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Grizzly’s Casting Couch: Bruce Campbell’s Expendables Of Horror

Back in 2010, Bruce Campbell suggested the idea that he was putting together a horror movie in the vein of The Expendables. Grizzly Bomb has decided to take a stab (sorry) at filling in that hypothetical movie’s dream cast.

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Grizzly’s Casting Couch: ‘X-Force’

With the recently rumored X-Force film in development with Fox, speculation has begun over the possible members of the team and of course, who would be playing said mutants. Obviously there are no characters confirmed at this early stage of development, but recent tidbits from director Jeff Wadlow and Fox’s Cinematic Universe Consultant Mark Millar concerning the construction of the team and its members have opened the door for a unique team of X-Force to tackle Hollywood with.

The Setup: X-Force, a team of mutants led by the mysterious time traveler known as Cable, takes on missions that threaten the future of mutantkind. Their latest mission is to find a missing group of New Mutants who will potentially be important to the X-Men in the future.  X-Force discovers that the kids have been kidnapped by Mr. Sinister, a mad mutant geneticist, who is served by the deadly mutant killers known as the Marauders. Awesome action ensues, the X-Force team grows as New Mutants join up, and a future trilogy is hinted at, with Cable’s long time foe Apocalypse as the overall villain.

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Grizzly’s Casting Couch: ‘Justice League’

Man of Steel has proven itself to be a commercial success, if not entirely a critical one. But to the eyes of the studios it did exactly what it set out to do, which is make money. The sequel was officially greenlit before the film even came out, and the future of DC’s Cinematic Universe began to develop.

We were already working under the assumption that the recently ‘confirmed’ Justice League was dependent on the success of Superman’s big reboot, and since that went swimmingly it’s time to start looking forward. While we would still have a few years to wait for Justice League, we can start casting our dream team right now!

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