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Gratuitous Batman Updates: Arkham City, Dark Knight Rises, & the Comics…

We got all sorts of stuff here. Let’s start with the game. The other day I did a write up on the upcoming Arkham City game. In said article I mentioned how the Riddler’s clues were now gonna be more…involved. Well it seems like the man himself will be more involved as well. Unlike the first game it seem like Riddler will actually appear in this one, not just his voice.

Rocksteady Marketing Game Manager Dax Ginn: The Riddler experience is not part of the main story, but you can see how much work we put into it. It seems to do them a disservice to call them ‘side missions,’ because we take them really, really seriously.

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Upcoming – Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion

I doubt many of the readers of this site have played the PC Game Sins of a Solar Empire or either of its Micro-Expansions, despite it being 2008’s ‘Strategy Game of the Year’ for most reputable game reviewers. In a world where fast paced Action games take up much of the mainstream spotlight, its easy to pass by some of the other quiet behemoths of excellence within other genres. My purpose therefore, is to shed some light on an exciting upcoming addition to the Sins universe in the form of the first stand-alone expansion: Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion.

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ARKHAM CITY – New Game Trailer!

The follow-up to the immensely popular Arkham Asylum, released in 2009, is set to hit stores in October. The game is titled Batman: Arkham City and it is without a doubt, the most excited I’ve ever been for the release of a game. I’m not a huge ‘gamer’, so for the most part I wait and buy my games used. Arkham City however, has been building anticipation far too long for me to wait on. With this game, I’m gonna be one of the cool kids, and I’m gonna buy it on day one. No waiting around this time.

My excitement has been building since December of 2009 when we got this teaser trailer:

No big surprise that the Joker has recovered from the wounds suffered in the first game, but his appearance definitely set a tone, and people got excited.

As 2010 progressed we discovered more and more details, and suspicions about which characters would appear started getting confirmed.  In the fall of 2010 the game developers released a large number of screen shots online, and again, excitement swelled.

Harvey Dent and Selina Kyle are both sure to complicate things for the Bat…
Harley! You’re animated, stop being so hot!

Then, come December they gave us this:

That was enough for me. I was sold. After all, the first game was undeniably the best superhero game ever made, there was no way I was skipping this. Plus you know, my whole ‘Batman Obsession’ thing…

Earlier this week, Rocksteady Studios and Warner Bros released the first full length trailer. No more teasers, just a good old fashion, over 2 minute trailer.

This, is that trailer…

Holy Crap. That was awesome.

“This Ain’t No Place for a Hero.”

Those are the lyrics that so brilliantly echo throughout the trailer for Arkham City. They seem to ring true as Gotham appears to be over-run by Batman’s ‘Rouges Gallery’. What was once a great city now appears little more than a run down Hell-hole. And that’s no place for a top-notch Hero to reside, but like Jim Gordon said at the end of The Dark Knight:

“Because he’s the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we’ll hunt him because he can take it. Because he’s not our hero. He’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.”

This Ain’t No Place for a Hero.” Just think about that. The most famous “hero” in all of the comic book universes is Superman. Supes resides over beautiful Metropolis. A big shiny city full of live. Gotham on the other hand is dark and dank and mostly filled with despair. The great twin cities of the DC Universe are as different as their protectors. And while Superman is for sure the protector of Metropolis, I look at him as more of a do-gooder than a hero. Superman faces very little personal risk, as he is almost never in peril, while the Batman is subject to all sorts of deathly situations. Metropolis completely accepts and embraces Superman, an outsider, while Gotham native Batman is hardly afforded the same accommodations. That makes Batman endeavors even more heroic. Jim Gordon was right, Batman is not their hero, he’s more than that. He is what the city needs, even if it doesn’t want him.

This time around though, you will have to be the best Batman you can be if you want to save Gotham again. IGN is reporting that the Riddler and his trophies will be back, but significantly harder to obtain this time:

In Arkham Asylum, Riddler trophies were found somewhat easily — you just found them by spotting question marks painted on walls and ceilings. Things aren’t as easy this time around. Though there are question marks viewable only in Detective Mode (Batman’s version of x-ray vision), they often point in the direction of informants who know the nearby locations of Riddler trophies.

