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Curb Your Enthusiasm: 8.09 – “Mister Softee” Review

This episode had a lot to live up to with last week’s Car Periscope being so awesome, but it was definitely off to a roaring start with Larry disclosing to his current therapist his childhood traumatizing by the Mister Softee ice cream truck. You see, in his youth Larry was playing strip poker with the ice cream truck driver’s daughter in the Mister Softee truck. When he was down to his birthday suit the dad walks in throwing him out to the sidewalk so the whole neighborhood gets to see little Larry. Now whenever the Mister Softee truck is around, Larry crumbles. Throughout the episode the Mister Softee truck causes Larry trouble whether it be softball or sex and when Larry runs into Bill Buckner at a signing convention the episode just gets better and better. It was great seeing Larry and Leon together again after having no interactions whatsoever during the previous installment.

Between Larry’s “modified car seat”, his softball coach Yari, and Bill Buckner’s ultimate redemption this episode is a definite five out of five bears. I can only hope next week’s finale can top this!


Breaking Bad: Season 4, Episode 7 – ‘Problem Dog’ Review

This week was all about Jessie trying to cope with Gale’s death, and Hank once again, about to inadvertently save our meth cooks. Walt, despite his massive amount of screen time is actually for the most part filler here. We start out with Pinkman playing video games, in what almost seems like training for the job. In his head he keeps seeing Gale’s face and it obvious that our beloved meth head isn’t quite right…

As the episode progresses Jessie is being pulled in 2 directions. First by Walt, who wants him to kill Gus, and secondly by Gus, who wants to control Walt. Gus’s influence seems to be taking hold too as we see the hesitation to poison Gus’ coffee. Walt treating Jessie like an idiot vs Gus making him feel important, he is torn.

In the middle with Pinkman is Mike, who seems to see what is happening, and to no real surprise is vocal about it in their talk about ‘loyalty’. Walt’s focus in this episode, other than being a catalyst for Jessie’s problems, is acting rather childish as he and Skyler get the car wash operation up and running. His actions with Junior’s car show just how careless he is becoming. No longer the constant source of worry, Walt seems headed down a path of self-destruction that undoubtedly be thwarted  by…Hank.

As foreshadowed in past episodes, Hank has determined that Gus is Hisenberg, which, while not accurate, is close enough to true and should ultimately prove useful for Walt and Jessie…assuming they both live that long.

Maybe the best scene of the episode is where the title comes into play – the ‘problem dog’. Jessie goes to his old support group as a result of his mixed feeling about Gus. He talks about a dog he killed, obviously referring to Gale, and seems to totally break down about it. He can’t vocalize a reason for the dog to be killed, because the ‘dog’ didn’t actually do anything, but was a problem none the less.  Jere Burns (Justified) returns as Jessie’s group leader and he becomes the focus of Pinkman’s outcry, giving us yet another excellent performance from an under-rated actor.

Overall, very good episode. This is without a doubt, one of the best shows on Television, and it continues to deliver week after week. 4/5 Bears.

Entourage: Season 8, Episode 7 – “Second to Last”

So let’s get to the part of the show that’s most interesting to me at the moment. Eric and Sloan. I was just thinking that in the last episode Eric may have been jumping the gun thinking that Galecki and Sloan were an item, but after Turtle spots them at lunch together I can’t help but think they are. Eric does too as he storms off angrily…. from the bed where just slept with Sloan’s ex-mother-in-law… again. Sparks fly at the farmer’s market and later a huge bombshell is dropped. I can only imagine where it goes from here.

Things are looking bad for Turtle. The only way for him to get Don Pepe’s off the ground is to find more money from his investors. Amare Stoudamire and Michael Strahan both tell him to screw himself and Derek Jeter says so much in a nicer way. To top things off, the tequila line that Turtle decided to invest in went public, making Mark Cuban and many other investors a ton of money. Sorry you lost out on that one Turtle. It will take a miracle for Turtle to pull the restaurant gig off at this point without asking Vince for help, which he vowed to not do. Will Vince bail him our or is Don Pepe’s done?

Things are only looking up for Drama after he and Dice successfully won in their work strike to get higher paydays and Johnny Bananas to stay on the air. Now he is going to star in his own movie, involving the miners and a rescue dog, on the Hallmark channel. Not much but it’s a starring gig. Hats off to Drama, even the bad ones he wears.

Vince still continues his pursuit of Sophia in this episode, this time with a bit of a different result thanks a lot to Drama and Turtle. And just when I thought Ari was over his wife, Dana urges him to try winning her back because he tells her how he is still in love with her. It seems like everything is starting to go good for everyone except E. Will Ari get his wife back before season’s end? We’ll have to wait and see in the next episode.

I give this one a 4 out 5 grizzlies. The show is definitely living up to the expectations I had at the beginning of the season even though I had begun to lose hope. Keep up the good work fellas!

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Entourage: Season 8, Episode 6 – “The Big Bang”

This episode starts with Johnny standing picket line firm and Eric dealing with blow-back from the guys. I was glad to see Ari get through the episode finally able to accept that divorce is the only option and he is doing it by the books at this point. I never understand why he was being so nice to Mrs. Gold when it was so obviously over for her and that he was the only one trying to salvage the marriage. Bravo to Ari for being strong finally and taking no shit. He never took shit from anyone except the Mrs. and now she has joined the distinguished club.

Eric finds out some disturbing information that may or may not be true: That Sloan is banging Johnny Galecki. That’s like Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie…. gross. Eric actually gives Scott the ultimatum of dropping Galecki or dissolving their partnership. How far you’ve fallen Eric my boy.

Vince continues in his seemingly futile quest to gain a date with the brilliant Sophia, only managing to make himself look like a stalker. Turtle likewise starts to experience difficulties when his partners seem none too interested in his plans for his new restaurant Don Pepe’s. On the bright side of his terrible storyline we do get to see David Spade briefly in action.

Drama just keeps getting better and better. He stands strong after Phil threatens to screw up his Miner/Rescue Dog movie if he doesn’t return to work on Johnny Bananas. Dice then gets the call…. Phil caved to their work strike and as Dice says – “Johnny Bananas rides again.”

I liked the episode, but I’m hoping the second half of tonight’s double premiere is a little better than this one. I give the episode a 3 out of 5 grizzlies.

Curb Your Enthusiasm: 8.08 – “Car Periscope” Review

I gotta tell you, after watching this episode I absolutely want a periscope on the top of my car. Sounds silly right? Not after you watch this Curb episode. This episode reminded me so much of a Seinfeld episode. Imagine Larry and Jeff driving a car equipped with a periscope through the streets of New York chasing a one armed man who framed Larry. That sounds like a Kramer-Castanza adventure right there.

Larry runs into nothing but trouble in this episode. Wanda returns in New York (funny how everyone ends up in NY) just in time to try and steal Larry’s trainer. Probably the funniest bit in the episode are Larry’s interactions with Grant Shaud’s (Murphy Brown) father “Judge Horn” who spouts out all sorts of racial epithets whilst playing scrabble.

Larry raises a very interesting idea through the course of the episode, even though it gets him into even more trouble with those around him. Does a good looking guy who marries a not so attractive woman mean he has more integrity than the next guy? To Mr. David does and he let’s that idea guide him for better or worse.

I give this episode a 4.5 out of 5 grizzlies. It was worth watching just for the car periscope and the racist Judge Horn. Only two episodes left in the season, let’s hope for a glorious finale!