Review of E4′s ‘Misfits’: Episode 4.04

Massive SPOILERS. You have been warned.

First let’s do the recap. Lola finally shows her true colors, she is indeed a femme fatale who uses men and discards them after she has had her fun, normally with fatal consequences for the said males she has in her thrall. She misleads Curtis to think her ex has attacked her and he goes on a rampage to find this man and make him pay. Rudy and Finn have living difficulties, when Rudy’s sexual conquests get in the way of Finn courting Jess. While this is happening Curtis finds Lola’s ex and accidentally kills him.

The next day Lola has already gone off with another man, leaving Curtis confused. With the crew backing him up, he brings the ex-boyfriend back to life with his power and finds out where Lola lives. This comes with a huge cost, as Curtis gets bitten and develops zombie tendencies. After learning Lola was hit with the lighting from the storm and is stuck in a role she was actually acting out in an acting class, he makes it his mission to save her, all the while fighting his tendencies to eat human meat.

Rudy and Finn make friends again and all of them have to decide what to do about zombie Curtis, who is barely holding on. It is taken out of their hands when Lola’s new fellow kidnaps Curtis and takes him to a ruined warehouse to kill him. He can’t kill Curtis however so Lola kills him and then shoots Curtis. Curtis reawakens and can’t hold back his zombie lust and bites her on the throat. Seeing he can now no longer save her, he shoots her in the head. Then with a farewell phone call to his friends he shoots himself in the head, ending his zombie curse.

misfits series 4 episode 4 curtis

So we say a fond farewell to the last original cast member (yes I know the other members are away on holiday or abroad but do you really think they are coming back?). It is a nice way to send Curtis off, even if it is on a downer. He has looked lost through most of this series, so it was great to see him get his teeth into an episode which focuses solely on him. He does get some nice scenes (the guinea pig scene is hilarious) and his death is handled very well. Emotionally it did nothing for me, but I think that’s more to do with the fact I have always found Curtis a bit of a dull character anyway. It may seem strange to get rid of a character half way through a series, but personally I thought it was a great move. Shocking as it was it has also opened it up now for all the newer cast members to spread out a bit more.


Jess takes a step back in this episode to let Finn have a bit more screen time. It is nice that even though she is not in this much she is still fun when she does pop up. It’s Finn who gets some great comedy scenes in this episode. He feels like he truly belongs in this gang now and his courtship of Jess is especially great, funny and tragic all at the same time. It is actually kind of cute and makes a nice comparison to Rudy’s “sleep with which ever woman is knocking about” approach. I think they would make a nice couple. Speaking of relationships, Rudy and Finn’s bromance is coming on in leaps and bounds. They make a hilarious couple and in this episode they are bouncing off each other for great comedy effect. I really hope there are more scenes with them together in their two man show as it was a highlight for me.

misfits series 4 episode 4 rudy finn

We also say goodbye to Lola. She did not last long which surprised me, but she is a bit cardboard like character wise, so where do you go with her in the end other than killing her off? Like the first episode the writers mess with your head a bit, making her a full on parody of a femme fatale character, but then finding out she is stuck in playing a role. It works very well and helps explain a lot about her character. The film noir references throughout this episode also make it work so well. Greg’s constant rage could be explained by a pent up homosexual tension if his dialogue with Curtis is anything to go by. Or he is messing with us, you never know with this guy. This episode is not as good as the last, but a very good episode in its own right and a lot of fun. Seems the series is really getting into the swing of it now.

misfits series 4 episode 4 lola curtis

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