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Marvel Comic Review: Secret Avengers #12.1

I really like that Marvel is doing the ‘point one’ issues for certain comics. These are one shot comics with self contained stories that any reader vaguely familiar with the title can read and enjoy.

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DC Comic Review: War of the Green Lanterns – Part Six

Part six: Emerald Warriors #9

The War of the Green Lanterns has been wonderful, to say the least. It’s been very hard on our heroes who have been on the run since the beginning. And to make it worse it’s from their own fellow corpsmen! After leaving Hal, Guy, Kyle and John last issue they were in the middle of a brawl with the rogue green lanterns and Mogo showed up!

This issue picks up with the Lanterns making a run for it because let’s face it; Mogo is a freakin’ planet! They find a reprieve underground as they plan their next move.

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Marvel Comic Review: Age of X Chapter 6

Chapter Six – New Mutants #24

Age of X has been a thoroughly enjoyable read. I’ve not picked up many X-Titles in quite awhile because nothing has really interested me since Messiah War or Second Coming. This arc, though not as in-depth as either of those arcs I mentioned above, was definitely a well crafted story that I don’t think anyone was able to piece together too quickly. I picked my brain apart and still couldn’t figure out what was happening until it was revealed to be Legion behind the whole Age of X universe and that none of it was real. It was something that he created, or at least one of the many personas he was creating and discarding during Dr. Nemesis’ work on his psyche.

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Judgement on Gotham In-Depth Comic Review

Judgment on Gotham was a four part story arc that went through two issues of Batman one issue of Gotham Sirens and one issue of Red Robin. I missed the Gotham Sirens issue that the arc featured in, but after reading the other three comics it didn’t seem necessary to read Gotham Sirens. Even Red Robin seemed like it wasn’t necessary if you just read the Batman issues. I will be reviewing the story arc’s three issues that I read as one.

The story worked because it was only three issues (four if you read the Gotham Sirens issue) that were for the most part pretty fast paced and it used religion the right way, in my opinion at least. I’m not the authority on what the right way is. It’s always a gamble when religion is used in any medium. People will either be okay with it or be offended. But in this case it didn’t make a mockery of it and it didn’t push it on anyone. In one issue it even made the story pretty remarkable. I enjoyed the arc as much as the next Bat fan, though it seemed a bit average.

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Grizzly Graphic Novel Review: Batman and Son

So I’ve been doing a lot of Batman reading. And a lot of it happens to be written by Grant Morrison, who a lot of people love and a lot of people hate. I just previously reviewed Batman and Robin Volume 1, which is basically the adventures of the newest Batman: Dick Grayson and his sidekick Robin: Now the young, and mouthy Damian Wayne. I loved that trade even when I hadn’t yet seen when Damian Wayne first showed up on the scene. But now I finally am after reading Batman and Son.

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