Have A Horror Based Holiday With These New Collectibles

Aside from a few Santa slasher flicks and festive creature features, there isn’t much out there for fans of the macabre at Christmas time. The holidays are not normally synonymous with horror, but if you look hard enough, horror fans can find some scary seasonal products too.

Grizzly Bomb has scoured the internet and found a surprisingly pleasing amount of horror related Christmas gear for sale. So why not join us by checking out the galleries below to see if there is anything that can spruce up your house with horrific Christmas cheer.

Think Geek has taken that old horror favorite, the zombie, and turned it into a more festive creature. Heck zombies seem to be everywhere anywhere so why not give them a bit of a festive cheer make over? Chocolate Zombie Santa ($12.99) adds a gory twist to the classic Santa design, while a four pack of disturbing horror Christmas tree decorations ($19.99) are also available to add that something extra to your tree.

horror xmas products think geek choc santa horror xmas products think geek horror tree decorations

Homemade Horror has been covered by Grizzly Bomb before. With their collection of cult horror characters perfectly sculpted and ready for sale they are great for horror fans. Maybe not so good for seasonal cheer though. However their Jason in Carbonite decoration ($9.00) will look great on a tree branch.

horror xmas products homemade horror jason

Horror Décor, much like Homemade Horror create their own horror for the home, this time (as you can imagine from the name) it is for housewares. To make your living room holiday and horror friendly they have created some great scare pillow covers (ranging from $14-16.00) that will look great on any couch this December.

You can always finish it off with a Sam tree decoration (from the great Trick ‘R Treat), or you can go the whole way and pop up a Christmas Evil print on your wall courtesy of Freddy in Space.

horror xmas products horror decor christams decor

Krampus is a Christmas creature that terrifies naughty boys and girls in some pretty harsh ways. His popularity has been slowly building, so much so that he now has a range of Christmas related products available this year. The items below can all be bought via Amazon and are of varying prices, but you do get plenty of Krampus for your buck.

Christmas cards can always be a bit of a pain to buy for people. How do you find one that is different from all the rest? Well Zazzle has you covered with their line of horror based seasonal cards, covering some Christmas zombie scenes of terror and the others focusing on some killer femme fatales.

If you prefer to deck yourself out in some great holiday gear, then you could do a lot worse than looking at some of Fright Rags superb fake horror Christmas T-Shirt designs. They also have the The Night the Reindeer Died which is one of the most shocking Christmas films ever made, and the awesome Bill Murray movie Scrooged (1988), while All Though the House is straight out of Tales from the Crypt.

There is also a huge line up of horror Christmas jumper designs out there at the moment thanks to Middle of Beyond and Shredders Apparel, who seem to have cornered the market on tacky looking, yet incredibly awesome Christmas jumper (aka sweater) designs.

M.O.B also does a small range of Christmas tree ornaments too. So if you always wanted Bigfoot hanging of your tree then now is your chance to do so!

Hopefully there is enough here to make any horror fans Christmas a little bit spookier. Enjoy the horrible holiday seasons collectibles on show here and keep checking in with Grizzly Bomb for even more seasonal related articles.

 Images: Think Geek, Shredders Apparel, Amazon, Middle of Beyond,
Fright Rags, Tales From The Crypt, Horror Décor, Homemade Horror


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