Dexter: Season 6, Episode 4 – “A Horse of a Different Color”

RECAP: This episode begins with Dexter attending Brother Sam’s baptism of Nick, one of his shop workers, at the beach. He has Harrison with him… who is adorable. Dexter gets a call from work to head to a crime scene.

In this crime scene, he sees that someone has put body parts together with mannequins and they are riding horses… the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. This is from the book of Revelations in the Bible. The new guy, Mike (Billy BrownLight’s Out), explains the links to the bible for the seven snakes and the four horsemen.

 Dexter talks to Brother Sam when he brings his car back into the shop. He tells Sam a little bit about the case he is working on. Deb has psyched herself out about the press conference she has to do about the murders. She BOMBS the interview.

The intern that Masuka has been dating has stolen the Ice Truck Killer’s prosthetic from evidence, as we saw in the last episode. Masuka finds out that she put it online to sell. He tells her they are done.

Dexter gets a call to run to the hospital because Harrison’s appendix ruptured. Brother Sam goes to the hospital to be there for Dexter, and tells Dex about his childhood with his dad. Sam also explains that his father was the reason why he ended up in jail. Sam explains how he became such a believer and follower of God. Dexter gets… let’s call it a sign… that everything will be okay.

Travis asks out a waitress against Professor Gellar’s better wishes. They go on a date and take it back to the crib. As Travis and the waitress are getting it on, Professor Gellar is peeking through the wall. It is very creepy.

Harrison gets out of surgery and is doing very well. This was a huge relief for me, because I just love that little guy. And Deb’s press conference ended up being a positive for her. Even though she cursed during a live broadcast, Matthews said that people love her. She is very well received. So this is all good news. However, when Travis wakes up, he finds that his waitress friend has been gagged and bound in the kitchen by Professor Gellar…

Dexter is in the hospital with Harrison, who is doing very well, when he is called in for another crime scene. Between Batista, Quinn, and Mike, they have come up with a lead: Professor Gellar. I am not exactly sure how they can have the guy who is actually murdering these people as their prime suspect right now this early in the season. We shall see.

The crime scene is another one by the “Doomsday Killer”. There was one murder scene and fish, then the waitress was hoisted up with angel wings and a trap of “Saw”-like proportions was set off that killed her in front of them…

And then there were locusts. Travis is dubiously present at the crime scene.

REACTION: The preview of the next episodes is insane! I have no idea what is going to happen. Is Dexter going to find them first?

Why is Travis out in the open like that?

How is the murderer already their prime suspect?

Where is the professor that they cannot find him?

Why did Quinn and Batista light up a doobie?

I need my questions answered!

Doobie, doobie, doo!

I give this episode a 5/5. I would say that this one has gotten me revved up for the episodes to come.

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