Write for GB!

We are looking for some dedicated writers to join the staff here at GB. Want the info? Let’s cover our bases with the 5 W’s.


You. Yeah, you. I thought that was pretty straight forward. Are you a Geek? Nerd? Movie Buff? Couch Potato? Gamer? Heavy Reader? Opinionated Asshole? Do you just have a lot of time on your hands? Are you a dedicated believer in the power of words and have established yourself as a sultan of sentences? Just really like Internet Memes?

Also looking for artists to work on a few comic strips and images for the site, if that suits you more than writing.


We are looking for 3-5 articles a week that cover a variety of topics you know and love. More specifically Movies, TV, Music, Video Games, Comics, and general Internet tomfoolery. Cover one, cover all! We always have assignments for you, but you are also able to write about your own passions and interests. Whether it’s news, opinions, lists, reviews, previews, and interviews, we are looking for it. Want to interview someone from your favorite show? Search the history of Television for that show only you remember and share it with the world? Review nothing but the worst movies ever filmed? Argue over Comic Book romances? That sounds like the writer we are looking for.


Here. Grizzly Bomb. It’s a website. That you are on right now. Called Grizzly Bomb. It’s on your computer screen. Right now.


Now. That’s why we put up this page. Because it’s happening. Why now? Because we are on the verge of making some big moves as a site and we want more people to be a part of it!


There are a lot of reasons. This could be the start of your future writing career, a hobby you wish to pursue or a notch on your resume. Several of our writers have gone on to write for other sites and magazines, and writing here at GB is a great way to get your name out there. Join our online community of fans, writers, editors, and professional acquaintances to help grow your writing cred or to just meet some new and interesting people.

Finally, And Sometimes How…

Well, the how is simple. Send an email to:


Tell us about yourself. What are your interests? Do you have any samples of your work? Are you planning to kill us in our sleep? This is all crucial information.



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