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Check Out the Original Parody that Started Rick and Morty

Three seasons in, it’s easy to forget that Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty started as a Back to the Future parody, starring Justin Roiland as both Doc and Mharti, who eventually became, well, you know. Where the final product has been lauded for its cleverness, creativity, and ingenuity, this 4-minute short – though it does share some similarities with the series it eventually inspired including little subtleties like the way characters’ lips sag when they aren’t talking – is the complete antithesis of that, wherein the punchline to every single joke is just Mharti licking Doc’s balls.

According to a write-up in Vice:

Creator Justin Roiland stated the original short was “a way to poke fun at the idea of getting cease and desist letters.” Back in October 2006, he wanted to call the short, Back to the Future: The New Official Universal Studios Cartoon Featuring the New Doc Brown and Marty McFly in order to “troll” Universal Pictures. Timespace travel, and general weirdness have been strong themes for Roiland, who first started making pilots for Channel 101, MTV2, Acceptable TV, and Cartoon Network. Even in his early work, you can see the beginnings of what would become Rick and Morty, from the character designsvoices, to even the opening theme song. Anyway, enjoy The Real Adventures of Doc and Mharti, but keep your tongue off the balls of old dudes.

It’s interesting to point out that Rick and Morty has always refused to do a time travel episode, stating the lack of agreeable science on the subject. So, with that in mind, Roiland’s contribution to Rick and Morty is more to do with characters and using his voice as a weapon of pure comedy, which allowed Dan Harmon to come in, tighten up the loose screws, and do something interesting with the universe Roiland had been creating. In a way, Harmon and Roiland are much like Rick and Morty, themselves, and the difference between this short and the final show really brings that to light.

YouTube has the edited version (below), or if you really want to see the whole thing, which gets a little pornographic, you can check it out at Vimeo.

Be sure to watch Rick and Morty on Adult Swim every Sunday at 11:30 PM! There’s only a couple of episodes left this season!

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Of Oz The Wizard; A Bizarrely Awesome Alphabetical Wizard Of Oz Movie!

The Wizard of Oz is a film that most people can remember with great clarity. From Dorothy and her ruby-red shoes, to the creaky Tin Man and friends, it is a delightfully bizarre and fantastical movie. But it does have its odd moments. Dissolving witches, flying monkeys, and cowardly lions are just a few of the many reality bending characters that appear. So how could this movie be made anymore surreal? What about an alphabetical version of this classic?

Matt Bucy (the creator behind the fan made Star Trek Continues series) set his sights on the challenge of giving the world an alphabetically friendly version of the movie. When I say alphabetical I mean strict alphabetical. Any noise, moan or groan is put in its appropriate place within the movies running time which makes for a confusing, bewildering and utterly crazy viewing experience. This is no short either, this is the entire film! People who suffer with flashing imagery may want to avoid this video, because it is quite disconcerting.

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Watch Sci-Fi’s Finest Share A Drink Or Two In This Star Wars Mash Up Video

In any film fans cinematic history they will no doubt have seen at least one great science fiction movie. Some of these movies will have released in their lifetime, while others needed to be sought out. But no matter what era they are made in, or how they became a part of our film lexicon, the best ones still have that sense of awe and magical wonder about them that makes them something quite special.

As a fan of the genre myself, I am always looking out for videos that give me that aforementioned buzz. So when I came across this unique mash-up video, the Sci-Fi nerd in me was doing cartwheels of joy (figuratively not literally, I am much too heavy for that). World Wide Interweb, the creators of the video in question are no strangers to the mash-up and compilation video it seems. Their Daily Motion page has over a hundred of these videos, all covering various aspects of entertainment.

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Here’s Poultry! Welcome To The Crazy World Of The Chickening!

I’ve seen many a crazy mash-up video in my time. Heck I actively seek them out when on YouTube. Mad Max: Fury Road is just as fun as a Mario Kart adaptation as it is an actual movie. Okay maybe not, but it is clearly very inventive and a heck of a lot of fun. So when I saw on the website Geek Tyrant that there was a mashup of The Shining involving chickens I knew I needed to get in on that. Boy am I glad I did because this is a David Lynch level of oddness that requires multiple viewings to really get a handle on what the flip is going on!

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