Grizzly Bomb T-Shirt Roundup: Video Game Mashups

Video Games have come a long way, from their humble 8-bit beginnings to the massively expansive entertainment universe we have today. People have always had a fascination with being part of a world that unfolds around us as we help guide and shape it. The characters from this form of entertainment have become iconic, and it’s no great surprise that artists have taken these stars and put them into other mediums.

This is what the mashup genre is all about, and never has it flourished more than in videos and art. Here is a collection of unusual t-shirts that are worth putting your dollar down for. As it is the holiday season I have avoided one day only t-shirt sales, but sites like Tee Fury, Qwertee, Shirt Punch and Ript Apparel are all good places to shop for gifts!

Artist friendly site Cult Collective have just started in the t-shirt business, but have had great success so far. Their first design (now sold out) was the Matt Ferguson piece The World’s Finest Tee (pictured below), but their latest endeavour takes one of Mario and Luigi’s popular villains and gives him a makeover.

t shirt round up worlds finest tee

The Bob-Omb by artist Mark Chilcott gives us a more naked Bob-Omb than previously seen in the Super Mario Brothers games, and the attention to detail and design is great. It is almost a shame that it is just going to get blown up in a futile attempt to stop the moustached brothers! The shirt is limited to a run of 100 and comes with its own certificate, so if you fancy having the clockwork stylings of a retro based bomb then now is the time to act.

t shirt round up bob-omb

t-shirt round up video game cult collective 3

Red Bubble also has quite the handle on the video game mashup genre, with a wide selection of items for sale. The great thing about their website page layout is that (much like Cult Collective) there is a big emphasis on the creator; with each having their own page on the site where you can view the t-shirt illustrations for yourself in one go. Below is a selection of a few of them.

Timothy Lim has created numerous mashup sensations. A lot of his work combines established pop culture items (be it music, films, etc) and then gives it his own twist. There is a lot of variety here, but it seems that Timothy may have a soft spot for Nintendo, with Mario and Co. turning up in quite a few of his designs.

Next up is Gavacho13 (I am guessing not his real name) who has done an incredible mashup using Street Fighter 2 characters, but re-imagined as Sesame Street characters. Luckily you can have your favorite character on a shirt, or get all of the beauties combined on one tee.

Naolito, Aaron Morales and Baznet both have their own mashup styles. Naolito takes the love of video game characters and makes them even more lovable by turning every design into a super cute creation. Aaron has a similar technique only his creations are a lot more cartoony and animation based, while Baznet covers lots of different pop culture designs, but it is his retro gaming styled tees of popular film scenes which really grabs your attention. You can see a selection of their work below.

Of course there are tons more mash-up artists on the world-wide web and the possibility of getting them all in one article is quite frankly impossible. Saying that though, numerous Google searches have managed reveal a few more artists that may be of interest. Glennz (Line up Mario), Kineda (the super cute Street Fighter 2 Tees), T-Shirt Bordello (Mario vs. a Dalek), Tee Public (Family Guy Link designed by Mike Handy Art), Super Hero Stuff (Paranormal Pacman) and Found Item Clothing (8 Bit Indy) help round-up the mashup experience.

All these tees are available via the links provided and all vary in price. With the tip of the iceberg covered with mashup video game shirts, it seems that Nintendo reigns supreme in fan’s hearts when it comes to this kind of thing, with Mario especially coming out on top. Maybe in 2015 we will get change to see more Sega and other console stars showcased in a more prominent position. Until then this selection should keep any gaming fan pleased until the next selection of tees become available.  For more information on other t-shirt designs, why not check out the t-shirt round up section here on Grizzly Bomb?

Images: Nintendo, Tee Public, T-Shirt Bordello, Kineda,
Found Item Clothing, Red Bubble, Cult Collective, Capcom


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