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NFL Grizzly Picks of the Week: Week 2


Last week Rev. Kaiser claimed he knew more about football than you, and then he went on to correctly guess 9 of the remaining 15 games – which is roughly 60%.

That’s not great, but he still thinks he is awesome, so we’re gonna do something new. Well, for the rest of the year he and I will split up each week’s games and we’ll see who is smarter.

We’ll count week one as a warm up, so Kaiser gets a clean slate. From here out we’ll split the games down the middle. And while we are simply picking winners, we’ll use the Vegas line determine the favorites.

You get 1 point for picking the favorite correctly, and 2 points for an upset win. Our picks will be in BOLD and upset picks are denoted by a *

So, here we go…

Rev. Kaiser

Kansas City @ Detroit (Vegas Line – Lions by 8 )
*Cleveland @ Indy (Vegas Line – Browns by 2)  
Green Bay @ Carolina 
(Vegas Line – Packers by 10)
Baltimore @ Tennessee
(Vegas Line – Ravens by 6)
Jacksonville @ NY Jets (Vegas Line – Jets by 9)  
Cincinnati @ Denver (Vegas Line – Broncos by 3.5)
@ Miami 
(Vegas Line – Texans by 3)
St. Louis @ NY Giants (Vegas Line – Giants by 6)

Kaiser can get up to 9 points this week.

Dr. Kronner

*Oakland @ Buffalo  (Vegas Line – Bills by 3)
Chicago @ New Orleans  (Vegas Line – Saints by 6.5)
Tampa Bay @ Minnesota  (Vegas Line – Vikings by 3)
Seattle @ Pittsburgh  (Vegas Line – Steelers by 14)
*Arizona @ Washington  (Vegas Line – ‘skins by 3.5)
Dallas @ San Francisco  (Vegas Line – Cowboys by 3)
*San Diego @ New England  (Vegas Line – Pats by 7)
*Philadelphia @ Atlanta  (Vegas Line – Eagles by 2.5)

Kronner can get up to 12 points this week.

So there we have it, check back next week to see how the grudge match it working itself out…

Feel free to post your own picks in the comment section below…


NFL Grizzly Picks of the Week: Week 1

Football is back bitches!!!!! Feel free to immediately cease your “interest” in baseball now that you have a REAL sport to watch!

In my never-ending quest to prove I know more about football than YOU PEOPLE, (yes, I do mean you people in the derogatory sense so suck it) I figured it would be fun to prove it on a week to week basis.

And before you start; Yes, I know this is an exact rip-off of the Fox Sunday Pre-game show segment, BUT unlike Frank Caliendo and Jimmy Johnson I’m actually funny AND I don’t take boner pills. HEEEEYOOOOOOO!

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The lockout is over! The Lockout is Over! THE LOCKOUT IS OVER!!!!

 Although rumors of a done deal have been pending for what seems like weeks, negotiators and lawyers for the NFL and the NFLPA finally reached the actual agreement at 3:00am this morning.  The deal is just waiting for final voting from the players, and a sign off from the litigants of the individual players’ suits against the league which is all expected to come later this afternoon.

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Jim Tressel Resigns – Ohio Adds Sweater Vests to LeBron Jersey Bonfires

So he’s out. After many months of speculation dating from the Tat Five and the bowl game to the avalanche of evidence edging closer to the dreaded “lack of institutional control”, Jim Tressel has finally did what should have happened months ago, he left his dream job at Ohio State and will hang his head in shame. Okay, he probably won’t. He won bunches of games, established Ohio State as the annual BCS representative and destroyed Michigan so really, it’s about the same as when he left Youngstown State 11 years ago: Amid NCAA infractions, a title-winning coach leaves and does not take consequences for his actions (or lack thereof). So here’s the question: Who’s the loser?

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2011 NFL Draft: 1st Round Winners and Losers…

The focus so far has been the 4 QBs taken in the Top 12 picks, but what jumps out at me is the amount of Linemen selected in the first round of the Draft Friday. 20 of the 32 players taken are will be either attacking or protecting the QB. A lot of teams reached for needs, which allowed a lot of other teams to get great value in their position.


The Cleveland Browns – The Browns have potential to be the biggest winner in the draft here, as they traded their #6 overall pick to Atlanta for the #27 along with this years 2nd and 4th rounds picks, and next year’s 1st and 4th round picks. Now I wasn’t crazy about them jumping back up later in the first from 27 to 21. They selected Phil Taylor, a DT from Baylor which isn’t a bad pick, but I’m not convinced they couldn’t have stayed put and still gotten him with the 27. We’ll have to see what else Holmgren does in the next few rounds, but so far you gotta be happy in Cleveland.

The Jacksonville Jaguars – The Jags had to trade up to get him, but with the 10th pick they got a Top 5 Projected QB in Blaine Gabbert. I’ve never been a Garrard fan, so to me this is a great value for them, even if they did lose a pick to jump up from 16 to 10, they got their guy. And while Gabbert can’t be happy falling to 10, this seems like a good fit to me.

The Detroit Lions – My beloved Lions. After years of ineptitude by the Millen Regime they seem to finally know what they are doing. DT Nick Fairley out of Auburn was projected as a Top 3 pick a month ago, but fell out of favor because of work ethic questions, much like Ex-Lion Shaun Rodgers. The difference here is, this Lion’s team has guys like Vanden Bosch and Suh, leaders on the D who will push those around them. The first organized player workouts in the NFL, after the lockout started, were those put together by Vanden Bosch. This is a great value at #13 and I think we have the guys to motivate Fairley into becoming a star. The Lions should now have the best D-Line in football.

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