John Cena Returning! What Does That Entail?

We learned Monday night that John Cena would be returning to WWE at “Hell in a Cell” in three weeks. He will be returning for a World Heavyweight Championship match against Alberto Del Rio. If you’re not surprised about this, well you should be. This return is weeks ahead of schedule.

Cena was last seen on the August 19th episode of RAW. He said he would be taking time off to repair a partially torn tricep muscle. How he could be healed and rehabbed already is beyond me but so be it. First of all, whether you like John Cena or not, this is good for the World Heavyweight Championship. The belt has been lost

August 19th episode of Raw. Cena showing torn tricep.
August 19th episode of Raw. Cena showing torn tricep.

in obscurity, and having Cena win it would be definite way to elevate it back to what it once was. Bringing Cena in, if he truly is ready to go, is possibly WWE’s only option for Del Rio at this point. With RVD taking some time off, and no other performer really ready to step up and lead, Cena is your only ‘go to’.

What is most interesting right now is what we will see when Cena does return. You may recall the cryptic tweet sent out by Cena the night he left WWE. The picture was on Cenas instagram and was a road sign that stated “change ahead”. Both John and the WWE are very aware of the lack of interest the WWE universe has left in the Cena product. Even when he was announced at Raw, the crowd reacted very harshly to the announcement, raining down the usual Cena boos. He is way overdue for some form of gimmick change, and the fact he was only announced and not a part of RAW indicated they may be waiting to unveil the new John Cena. I wouldn’t get too excited though, more likely we might see new ring gear and HOPEFULLY new theme music. As far as a heel turn goes, highly unlikely.

Cena after surgery
Cena after surgery

WWE is starving for baby face characters to lead, hence why they can’t find a suitable opponent for Del Rio. So bringing Cena back and going heel with him would make zero sense. Although, WWE is in the business of doing things that don’t make sense (Battleground), but for once doing something that is illogical would actually be awesome. So don’t expect it.

Cena returning and immediately receiving a title shot certainly has the wrestling world up in arms right now. One point to consider is that he is entitled to a WWE championship rematch, but that clearly isn’t going to happen. So instead he will get the second tier title opportunity. What upsets me about this is that guys like Dolph Ziggler are just going to be overlooked in lieu of Cena. How WWE can’t see why he is so disliked when they do things like this is just baffling.

Posted from Cenas instagram Aug 19th
Posted from Cenas instagram Aug 19th



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