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Camelot Cancelled By Starz

Camelot left me and many others with mixed feelings. Was it a good show or wasn’t it? I enjoyed it more at the beginning and the end than I did in the middle where I thought the series started to falter. I was willing to forgive and forget the shortcomings of the first season and look on with eager eyes for season 2. After all they finally established the young Arthur as king in the now cleaned up Camelot, had him weilding Excalibur, and making an enemy of his sister who now carried his future nemesis Mordred inside her. Season 2 was supposed to be a ‘cut the pleasentries and get down to business’ season of a show that had plenty of potential, but now we’ll probably never know what might have been. Starz has reached the decision not to renew Camelot. Check out the announcement from IGN:

The only reason given for now? “Significant production challenges.” It looks like Starz might have, once again, run into the problem they faced with Party Down, where “scheduling conflicts with some of the actors were part of the problem for the Ireland-shot costume drama.” Which would probably mean that Starz neglected to lock these guys into a save-the-date contract.

While we’re not sure which actor or actors had the conflict, it had to be one of the key roles. It’s possible that it’s star Jamie Campbell Bower, who plays Arthur, as he just recently signed to star in The Mortal Instruments.

Man if it’s just a case of Jamie Campbell Bower having other obligations then by all means replace that turd with a new leading man. Hell, they’re doing that with Spartacus already albeit under different circumstances: Those being that Andy Whitfield has Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. But at least I loved Andy Whitfield as the main character, with Bower I could care less if they replaced him. So now there are maybe a couple possibilities vague though they may be. The first is that another network picks up the show and the second being that Starz decides to pick the series up down the road sometime. As for another network picking up Camelot, we’ve seen how that theory has panned out with other canceled shows.

So what does everyone think of this news? Are you sitting there crying for Camelot, or are you like me just biding time until Game of Thrones Season 2 comes out? I know the main thing I’ll miss is Eva Green…