Futurama Season 6 – ‘Benderama’ Review

Whooooo boy I’m so glad Futurama is back. More Bender hilarity and Professor’s catastrophic inventions. In this episode we get both! Enter: The Banach Tarski Dupla Shrinker. You put matter into it and place something on top of it and boom! You get two smaller versions of whatever is on top of the Dupla Shrinker.

So taking into consideration the title of the episode, it’s easy to deduce what happens next. In Bender’s infinite laziness he creates two of himself in smaller versions. The three Benders together are quite hilarious especially with their ugly jokes aimed at the big ugly alien the Planet Express crew, and the three Benders are delivering oxy pads and a face chisel to. Of course those two Benders are just as lazy as their predecessors and create four more, smaller Benders and so on and so forth until there are 2046 Benders throughout Planet Express of varying sizes.

Professor Farnsworth determines that if the Benders continue unchecked they will eat through all matter on Earth before long. So the crew goes through the task of exterminating all of the extra Benders in a way that reminds me of the variety of deaths that the Venture Bros. had in their season 2 premiere. The stripper bot in the mouse trap was priceless. If you weren’t finding this episode funny before, you’re a mindless corpse and should burn yourself immediately.

After the discovery of microscopic Benders missing their executions, the Planet Express crew decides to deprive them of alcohol. Scientifically things get even crazier as the Benders now on a sub atomic level change water molecules into alcohol to survive and now water is alcoholic to everyone. I think Morbo drunk was the highlight of my day. I won’t spoil the rest of the episode but in the end Bender sums it all up nicely – “Well, that was dumb.” But it was a great episode of dumb.

Overall this episode really made me remember why I love Futurama so much. They mix science with humor and mash it together with some of the best voice acting and cartoon characters ever created. Sorry Homer and Pete Griffin, you guys can suck it.

Four out of five bears.

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