Find these goons and you can beat the information out of them. But knowing the location of a trophy (which appears on your map) doesn’t mean getting it is easy. Many trophies are surrounded by traps or require some ingenuity from Batman to nab.

IGN also noticed something I missed in the trailer. What appears to be Black Mask, getting quite the beat down around the 26-second mark.

Black Mask

This Ain’t No Place for a Hero.


Arkham City is set to officially hit stores October 18th in the U.S., and on the 21st in Europe.

The Anticipation of L.A. Noire

On May 17th, from Rockstar Games, comes one of the most anticipated titles of the year: L.A. Noire. I stumbled upon this title a while back on Gamestop TV. My first impression was that this was going to be Grand Theft Auto in reverse. The first preview (below) was vague, and not many details were revealed. The same was true of the article in the Game Informer. Now though, with this title’s release is rapidly approaching, more and more details are being revealed, and each detail more enticing than the last.

THE GISTL.A. Noire takes place in the year 1947. The main character, ex-marine Cole Phelps, is an up-and-coming detective working for the LAPD. Throughout gameplay, he works his way from a low-ranked uniformed officer, to a traffic detective solving gruesome hit-and-runs, and finally to arson and homicide detective. Phelps goes through interrogating suspects, finding clues, and trying to crack open the truth about the dark side of L.A.

Picture from IGN…obviously

GAMEPLAY – L.A. Noire allows you to have the open world experience, without making it mandatory. There are action scenes, and there are driving scenes, but mainly from case to case. When you reach the crime scene, you will collect evidence, note witnesses which you will later interview, and look for clues. You will travel to the police station, which may or may not be corrupt, and interrogate suspects.It seems, if you are looking for a brainless action game, this will not be your cup of tea.

I’m sure a lot of you have heard by now that this game will be using a brand new form of technology called ‘MotionScan Facial Recognition’. It’s the first major video game to utilize this technology.

The acting and the storyline are said to be raising the bar for all future video game developers. The campaign will supposedly take 25-30 hours to complete. Personally, I think this is a huge improvement from more recent releases such as Medal of Honor and Homefront, whose single-player campaign is said to be about 5 hours long on average.

L.A. Noire appears to mix together all of my favorite elements from TV, movies, & books. A little bit of Law & Order, a dash of a James Patterson novel, and just a pinch of jazzy 1940s limelight and mmmm…. that’s some tasty gaming. I always said that I’ve seen enough Law & Order to be a great detective. Thank you Rockstar Games for giving me that chance.

Here is the official game trailer:

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Game Trailer

For those of you Star Wars fans who don’t know about The Old Republic, it is the newest upcoming alternative to the ultra popular World of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft is a MMORPG you’ve probably at least heard of, plenty a virgin has wasted their life on it, and many a marriage has been annulled because of it. Could Star Wars fans now be heading in the same direction? Will it matter if the game is as good the rumors say?

I’ve said since it was announced nearly three years ago that I would never play it due to time consumption exhibited by the World’s of Warcraft (or WoW) masses. After seeing the newest trailer however, which features actual game-play and voice over scenes, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to resist. At least I already accomplished the virgin part some years back, and I don’t have a marriage that can be annulled if I do become addicted. Check out the trailer below:

Fighting as Jedi or Sith?
Starship combat?
Multiple planets to explore?

Yes Please.

Depending on the price, they’ve already won half the battle with me. Plus, my boy Darth Malgus is in there. It will be interesting to see exactly how in-depth and immersive the game is given how long it has been in development (2008 to be exact). The voice over work may have something to do with it according to an article at Joystiq in 2009. 100 voice actors have performed for the game with over 1,000 four-hour sessions between them. Apparently every character in the game will have plenty to say.

That is one big pile of Sith

I am also very interested to see the story progress, as everything in the Old Republic comic books and novels is taking place either way before, or during ‘The Treaty of Coruscant‘, which is a cease-fire between the Republic and Sith Empire. We all know when this game becomes available the cease-fire will have been broken.