Animated ‘Axe Cop’ Looks Fantastic

Ethan Nicolle and his brother Malachai Nicolle are the creators of one of the most insanely entertaining comic books in the last few years. For the uneducated here is a very brief recap. Axe Cop is a cop who has an axe. He fights crime with a surreal group of crime fighters.

His creator Malachai, is only five years old. To properly get a flavor of how the comics play out, you really have to read them. To explain them would be like trying to explain a Salvador Dali painting, I cannot do it justice.

Well now there is a show coming. The Axe Cop cartoon is meant to be part of Fox’s upcoming Animation Domination on Saturday nights. For more details click the link here or watch this animated short Ask Axe Cop, where members of the public send in questions for Axe Cop to answer.

So now you will hopefully have an idea of the weird and wacky world Axe Cop lives in. Why does he fight crime, but not bat an eyelid when he robs a sweets shop? Don’t ask because that is just Axe Cop’s world. This animated short does a superb job of bringing this character to life, the animation is fantastic and Axe Cop’s voice is great (For some reason I expected his voice to be deeper, but this voice works so much better than the voice I had in my head for him).

Fox hopes this to be as popular as The Tick cartoon was. This is a great comparison, because Axe Cop’s universe is very much like the Ticks’. They both live in a world we recognize but is a bit bizarre. They both have an array of very strange heroes and villains and they are both incredibly funny. Scarily Axe Cop seems to share The Tick’s chin size, what a team these two would make if they ever met up! I don’t see why this could not be as much fun as that show, if this clip is anything to go by. The Axe Cop universe goes in many directions so fans of surreal comedy (like The Mighty Boosh) should love it, and the silly superhero element will keep the fan boys and girls happy too. Let’s hope we get more animation clips of this quality in the future.

If you cannot wait till the proposed date of 2013, then nip over to Axecop.Com where you can get the first glimpse of the animated motion comic of the Axe Cop comic or look for the latest graphic novel where Axe Cop becomes president!

axe cop animated president

[box_light] Kronner: Also, while in San Diego this year, Chris and I attended the RiffTrax Panel (which is the guys from Mystery Science Theater 3000) and towards the end they pulled a fan from the crowd, dressed as Axe Cop, and asked said fan to join them on stage. This was that fan…

Deborah Ann Woll just got even cooler…[/box_light]

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