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First Look at The CW’s ‘Arrow’

Are you part of the crowd that just doesn’t know what to do with themselves now that Smallville is over? I’m talking to you Darth Saeris! Anyway, don’t fret, because CW has green-lit a pilot for a series based on Green Arrow cleverly titled Arrow! Only, it’s not the Green Arrow you are used to. Justin Hartley played Oliver Queen for pretty much the last half of Smallville, and I think he did a pretty good job. But that doesn’t matter, because this series has nothing to do with that Oliver Queen.

Now before I get into the show I just want to say; I love Green Arrow. Such a great character that is wholly unique in his perspective on the world. Not afraid to speak his mind and fight for what’s right, this hard nosed left-winger with a desire to fight for the underprivileged of society stood out in comics and has continued to do so for decades.

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