Countdown to Halloween #22: Edward Scissorhands

Once upon a time, Tim Burton did what he does very well and gave us the movie Edward Scissorhands.  The hero of this movie was, as you can guess, Edward Scissorhands, a man created by an eccentric inventor (Vincent Price) who died before being able to give him regular hands.  Edward is taken in by the Boggs family, and he falls in love with their teenage daughter, Kim (Winona Ryder).  However, due to mistrust from neighbors and many unfortunate situations, Edward’s character is called into question and he is eventually forced to go live alone again, but not before Kim lets him know that she loves him back.

Edward Scissorhands is the next in our countdown of favorite Grizzly Bomb Halloween characters.  If you’ve seen the movie, you may realize that two things don’t quite seem to match up to Halloween.  First, the story is romantic in nature, essentially devoid of anything truly horrific, terrifying, or ghoulish, with the exception of Depp’s ghost-like makeup.  Second, the setting revolves around Christmas.  So why in the world would we choose Edward Scissorhands as one of our Halloween countdown characters (aside from the presence of Vincent Price)?

These discrepancies are not really as serious as you may think.  For starters, Halloween is not devoid of romance simply because most view it as a scary holiday.  Point in fact: how many people do you dressing up as famous couples at Halloween parties?  Many.  So many that I’m tired of seeing Disney princes and princesses waltzing around, or Cleopatras and Marc Antonys defying the generations.  Additionally, couples who get married in October or love Halloween even have it as a theme at their wedding.

The only pale Edward I will ever love - Edward Scissorhands.

In regards to the movie’s setting, if you think about it, Halloween can be just as much of a mindset as it can be a time of year.  Most people during Halloween expect to see haunted houses, disturbing images, creepy costumes, or overall unnatural occurrences.  Edward meets all of these requirements at one point or another during the film.

For starters, Edward was living alone in a Gothic style mansion, not necessarily haunted but definitely reminiscent of such structures.  It’s also impossible to say Edward does not have a creepy (albeit AWESOME) costume, nor that he can be considered a natural human being.  To be sure, many of the Boggs’ neighbors found the very presence of Edward Scissorhands to be a disturbing image.

Edward looking sad as an outcast
How can you hate such a face?

Edward truly becomes more of a Halloween character, though, when you notice his status as a perpetual outcast.  At first, he lives entirely alone, and then when the Boggs “adopt” him there is still distrust and prejudice thrown his way from the community.

Halloween has been treated in much the same way over the past hundreds of years.  Extreme conservatives see its celebration as evil and as worshiping all manners of Satanic rituals and cults, and the normally unacceptable thoughts of the supernatural, deceased, or rotting are only allowed to be entertained during this major holiday, unlike all the others on our calendar.  Edward being an outcast, therefore, cements his spot on a Halloween character list.

When it comes to this time of year, it can be quite easy to think of horror film villains and all manners of twisted creatures like the beyond ugly Orcs from Lord of the Rings.  However, not many of us stop to think about those characters who embody the spirit of Halloween without being directly evil or terrifying.  We should all try to remember these poor souls every once in a while.  Edward Scissorhands would be grateful for it.

Keep an eye out as another character on the Countdown will be revealed every night at 12:01 am for the rest of the month. You’ll also be able to find them HERE

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