Agents of SHIELD: 3.01 – Laws of Nature Review

Tuesday night the first episode of season 3 for Agents of SHIELD aired on ABC with a whole lot of stuff going on. Starting a new season can be tricky, but ABC/Marvel have got this thing down. It seems and highly anticipated season 3 premiere did not disappoint. A whole new plot has been introduced, new characters, potential villains, and of course the ongoing storyline that has been carried over from last season, all made its way into the new episode.

Spoilers ahead…

The episode begins with a dramatic, action packed introduction of the team showing off Daisy’s (formerly Skye) new badass gear, seemingly controlled powers, and of course all of SHIELD’s awesome new toys as they rescue a newly transformed Inhuman from a mystery task force that has no problem using “lethal force.”

daisy gif

Mack and Hunter follow behind Daisy and send Joey, the new Inhuman up to the bus. Hunter also got a haircut and is looking great, might I add.

coulson and hunter

Since season 2 left off, apparently Inhumans have been undergoing terregenisis as the crystals have made their way into marine life, and the fish oil vitamin supply. Luckily, it doesn’t seem to be harmful to humans… yet, but it is turning unprepared people into Inhumans faster than SHIELD and the mystery task force can keep up, and very recently after their transformations, they are being killed.

Eventually in the episode we find out that the mystery task force lead by a woman of many names introduced as Rosalind Price, and the seemingly ‘bad’ guys aren’t the ones killing the Inhumans. Conversely they learn that SHIELD is also obviously not killing the Inhumans either, and while Coulson and Ros have some quippy banter, the scene cuts to our first look at Lash.


Lash’s scene is brief, basically what we saw in the trailer, but we learn he’s apparently already been on quite the killing spree, explaining the dead Inhumans that Ros referred to.

We get our first look at an Inhuman battle as Daisy and Lincoln team up to defend themselves against Lash, and while it’s not very long, it’s definitely a teaser of what’s to come. Lincoln and Daisy split ways after temporarily holding off Lash, though I’m positive that won’t be the last we see of them two together.

Fitz was by far the most badass in this episode. He traveled all the way to Saudi Arabia to find a scroll, which is supposed to tell him what the monolith is that swallowed up Simmons last season.


His speech seems to be a lot better. I’m sure the determination to find Jemma has something to do with it. After some James Bond style negotiating AND ADMITTANCE OF HIS LOVE FOR JEMMA, he gets the scroll and bolts, distracting them with a very Fitz-y explosive. Unfortunately, the scroll is no help when he gets back to the bus, as all it says is “death” in Hebrew. Coulson, handless (mechanical or otherwise), tells Fitz that they all have to move on and Jemma might actually be gone.


This was HEARTBREAKING, I’m not going to lie I might have cried, even though I obviously know she’s not dead. Especially since right after this, we see her!!! Woohoo!


Other things of note: Bobbi and Hunter are back together, but seem to be keeping quiet about it. They talk about getting remarried, but only in the Bobbi and Hunter kind of way where they mock their own previous marriage. Bobbi has been working in the lab as possibly one of the hottest scientists ever, until she recovers from everything that went down with Ward last season.

Bobbi Morse

Hunter is determined to find Ward and take him out for everything that he’s done, but mostly for what he did to Bobbi. This obviously means Ward will be showing up this season and is shown rebuilding Hydra. Who knows how that’s going to play out. He keeps coming back and I keep waiting for him to get it together and actually be good and not a psychopath, but my hopes and dreams for these things never really come true.

There are so many plot lines to keep track of, which is one of the things that makes this show so interesting. The rate of Inhuman transformation is speeding up exponentially. This is probably going to be the baseline throughout the season as they continue to deal with Lash and try to track all the Inhumans down. The tensions between Ros’s group and SHIELD are not over yet, especially after Coulson and Hunter’s escape. Ward will still be a continuing problem for SHIELD as will a new Hydra. Mankind also hasn’t taken alien things too kindly since the new season does account for what happened in Age of Ultron, and we’ll possibly get the sort of X-Men vs mankind plot line, but now with Inhumans.

I thought this was a great start to the season and I can’t wait to see what’s next. What do you guys think? Are you excited? What are some of your theories on what’s to come?

Images: Marvel/ABC Studios

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