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Grizzly Bomb Halloween Special – Etsy: The Zombie Collection

Etsy is many things to many people, but you can never accuse it of being boring. Much like a virtual yard sale if you scan through for long enough, something interesting will no doubt catch your eye. With Halloween fast approaching, it seemed appropriate to delve deep into the website and drag back kicking and screaming some of the best examples Grizzly Bomb could find of our favorite undead friends: the zombies. Included in each example of the undead is the link for the creator, in case you feel the need to add a bit of home made horror to your home this Halloween. So feast your eyes below on the collection of the living dead all brought to you courtesy of Etsy!

zombie etsy george washington zombie killer
George Washington – Zombie Hunter
zombie etsy death trooper
Star Wars – Death Trooper
zombie etsy zombie stickers
George Romero Zombie Stickers
zombie etsy lovecraft
Zombie H.P.Lovecraft
zombie etsy death trooper walking dead
Walking Dead / Star Wars Mash Up
zombie etsy night of the living dead gnome
Night of the Living Dead Gnome
zombie etsy customised zombie cake toppers
Custom Made Zombie Cake Toppers
zombie etsy carry on zombie
Carry on Zombie Print
zombie etsy zombie golden girls
Zombie Golden Girls
zombie etsy zombie gnome
Zombie Gnome