Countdown to Halloween: Homemade Horror Special

All Hallow’s Eve is quickly approaching and I love it! I love a good scare almost as much as I love my collectibles. So it seemed like the perfect time to combine the two and so a new entry into Homemade Horror is born. As always I look at more underground artists and creators and showcase some of the amazing finds I have found online that have sent a shiver of joy down my spine.  Interested in what I found? Then read on.

homemade horror halloween special flesh figureIllumina Toys latest creation seemed too good to be true. They have painstakingly created a small replica of the vagrant who suffers for his love of alcohol in the cult hit Street Trash. Here is the front cover that they have perfectly emulated in plastic so you can see the detail that has gone into this pretty gruesome meltdown. The figure costs $20.00, but be warned that these figures sell out real quick so if you are loving this meltdown you need to purchase your Nitrous Ozone Flesh Flush figure real soon!

If you prefer your horror slightly safer and a lot cuter then check out Stuart McGhee shop. He has a selection of creations all drawn in the style of the minions from Despicable Me. His collection of artwork is diverse, but below is a selection of some of my favorite horror pieces he has put together. Jason Voorhees has never looked so lovable! They all range from around £2.00 plus UK prices. The downside to all of this is that it does not look like Stuart ships his awesome art overseas, but anyone interested would be advised to drop him an email through his website and see what comes of it. You never know you may get lucky!

Sticking with adorable horror creations Super Secret Fun Club has a wide selection of incredibly unique collectibles. Their creations are a perfect blend of 1940s and ’50s design based graphics and fun sculpted figure design. The downside to all this amazing creativity is that their customer base sell these figures out very quickly. In fact only The Blob figure is in stock as we speak! Fingers crossed these items come back in stock soon. It’s a shame not to showcase how gosh darn cute they are so here is a gallery of some of their finest creations.

Cavity Colors bring the gruesome back into this article with their collections of splatter based artwork. Focusing on a wide range of artwork over various platforms (including some great T-Shirt designs), their pieces love to showcase the gruesome creations from horror cinema, and the vibrant colors they use to bring these pieces to life mean people with a nervous disposition should probably turn away now! The tongue zombie from the original Day of the Dead is a perfect example of their gory craft. It seems like the blood is dripping directly off of the page, while their Halloween 3 based piece combines all of the Silver Shamrock masks into a horrific collage of terror! Their line of horror based ice creams is truly inspired and works really well. Prices vary and with plenty of stuff to look at your best jumping onto their website to see what all the fuss is about.

Electric Zombie also share Cavity Colors love of intense color schemes and grotesque images. They also have a lot of fun perverting popular fandom icons into disturbing new creations. Electric Zombie has a similar style to Rotten Rentals and 8 Bit Zombie. They use retro based neon colours and their imaginative minds to play around with 80s conventions. Though Electric Zombie do a whole heap of great T-shirt designs, I have focused on their art prints and memorabilia collection this time. But no doubt in the future I will take a look at their collection of tees.

Speaking of 8 Bit Zombie, they have some pretty sweet ’80s based fandom pieces out in the near future just in time for Halloween. The Lost Boys facemask looks flipping great and they are not stopping there. Below are the 3 released pics of their face masks so more but there are more to come so keep checking the website for more details.

Another company that also revels in its blood soaked ’80s glory is Candy Claw which much like the above mentioned sellers also gives us some great retro based fun. Their collection of horror based stickers are great fun, and their up and coming VHS box art mash-up of Ernest and Friday the 13th looks like a must own for fans of VHS or just odd ball collectibles!

In the prelude to this article I covered some of the great work done by Ardently CraftedTrevor Henderson has his own line of horror based creations in a very similar vein to those pieces though much more gruesome in design. Like Ardently Crafted there is a passion for the subject matter on show here and a homemade feel to them all that makes them quite an interesting part of any horror fans collection.

The Freak Land store is a Spanish language based store which has some incredible creations for sale on its internet pages. With Google able to translate the page we can all enjoy the delights they have for sale. These pieces are a bit pricier, at a 100 dollars a pop you will need to have a bit of money saved up to truly indulge yourself on this site. But indulge consumers do, and they cannot get enough of these awesome creations leaving a lot of Freak Land’s stock sold out. These inventive and life-like sculpts are a must have for fans of genre horror. If you are interested in their work I have comprised a gallery of some of their in stock pieces.

Much like the previous instalment of Homemade Horror, I thought I would share with you some interesting, soon to be released items coming out of Japan. One is the super cute Maniac Cop figure from Kotobuki Man’s Uncut Imprint (thanks to Man E Toys for the information) and the other is a cheeky version of Leatherface!

This look into the future brings this edition of Homemade Horror to an end. New entries will be appearing in the near future so keep checking Grizzly Bomb for up to date news on all cool looking collectibles.

If this brief look into the world of Homemade Horror wasn’t enough your sustain your horrific appetites, then take a look at our Homemade Horror Prelude to Halloween. Still need a Halloween fix? Then Grizzly Bombs Countdown to Halloween should have every thing you need for the October period.

Images: Zoo Moth, Kotobuki Man, Freak Land,
Candy Claw, Illumina Toys, Stuart McGhee,
Super Secret Fun Club, Cavity Colors,
Electric Zombie, Trevor Henderson .


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