8-bit Zombie Brings Us 1980s Awesomeness With Some Radical Creations

It seems like people have a real soft spot for 1980s pop culture, especially fans of children’s television. This is due to a combination  of the toy tie-ins on the cartoons of that time, the bright and vibrant colors on the shows, the larger than life characters, and the fact that the children of that era have grown into adults and they’re making  content about what they loved. And I am just as much a victim of this ’80s nostalgia bug as anyone, and that is why the following artist caught my eye.

8-bit Zombie is clearly a fan of all things ’80s. His website opens up with a parody of the NES Legend of Zelda game, and from there you are thrust into his retro based world. The site clearly states what the artists at 8-bit are all about, and the visuals of the site certainly back this statement up.

8BZ is all about nostalgia. If you, like us, were a child of the ’80s, then look no further. We never grew out of the video games, movies, cartoons and toys of that era. Our passion for the past is what drives 8-bit ZOMBIE. We work hard to bring you the most unique tributes to the raddest decade there ever was. From tees to tanks to hats and shades, we’ve got you covered.

All the things one loves about the era are showcased in the products they make. The thing I love about the design work is its eclectic variety. No two designs are the same and they all have a kinetic energy to them, a punk rock style that is visually stimulating, as well as looking pretty fricking amazing. You can see them pay homage to Garbage Pail Kids, He-Man, Thundercats, G.I Joe and many others. Artists such as Charles Burns can clearly be seen too, and for a fan of ’80s and under ground art trying to figure out which artist inspired some of the pieces is a sheer joy.

Their T-Shirt designs take some of the best examples of the decade’s pop culture and proudly display them in ways you have never seen before! Ever wanted a Hordak embossed tee or see your favorite ’80s icons go head to head on an arcade machine? Then 8-bit Zombie has you covered. Below are some of Grizzly Bomb’s favorite T-Shirt designs.

If you want something a little bit extra to go with your tees then how about some of the crafted patches, toys and other paraphernalia to add to your collection?

One of the other interesting things about the work at 8BZ are their company created characters, all of which feel like they stepped out of a Hasbro commercial from 1983. Thrasher, a cool hip, skateboard packing Skeletor styled figure would easily fit into the Masters of the Universe toy line, and Noxious, would make an ideal foe for those all American heroes G.I Joe. Their modified NES Power Glove design is also on show completing that retro based look with some gaming action.

Finally, we look at designs long gone. There is a ton of stuff on the site which, for the foreseeable future, is sold out. Though it pains me to look at these epic designs knowing I will not be able to get them, it is pretty awesome to see what other artwork the group behind 8BZ knocked out before we discovered them…

All these products (aside from the sold out stuff obviously) are available from 8-bit Zombie’s website, so if you are digging their cool retro based mash-up designs, then maybe you should indulge your inner child.

Images: 8-bit Zombie


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