story lines. Curtis’s affair with the femme fatale Lola gives him some great dialogue as well as something to do in the series, while Jess comes on in leaps and bounds. She gets so much to do in this episode and her character becomes quite fleshed out. She goes through a rollercoaster of emotions and convinces us entirely that she is just a scared, messed up young lady. The expansion of her character really gives her a lot more substance. Even boretastic Finn comes into his own with some great pieces of dialogue. His bumbling, trying to be cool persona is starting to work, and the interesting turn his story arc has taken. This should be something to look forward to in the future.

misfits series 4 episode 3 femme fatale

Greg and Alex are still the wild cards. Alex gets a nice little scene with Jess in the bar, which shows some more of his personality, though again it is quite short. I think he may have some extreme power which involves sexual relations. I’m putting my money on the table and saying he is like a sexed up incredible hulk, when he likes a lady he turns into a monster (if this is true you heard it here first). Greg just grunts and groans through this episode and I am seriously thinking his power must be restraining his anger, because if he goes on like this the once tense atmosphere will soon turn to comedic parody. Speaking of comedy moments, there are some great ones in this episode, with all the cast getting chance to exercise their comedic skills. The use of the Curly Wurly as a narrative tool is a great piece of plot work. It is not the only inspired thing in this episode. Lighting is used to a superb effect, especially involving Rudy 3 who pops out of the shadows to terrify anyone knocking about. The mix of comedy and chills in the scene with The Ketchup Song is an inspired piece.

But as you would expect this is a Rudy episode and he is fantastic in it. Actor Joseph Gilgun brings to life Rudy 3 incredibly well, with him feeling like a fully fletched character as well as an utter psycho with a heart. He is cunning, but also seems sweet and it is one of the best performances he has given us (and that is saying something from a man who constantly hits home runs on his appearances in the show). His stalking and grooming of Jess is chilling to watch, with weird tender moments mixed in to really mess with your head. The scene where the two of them reveal their secrets, while the disco lights shine is one of the best pieces of television I have seen for a while, filled with suspense, yet sadness it leads to a truly horrifying scene where Jess is slowly strangled while dancing. I suppose when Rudy 3 is killed it is no great shock, it would have been difficult for a man who believes love, obsession and death are so close together, to find a place in this society. It is a shame though, as future episodes starring him would have been fantastic as the Misfits need a good villain, they keep killing off all of theirs. Rudy 3 is acted out a lot like Robert Mitchum’s character from The Night of the Hunter, even with the knuckle tattoos that he has, that visual kept popping up in my head.

The Night of the Hunter

Even though it is a very used story line in television shows (It seems every show has a doppelgänger or an evil twin) but it is a success of the writing staff that they made it seem so fresh and original. Either way it is a cracking piece of television and the best episode of the series so far. 4.5/5grizzly rating 4-5of5

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