13 Friday the 13th Merchandising Items You (Probably) Have Never Heard Of

So for you horror hounds, the day has finally come again. The day when we can all get our hockey masks out and chase around the neighbors with our machetes (to be honest I would not recommend this unless you like spending time in jail). Yes, it’s Jason Voorhees day or as it is officially known Friday the 13th. Jason has amazed viewers throughout the years and we at Grizzly Bomb love him to bits (check here for some of Jason funnier moments and here for a look at the man himself) and we are not the only ones. He is loved worldwide because people love to be scared and Jason to give us thrills and so much more. It is not a surprise that artists and crafts people have made their own versions of this supernatural serial killer. Jason Edmiston (who has appeared in numerous Grizzly Bomb articles which you can read here and here) is one of many artists to create Friday the 13th inspired art and this great piece of art shows Jason as an All-American killer.

friday the 13th merchandise gi jason

There are numerous T-Shirt companies that have produced some amazing clothing based on the big man, such as this quite touching shirt below from TTOFS which showcases the fact that all Jason really wants is his mother back and her support.

friday the 13th merchandise jason t shirt

Of course, we can’t forget the tons and tons of amazing toys, collectables, clothes and so much more that has been made in support of Jason. But what this article wants to do is show you some of the merchandise you may not have seen before, some of the more cheeky or even downright odd pieces of Friday the 13th history. So gaze your eyes below on these 13 great pieces of Jason merch.

13.) Jason Candle Holder

friday the 13th merchandise jason candle holder

Jason does like to strike at night so what better way to scare him off than having your own candlelit Jason.

12.) Jason Candy Holder

friday the 13th merchandise jason candy holder

After having your room illuminated by Jason’s mighty hand, why not have a midnight snack with him to by using this awesome candy holder.

11.) Baby Jason

friday the 13th merchandise baby jason

Looks like Camp Crystal Lake has a new killer to worry about and boy is he cute! This little Jason is part of the Living Dead Dolls line in case you fancy giving him a hug, although I would not recommend it!

10.) Cute Jason

friday the 13th merchandise cute jason

Just when you thought you has seen Jason at his cutest, Weenicons come into the picture with this extremely cute model of Jason. Not sure why so many people like seeing a cute version of a super natural killer but it is hard not to love this little guy.

9.) Jason Pillow Cover

friday the 13th horror balls

Not a natural fit by any means, but boy have Horror Decor and Freddy in Space made up a great collectable piece. Not only has Jason got his own spot on the pillow but he has brought along a load of his friends including Pinhead, Chucky and Freddy in a design style that looks very much like the Madballs toys from the 90s.

8.) Jason Water Shooter

friday the 13th merchandise jason spit balls

friday the 13th squirt balls

Moving on from one weird shaped Jason to another, here we have Jason spitballs that even come with their own victim. These came out in the late 80s and essentially were very poor water shooters. You will have to check eBay to get hold of them though but they do look great. There was even a Nightmare on Elm Street set for those in the mood for Freddy.

7.) Jason USB

friday the 13th merchandise jason usb

This inventive way to save your data first came to my attention through Etsy but alas, it is sold out now and you can see why. Who would not want to save their data using Jason zombified body?

6.) Jason My Little Pony

friday the 13th merchandise jason my little pony

Made by Marika Surinen, this is the My Little Pony that they kept out of the TV show. Again from Etsy, this is a stunningly original piece which manages to make any hardened horror fan smile.

5.) Jason Cartoon Model

friday the 13th merchandise animated jason

Okay, so it is not an actual animated version of Jason, but it is probably the closest we are ever going to get to seeing him animated (aside from his appearances in popular animated shows). If they ever did a cartoon series in this style, the horror world would be better for it.

4.) Jason Inflatable

friday the 13th merchandise inflatable jason

What better way to spruce up your outdoor area than having this inflatable waggling his machete at people in front of your lawn. At 80 dollars, it may be out of some peoples price range but if you save up now you may be the proud owner of this come next Friday the 13th.

3.) Jason Model Car

friday the 13th merchandise jason car

From the minds of Matchstick Monster Series, comes Jason fighting on top of a blooming camper van. This is a really cool tie-in having the actual van used in the movie and Jason up to his old killing tricks.

2.) Jason Lollypop

friday the 13th merchandise jason lollypop

These are not out yet but man I hope they arrive soon. Designed by Russian ad firm Stoyn, they have numerous designs including Chucky and Freddy. So if you ever wanted to lick Jason face you may be that closer to your goal!

1.) Jason Video Games

friday the 13th merchandise jason nes game

Now some readers will be aware of the NES game of Friday the 13th, where a huge Jason would end up taking you out if you were not careful. Well, I bet you are glad that the people from Neca remembered because they have put out this stunning recreation of the video game Jason in toy form. Aside from looking amazing, this figure actually glows in the dark as well!

friday the 13th merchandise jason nes game figure

But there was also a game before this that came out for the ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 systems in the 80s. This game was pretty interesting.

friday the 13th merchandise jason spectrum game 1

Your job was to walk around Crystal Lake, picking up weapons and trying to find people before Jason killed them. Now because of graphic limitations it was difficult to see Jason as he looked basically like you, save for the fact he carried a huge axe and would kill you pretty much instantly if he caught you.

friday the 13th merchandise jason spectrum game 3

Still it was kind of fun and inspired this final image a great Friday the 13th cover from Crash magazine.

friday the 13th merchandise jason spectrum game 2

There are so many items out there celebrating the Friday the 13th series as well as Jason and his mother and it is a great testament of the enduring quality these films have on us. It’s amazing to see people put so much effort into creating such amazing pieces for us to collect. No doubt there will be items missed off this list but hey there is always next year. Have a great Friday the 13th everyone!


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