Legendary WWE Announcer Jim “JR” Ross Retires

Legendary WWE announcer Jim “JR” Ross has announced he will be officially retiring from pro wrestling yesterday. TMZ broke the story and was confirmed by WWE.com. Although a case could be made that he really retired several years ago, he has made it official.


JR was the lead man during the glory days of WWE during the “Attitude Era”. His mic work while with WWE was epic. He had the opportunity to call some of the biggest matches in history of pro wrestling. He even had a hand in helping coining nicknames for so many iconic stars such as “The Rattlesnake Steve Austin”. What made his work so good was that you could always sense he was every bit as big a fan as we were watching from home. His over the top and eccentric emotions screamed through the television every Monday night. One could almost credit his passion as a key element to the success of the WWE product through the 90’s and early 2000’s.

jim ross2JR was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2007. He has made a habit of frequent cameos on Monday Night Raw and calling select matches at different pay-per-views. However, his most recent appearance was at the Summerslam symposium. A collection of past superstars were on stage answering questions to promote the show and new video game. Some rather unflattering remarks about WWE management were made by hall of famers like Ric Flair. Consequently Ross came under fire for his lack of control over the stars that night. He was later quoted saying, “You can also say this wasn’t rehearsed. This was real, this was reality television at its best. I’ve lost complete control of my job. I’m sure I’ll never be asked back and this has probably destroyed what career I have left.

With that being noted, and no official comment made by good ole JR since WWE posted his retirement, it might be safe to say this wasn’t entirely his call. Nonetheless old boomer sooner makes some pretty bangin BBQ sauce and that seems to be going well for him. So I think he’ll be alright.










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