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GB’s VHS Vault: Full Contact

When you think of great martial artists certain names always come up. Norris. Lee. Chan. Trimble? Jerry Trimble to be precise. He is (or was in 1993) PKC Light Welterweight World Kickboxing Champion.

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GAME OF THRONES: 6 Clips from the Upcoming Season 2…

This Sunday will mark the much-anticipated return of HBO’s smash hit Game of Thrones. In preparation for the event, they have released 6 short clips from the upcoming sophomore season to further wet our appetites.

This is not one of them…


Yeah! Eat a bag of dicks Joffery!  Everyone feel better now?

Ok, on to the actual stuff…

 CLIP 1: We start with Daenerys Targaryen and her Dragons. What this tells us is, if anyone was expecting to see full grown flying bringers of Fiery Death in Season 2, they’re gonna likely be disappointed. Looks like it’ll be a while before these things are waging war on the Crown.

 CLIP 2: Ahh, King Joffery gets once again verbally bitchslapped by his  impossibly awesome Uncle. We also see Sansa Stark none to pleased to be holding the seat she once coveted, nex to the Boy King.

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South Park RPG in the Works for 2012

Comedy Central’s golden-boy franchise South Park has dipped its toes in the video game pool a few times before, but always on the fringe of things, and never with good results. The demographic overlap of gamers and South Park fans has got to be pretty huge, so it’s kind of sad that all that’s come out of the match-made-in-heaven crossover so far is a steaming pile of shovel-ware.

The South Park video game experience, to date

Hopefully all that disappointment will be a thing of the past, because Gamma Squad reports the show’s co-creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker are working with THQ and Obsidian on a brand new game, scheduled for a 2012 release on PC, XBOX 360 and the PS3. This will be the first time Stone and Parker, who’ll be writing, voicing and overseeing the production, have actually participated in the development of one of their games, which is a good sign that the quality might finally be up to snuff. Continue reading South Park RPG in the Works for 2012