Review of E4′s Misfits: Episode 4.06

Here we are back again with the brand new Misfits crew. In this episode Rudy is taking the group to a massive mash up at his friends flat. They eventually get there (after accidentally crashing a wake) and find out they all have numbers written on their heads. These numbers represent how many sexual partners they have had. Jess has 2 written on her head and really wants to know why Alex has 46 on his. Finn only has 1 but he really does not mind (or so he keeps saying). Rudy is well chuffed with his 99 and tries to find that lady to be his magical 100. While Jess and Alex flirt away, Rudy’s drugged up friend and host of the party turns up warning everyone of the white rabbit.

Turns out he was hit by the storm and when he drops acid, his hallucinations become very real. In this case it is a murderer with a rabbit’s head who swings a mean golf club. Finn and Rudy try to pull at the wake to make Finn feel better when Jess goes off with Alex. Finn manages to hit the big number 2, while Rudy meets the love of his life, who then runs off. Jess legs it from Alex after once again being shot down. She is kidnapped by the rabbit and taken into the basement. Abbey, a woman Finn and Rudy found passed out in the corridor and helped out, finds the rabbit and the crew go to the basement and take care of business. Alex finally tells Jess what is wrong. He has had his willy stolen by a transgender and replaced with a vajajay. Obviously the thief had a power and wanted it for her/his operation. This actually brings him closer to Jess.

misfits 4 ep 6 review rave

So he did have his penis stolen after all! What a guess. Finally Misfits is back on form. After numerous so-so episodes including some quite bad ones, and one really good episode this one blows everything out of the water. Everything in this episode works. The numbers on the heads is a great plot device as it shows Finn’s and Jess’s insecurities to do with sex which they have to confront in this episode. I am still not sure what caused the numbers just to appear on their heads though, unless I missed something it seemed to be caused by a power of some kind [Ed. Note – It was the guy they passed in the hall on the way to the party]. It’s not really important though, and does not stop the flow of the episode.

Also the rave setting makes the whole thing slightly uncomfortable, taking them out of their comfort zone in the community center. It works to create some great tension, when you go from the noisy and emotionally charged atmosphere of the rave, to the very mundane and restrained wake, to The Shining-esque hallways where the rabbit strikes. It all balances perfectly well and makes this quite a tense, but funny episode.

For once I actually felt the emotion of the characters, with Finn’s sadness about being ditched coming across really well. makes you actually start to feel for his character. You do feel sorry for the poor lad, like you just want to give him a big hug and tell him it is all good! Alex and Jess finally start bouncing off each other, and their nervous sexual energy ramps up the episodes tension. Rudy is Rudy (awesome) but even he gets a chance to play a more varied character with his possible new love interest.

New girl Abbey comes off surprisingly well in this episode. She can down her booze and seems to have a very laid back attitude towards life. Even killing a killer rabbit does not shock her, a woman that has obviously seen everything. I kind of liked her and I am looking forward to seeing more of her in the future. She has a great presence and I think she would bounce off Rudy quite well. Now we move to the killer rabbit.

When you talk about it, it does not sound scary at all, in fact it sounds stupid. But the episode does a superb job of showing this creature as a force to be reckoned with. It is slightly unnerving to see the weird mix of golf club, hitman/psycho, and rabbit. He is not used too much so he still has that power when he hits the screen. It was a good idea to just reign him back, because as fun as he is this is an episode all about uncomfortable meetings between the characters and it all comes together nicely. It could just be me but I have never felt comfortable at raves and night clubs so I shared Finn’s uncomfortable feelings and his loneliness.

Very well written and acted by all involved and such a great mix of everything. Next week is another Rudy only episode so I think it is onwards and upwards with the series now. Fingers crossed that Rudy 2 makes a come back in next weeks episode, because it seems like a long time since he has been in an episode and for me personally he is one of my favorite characters. Come back Rudy 2, there is a Curly Wurly in it for you if you do! All in all, this was a great episode and gets 4.5 Grizzlies.

misfits s6 ep 4 rabbit
“You got a problem with that?”


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