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The Owls Have Gathered! An Exciting First Look at J. K. Rowling’s newest project and the futures of the Harry Potter Franchise – ‘Pottermore!’

It was announced early this morning that J. K. Rowling’s new pet project, ‘Pottermore,’ will be an online experience for Harry Potter fans.  Not only will it help fans gain a better understanding of the world that she created, but it will also be a place for new readers, who didn’t experience Potter-Mania in its prime, to experience the world of Harry Potter first-hand.

According to the official press release:

In the new website, the storyline will be brought to life with sumptuous newly-commissioned illustrations and interactive ‘Moments’ through which you can navigate, starting with the first book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s (Sorcerer’s) Stone. On entering, you choose a magic username and begin your experience. As you move through the chapters, you can read and share exclusive writing from J.K. Rowling, and, just as Harry joins Hogwarts, so can you. You visit Diagon Alley, get sorted into a house, cast spells and mix potions to help your house compete for the House Cup.

In addition, she will be providing new information on characters, places, and objects in the Potter universe.  ‘Pottermore‘ will also have an online store, where fans can purchase Harry Potter merchandise; and for the first time will be the exclusive place to purchase all seven installments in eBook form. For some screen shots of what to expect from the website – Click Here.

Only a select few will get the chance to view the site before its wide release in October.  Starting July 31, fans can enter their email address at the official website to earn the chance for an early entry.  The rest of us will have to wait!

I must say, as a huge fan of the series, I am THRILLED.  It’s hard to say whether or not this will replace her promised encyclopedia to the series, but this is better.  It gives all of the eager fans a chance to learn more about the world they love, while adding the interactive aspect and experiencing the wizarding world first-hand.  If done right, the website can give us Potter nerds a chance to continue our love of the series after the books have been written and the films have been released.  I couldn’t be happier!

I’d be curious to know what you all think, fans of the books or not.  Let us know in the comments!

‘The Owls Are Gathering’ J.K. Rowling’s Secret New Project: ‘Pottermore’


It appears that Harry Potter creator, J. K. Rowling, is working on something new.  The biggest question is – what is it??

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New Trailer – ‘Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: Part 2’

It’s nearly here. The conclusion of the Harry Potter film franchise: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. It’s been a long road, with seven previous movies having already been released since 2001, and the books still coming out during those theater releases.

I started to like the movies more and more as they progressed, except the hiccup that was Goblet of Fire after the amazing Prisoner of Azkaban. I’m probably the only Harry Potter fan in the world who just watched Deathly Hallows Part 1 a week ago. I wanted to try to hold out so I could watch the two parts together just as the second was coming out. Alas, I failed, but I was happy that I did because to me, Deathly Hallows Part 1 was just behind  Prisoner of Azkaban for my favorite. It raised the stakes incredibly by having our heroes on the run and looking over their shoulders at every turn. The world of Harry Potter had never been more grim and dangerous.

Besides seeing glimpses of Part 2 in the trailer before Part One, the newest trailer shows so much more. Even a little bit of a spoiler for those who haven’t read the books. Check it out below:

Yes, I peed my pants too if you’re curious. It looks spectacular and I’m sure everything remaining from the book will be included. That means goblins at Gringotts, a dragon, The Battle of Hogwarts and a final confrontation between Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort.

So get ready on July 15th for the Harry Potter grand finale. It’s going to be magical. (Damn it I didn’t want to use that pun.)

-Harry: “Oh my God!” -Hermione: “Oh no!” -Ron: “I like pancakes…”

Any thoughts on the trailer, or did everyone’s head explode from awesome overload? If you’re still with us please feel free to comment below!

Christian Day: Worst. Warlock. Ever.

Let’s face it. Warlocks are f–king cool. By definition a warlock is a male witch, so basically you could say Harry Potter, Gandalf and Merlin are all warlocks. Even the evil ones are pretty damn sweet; you’ve got Sauron and Saruman from Lord of the Rings and Voldemort and his Death Eaters from the Harry Potter series.

Sauron From Lord of the Rings

Sure when you see the warlock Leezar in the movie Your Highness, you laugh at him because he’s so damned ridiculous looking, but that movie was supposed to be a parody of a fantasy movie. So it’s really off the wall strange when you have some jack-off spouting off to the media claiming that Your Highness paints warlocks in an unfair light.

To see said jack-off, look no further than Christian Day.


Christian Day gained minuscule notoriety for his attacks on Charlie Sheen, which he claims tarnished the good name of Warlocks everywhere, but has now moved his focus to the movie industry and called for an all out boycott of Your Highness. Wow.

Not only does this guy look like he’s in desperate need of getting laid, but he looks to be quite possibly the worst fricking warlock I’ve ever seen. I’m pretty sure this guy can’t shoot fireballs from his hands or lightning from his eyes. And there is no way he could possibly forge an evil ring to rule mankind or split his soul into seven pieces. That being said I really don’t know what his beef is with Your Highness.

Leezar is sooooo sweet…

From what I can tell, real life warlocks and witches dabble in herbs, curses and other magical items that with all probability won’t work on anyone. So it’s kind of funny to see them wanting a boycott of Your Highness when the warlock Leezar in it can use all sorts of crazy magic with his trusty staff and they can’t…ever.

So until there is a movie featuring a warlock who can’t use sweet magic and is a total asshole, I think the Warlock community better just try to capitalize off of Your Highness‘s meager box office success and just claim they put a curse on it from the start.