Review: ‘True Blood’ Season 5 Episode 2 – “Authority Always Wins”

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Could it be true?  Are we about to watch a season of True Blood that doesn’t make me want to experience the true death?  So far so good.

Tonight’s episode was a real doozy!  Eric, Bill, and Nora have been captured and imprisoned by the Authority and are experiencing a hearty round of questioning and torture.  Even though Nan was a cold old bitch who was on her way to the unemployment lines, Bill and Eric are asked about their involvement in her death.  We also learn about the Vampire Bible who tells the story of Lilith, a vampire created in God’s image before Adam and Eve were made to be her food.  Both Bill and Eric are asked on repeat if they buy into this school of thought, do they see humans as people or merely food?

What I don’t understand about the Authority is their beliefs.  Yes, their main agenda is to coexist with humans and have equal footing in society.  But to what end?  They spend enough time praising Lilith and performing ceremonies and rituals in her name and her honor, yet they still reject the idea of humans being food?

I will say, though, that Chris Meloni as the head of the Authority did not disappoint.  He’s the deliciously perfect amount of cold, calculation and violent anger.  Like he would reign in his desire to kill you, but would let you know that a grain of rice could tip the scale from his bridling his anger to unleashing a force of torture on you so great that you’d be begging for death.  Vampire Stabler is a major badass.

Meanwhile, Tara has emerged from the ground a full-on vampire; and after her maker, Pam, leaves her at Sookie’s all hell breaks loose.  She turns into the girl from the Exorcist on speed and starts destroying the entire house.  After being dragged underground to sleep for the day, she tells Sookie and Lafayette that she’ll never forgive them for what they’ve done and she runs away.

For once, Tara may be interesting.  We were about due for a newborn vamp running around, causing trouble; and with Tara’s temper and lack of self-control, she should be quite the trouble-maker.

Pam, on the other hand, is still distraught about not hearing from Eric.  She has several flashbacks; and we find out that she was a prostitute in San Francisco at the turn of the century before she was turned.  Eric saved her life from what we can assume was a rapist.  Here is the back story to Pam that we’ve all been thirsting for!  All of these flashbacks will help to round out her character and the depth of her relationship with Eric.

Terry is getting weirder and weirder with his night tremors and sleepwalking.  Arlene is totally freaking out, and I can’t blame her.  If I caught my husband standing over me while I was sleeping I think I’d have him committed.  She goes to Patrick for answers, which he does not provide for her.  Something happened to these clowns in Iraq, something bad, and I want to know what it is!

Sam was finally released from the crazy wolf-pack (after they made a meal out of Marcus).  Luna is on the rampage because everyone is suggesting that her daughter will turn into a wolf like her father and she won’t admit that it’s a possibility.  She throws out Marcus’ mom.  She throws out Sam.  And then she goes into her daughter’s room to find a baby wolf dressed in pajamas.  Awwwkward.

And also, Steve Newlin gets a wooden stake in his pants thinking about Jason.

At the very end of the episode, we get a glimpse of Russell Edgington, who despite the fact that he’s been feeding on humans since he escaped, still looks like he’s made of paper mache.  I’m sure we can look forward to hearing much more from him and about him next week.  The Authority seemed to be quite interesting in the fact that he may still be alive.

I give this episode 3.5/5 Grizzly’s.

Keep ’em comin’ HBO.

One thought on “Review: ‘True Blood’ Season 5 Episode 2 – “Authority Always Wins””

  1. Hi Megan, I think you might be right about this finally being a good season. I think what Roman wants is to infiltrate vampires higher into society. Get vampires and humans on the same page, and then the vampires can slowly start taking over everything like a virus, and before you know it, vampires rule society and outnumber humans, making them cattle. I think Russell wants a similar thing, but is not interested in slowly infiltrating, instead he wants to take things quickly by force, and wants vampires to rule by anarchy, not by order. Sorry for the lenghty post, but that’s my take.


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