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Grizzly Spotlight: Donald Glover

I’m sure all of you have been checking in every week to see who is the latest to be featured as a Grizzly Girl, I know I have. But I figured why stop there? Now, that doesn’t mean I’m about to start showing you a bunch of pics of shirtless guys or anything, I’ll leave that up to the femme fatales on staff here at GB. But I do want to bring you some of the celebs or up and comers out there that deserve their time to shine. Which brings us to Grizzly Spotlight.

For the debut of Spotlight we’ll be showcasing Donald Glover. Comedian, Actor, Writer, Rapper, DJ, the list keeps going. You may recognize him from his stint on Community as Troy, or even further back with his part on the Derrick Comedy team. What you may not know is he was a staff writer for 30 Rock, as well as a rising Hip-Hop star known as ‘Childish Gambino’. We’ll cover all of this here.

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