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WWE Hell in a Cell PPV Review: Do the PPV Woes Continue?

Well this years WWE Hell in a Cell PPV just wrapped up, and although it was better than the last two shows, WWE has officially dropped the ball. AGAIN. The show had some decent matches, the wrestling itself was good, yet creative screwed the pooch on the writing aspect once again. The finishes to the matches were OK at best, but we really didn’t resolve much, something fans have clamored for since Night of Champions.

Hell in a Cell

Cody & Goldust opened the show in a three-way bout with The Shield and The Usos. Would you be surprised if we told you this was the best match of the night? Well, it was close. The fact is that the hounds of justice and the Rhodes family have been tearing down the roof in every arena they’ve been in for a month straight. The Usos were a nice complement to keep the match from being overplayed. There was a lot of brawling back and forth with plenty of high-flying. Ultimately the Rhodes won the match in another well staged finish. I think the tag team division deserves a good pat on the back for how well they have carried shows lately. The crowd was chanting “This is awesome” through the whole match as usual.

Hell in a Cell

CM Punk vs Heyman & Ryback was a good match all around, but what’s best about it is I think the Heyman/Punk feud is finally over. Thank you, thank you, thank you! See how easy that was WWE? You START a story line and then you END a story line. Ryback and Punk put together a pretty good match, using kendo sticks, tables and most importantly, the cell.Hell in a Cell

Heyman’s entrance to the ring was hilarious, he was driven to the ring in a hydraulic boom. What was funny was the boom was malfunctioning and the driver could barely get it down to the ring. After about five minutes of screwing around with the controls, Heyman delivered a typical “I made wrestling” speech and was lifted to the top of the cell for the duration of the match. After Punk put Ryback through a table and a GTS, he picked up the win. After the match he climbed to the top of the cell with another kendo stick tucked in his drawers. Heyman pretty much got the crap kicked out of him, probably took about twenty kendo shots up there, before finally taking a GTS on top of the cage. Full disclosure, I had every muscle in my body clenched watching that GTS. How Heyman didn’t go through the top of that cage is beyond me. None the less, I think we can finally see Punk move on to something else. Something Punk fans have pleaded for since Night of Champions.

Hell in a Cell

John Cena returned in a match against Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship, which was probably the most intriguing match of the night. So many intangibles in play here, it kept you guessing what would happen. The WHC has been irrelevant for so long that putting the belt on Cena was probably the best thing that’s ever happened to the title. The match was actually pretty good. I mean if you get anything other than the five moves of doom in a Cena match, than it’s doing ok. Cena hit the AA on Del Rio and won that match after he fought out of a Del Rio cross arm breaker. Pretty normal Cena match, but still entertaining. Fact is, I don’t believe anyone could care less about Del Rio, he’s boring, his gimmick is second-rate, and his matches don’t really do much besides pass time on event cards. It’ll be interesting to see where they go from here with the title, as the sole reason Cena was brought in was lack of competition for the belt. So if I had to predict the future, I’d say get ready for another three months of Del Rio vs Cena.

I was really interested in how Cena would be received in his first appearance since he left for tricep surgery back in August. Basically it was normal John Cena, seventy-five percent boos, twenty-five percent cheering. I have not been a fan of Cena for many years, I think the guy’s awesome but his character is terrible. And on a night where even I’m pulling for Cena, he’s still getting booed relentlessly. That tells me that it’s only gonna be worse tomorrow when he’s not out trying to revive a dead championship against a heel opponent no one would care about if he quit WWE tomorrow…

Hell in a Cell

The main event featured Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan, and here’s where they put the cherry on top of the crap sundae. This match was in the cell with the fan voted special guest referee, Shawn Michaels. If you didn’t predict where this match was going, you probably are new to WWE. The match itself wasn’t terrible, but not super entertaining either. The simple fact that we’ve seen this same song and dance about three times now really steals the thunder from it all. You can only watch the same two guys headline against each other so many times before you’re banging your head on a wall. I digress though. So Triple H obviously got involved entering the ring to check on Shawn after a collision with Orton. As he came to his feet he witnessed Bryan deliver a flying knee to HHH and super kicked Bryan out cold. Orton made the cover and took the win.

Now we all expected this correct? I’m fine with HBK helping out the Authority, but I am not ok with them ending the show on that note. Are we really going to drag this out for an explanation? I read report after report on how WWE felt they had alienated their ppv audience over the last couple months, and this is what you give us? I think I speak for the majority of the WWE universe when I say, we tuned in tonight expecting a finish to this WAY over cooked feud. Instead we’ll probably see Bryan vs Orton all the way to Royal Rumble, and watch Raw tomorrow and once again receive the show we should have gotten tonight, for free! I’ll tell you something else too, it was known Vince was going to be involved and never showed up, was that your big plan WWE? Use the internet to convince us into thinking something cool might happen then don’t do it to trick us? Oh you got us good, real good. Here’s a trick on you now, expect continued decreases in ratings and ppv buys to become nearly non-existent. Dolph Ziggler

It should be noted that AJ Lee defended her title against Brie Bella, again. Los Matadores defeated the increasingly popular Real Americans. Big E defeated Deam Ambrose via count out so Ambrose retained his title. I would also like to state Dolph Ziggler was used on the host panel of the show, this was a joke. You have one of the best guys in the business sitting upstairs watching a show instead of using him for whatever reason, terrible. Kane also made a big return to take out the Wyatt family, it was awesome to see him back.

I give the overall grade a C-   This is acceptable for a SmackDown, NOT a sixty dollar ppv!

Loudest pop- CM Punk

Most heat- Alberto Del Rio

Best match-  The Shield vs The Usos Vs. The Rhodes