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Kickstarter Chronicles: Where Should You Put Your Money?

Kickstarter is a crowdsourcing platform where people donate money to your idea to get it off the ground. In exchange for your contribution, you are rewarded with exclusives based on the amount of money you donate to the project. Getting a copy of the product, being a producer in a film, T-Shirts, posters, etc –  these are some of the various rewards you can get.

There are hundreds of Kickstarters running at a time, so we’ve picked out a few we think might be worth funding if you’re looking to ger involved…

Comic: The Spider King

There have been a few great cross genres created as of late. Whether it is Robots, Zombies, Ninjas or Pirates going against each other, it usually makes for an entertaining book. The Spider King is a graphic novel that pits Vikings against Aliens and it looks like it’ll be fun. Written by Josh Vann and Illustrated by Simone D’Armini, you can support this book and watch the Vikings kick some Alien butt.

Gaming: The Amityville Project Phobos

Kickstarter has been host to a myriad of tabletop games and this one seems to be another awesome entry. The Amityville Project: Phobos has a very unique premise as you are fighting to gain control of your mind. A project split an investigating detectives mind into four personas and these are clashing to gain control. There are eighty miniatures included in the game and they all look twisted and creepy. This is definitely a project to watch as it looks really unique.

Film: Airlock

Distracted Media has created a few projects and their latest offering is on Kickstarter. Airlock has an interesting premise as a derelict ship docks with an isolated space station. The security officer Jonah Wright inspects the ship and finds that the crew was murdered. In the cargo hold are a group of Sector Nine Asylum seekers who are hiding a secret that threatens the entire human race. This tidbit alone makes me want to watch this series and you can watch it for free if you donate to their cause.

Technology: Raspberry Pi minicade

Raspberry Pi is a mini computer that has a ton of uses from home networking to media servers. People also use it to play some of the retro arcade games and one of the projects is to make a mini arcade cabinet. The cabinet will come complete with a mini LCD, arcade stick and buttons and even speakers! With this DIY project and your Raspberry Pi you will be playing classic arcade games in no time. If you ever wanted your own arcade machine but don’t have the space or money then you need to check out this project.

Design: BMOG

Remember when you were a kid and waged war on your living room floor? Playing with robots, monsters and army men was such a fun time. BMOG (which stands for Bio-Mechanical Ordnance Gestalts) is a new toy that is being developed and has multiple uses. For one each of the single pieces can be used with action figures. These pieces can also be combined to make robots that are bristling with weaponry. BMOG is a great project that has multiple uses that is worthy of your attention.

These are some of the great projects that are on Kickstarter right now. Tune in from time to time as I will chronicle some of the best projects in gaming, film, comics, design and technology.