Game Of Thrones Promo: 6.03 – Oathbreaker

They think you’re some kind of god…

Not too bad for just the second episode. Game of Thrones season six, now officially off book, has surprised many fans through just two episodes. While many predicted that Jon Snow would in fact return to the world of the living, few thought it would happen so soon. This was a potential storyline that looked primed to be dragged out all season. The real question is, where do they go now.

Jon is back and since the Night’s Watch Oath is “till death” I guess he has technically fulfilled that. So perhaps now, Jon will choose to rally the wildlings, and with a direwolf, a red witch and an Onion Knight at his side, march south to reclaim Winterfell, and then the North. Or, perhaps he’ll stay at the wall and resume command. You can never tell with these Starks. That said, the next episode is called Oathbreaker. Anyhow, let’s take a look at the promo…

Aside from Jon Snow, this episode also made mention of something book readers have been waiting for since season four – the Kingsmoot! You see, based on the book timeline, Balon Greyjoy should of been long dead by this point, and the Kingsmoot (Kingsmoot!) is how the Iron Born choose their new King.


We also see Tyrion making some winged friends in Meereen as he unchains the dragons. Arya is being picked up off the street, Sansa is headed to the wall, and Theon is directed at Pyke. They are wasting no time moving along some of these storylines. And it sure seems we’ve waited long enough for a Stark reunion. Sansa could even possess intel that could help Jon should he decided to retake Winterfell and attack Ramsey.

Anyhow, let’s take a look at the promo…

So, a couple of interesting theories here;

First, the end of the promo (And now it begins – Now it ends.) prominently features a group of characters we’ve not seen – sort of. If I’m not mistaken, those armored soldiers have three-headed dragons on their chest plates, and since the Targaryen’s now longer have house guards, it seems safe to assume this is another flashback. Furthermore, the guy who says “Now it ends” sure dresses a lot like Ned Stark. Could this be the famous ‘Tower of Joy’ scene? A scene that features Ned’s last words with his sister before she dies, and could very well prove true a long-held fan theory about a major character? I think so.


The second theory, and this one is pure conjecture, deals with the man who visits Ramsey at Winterfell with a ‘surprise’. It’s long been assumed that Asha and Rickon Stark have been hiding out with the Umbers since their split from Bran. But in the last episode, Ramsey made it sound as though the Umbers, along with the Karstarks would support the Bolton banner. Could this be a member of House Umber (we haven’t seen Great Jon since season one) delivering Rickon to the new Lord Bolton?

jon umber

We’ll find out next week…

Images; HBO

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