Scum of the Week – The Two Millionaire Food Stamp User

This week’s dirty peice of scum comes in the form of not a celebrity, not a world championship basketball team, not a shitty looking hat or an evil family friendly corporation. No this one was an every man. A regular joe who was lucky and fortunate enough to win the lottery. Yes, 59 year old Leroy Fick is still using his bridge card (food stamps) even though he is a 2 millionaire. And what’s worse? He doesn’t feel bad about it. He reasons that if the government is going to be taking half the lotto winnings in taxes then he should still be able to use his food stamps. What scum ridden turd. Of course it goes without saying that there are thousands of people out there who really do need this kind of assistance and they aren’t millionaires.

I really hope he bought the ticket with his food stamps

I’m glad my tax dollars go to scum suckers like this, it makes me feel good about going to work everyday so a millionaire leech can take advantage of the system. I actually applaud Michigan officials for working on getting his food stamps revoked. Mr. Fick, maybe after you squander your million dollars you can reapply for your bridge card. Scum bag.

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